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Year: 1960

10.7.1960Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [GT]64David ProphetSpringfields RacingDNA
10.7.1960Västkustloppet [GT2.0]76Bo Ljungfeldt6th
17.7.1960SCCA National Continental Divide [FP+GP+HP]8Charlie KolbDNF
17.7.1960SCCA National Continental Divide [FP+GP+HP]144Norm Lorenson7th
17.7.1960SCCA Regional Hammond [race 5]4th
17.7.1960SCCA Regional Hammond [race 5]3rd
17.7.1960SCCA Regional Hammond [race 5]1st
23.7.19604 h Relay Harewood Acres22AMichael HarriesEcurie Monspoco11th
23.7.19604 h Relay Harewood Acres22BPeter BoneEcurie Monspoco11th
23.7.1960LCCC Oulton Park [S2.0 EX]83Paul KellyAutospeed Garages Ltd.17th
23.7.1960LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]118Dennis MorganDennis Morgan14th
24.7.1960SCCA National Meadowdale [FP+GP+HP]16Pete Ledwith2nd
24.7.1960SCCA National Meadowdale [FP+GP+HP]47Ernie Harris1st
24.7.1960SCCA National Meadowdale [FP+GP+HP]48Don Bye13th
24.7.1960SCCA National Meadowdale [FP+GP+HP]91Charlie KolbDNF
24.7.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP/II]Sam Perry1st
24.7.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP/II]Mark Donohue2nd
24.7.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP/II]Jay Signore4th
24.7.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP/II]John Heyer3rd
31.7.1960Shelton [FP+GP+HP]R. K. Smith2nd
31.7.1960SCCA Regional Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]4th
31.7.1960Preliminary Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]2nd
31.7.1960Preliminary Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]3rd
31.7.1960SCCA Regional Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]5th
31.7.1960Preliminary Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]B. J. Carter1st
31.7.1960SCCA Regional Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]B. J. Carter1st
31.7.1960SCCA Regional Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]3rd
31.7.1960SCCA Regional Hilltop [FP+GP+HP+HM]2nd
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [FP]07Charlie KolbDNA
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [FP]93Herbert KlayDNF
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [FP]131Bob EllisDNA
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [FP]145Ben Warren5th
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [FP]244Mark Donohue2nd
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [FP]245John Heyer3rd
7.8.1960Novice San Luis Obispo [FP]Troy Clem1st
7.8.1960ECFCC San Luis Obispo [Production]Pickering?th
7.8.1960Autosport Snetterton [Race 2]Pat Fergusson?th
7.8.1960Autosport Snetterton [Race 1]Pat Fergusson?th
14.8.1960OCSRRC Waterford [race 4]Colin Turnidge3rd
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy30Pat FergussonElva26th
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy31Brian PlayfordElvaDNF
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy32Chris MeekElvaDNF
21.8.1960SCCA National Louisville [FP+HM]47Ernie Harris3rd
21.8.1960SCCA National Louisville [FP+HM]134Louis PrietoDNF
21.8.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP]Herbert Klay2nd
21.8.19604 h VinelandMark Donohue8th
21.8.1960Preliminary Vineland [FP]Herbert Klay1st
21.8.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP]Mark Donohue1st
21.8.1960Preliminary Vineland [FP]Mark Donohue2nd
27.8.1960BARC Oulton Park [Handicap B]81Peter BrayshawPeter BrayshawDNF
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 2 Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]24Jay SignoreDNA
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 2 Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]93Herbert KlayDNA
28.8.1960SCCA Regional Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]93Herbert Klay1st
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 1 Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]131Bob EllisDNA
28.8.1960SCCA Regional Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]131Bob Ellis2nd
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 1 Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]244Mark DonohueDNA
28.8.1960SCCA Regional Wilmot [FP+HM]Ernie Harris1st/-
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [FP]73Dick TreloarGarno Automotive8th
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [FP]155Edward H. HicksEdward H. HicksDNA
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [Ladies]189Shirley ReitzShirley Reitz8th
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [FP]189Ray PickeringShirley Reitz2nd
4.9.1960Preliminary Daytona [B-C-G-J]53Larry Sorenson22nd
4.9.1960SCCA Regional Daytona [B-C-G-J]53Larry SorensonDNF
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]73Dick TreloarGarno AutomotiveDNF
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]155Edward H. HicksEdward H. HicksDNA
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]189Ray PickeringShirley Reitz6th
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [Ladies]189Shirley ReitzShirley Reitz6th
4.9.1960SCCA Regional Tuskegee [FP+GP+HP+HM]Bell2nd
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]42Mark Donohue1st
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]46Richard Stolz7th
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]47John CannonDNF
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]49John Heyer3rd
5.9.1960Hilltop [EP]88B. J. Carter1st
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]95Ted Buckley2nd
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]96Herbert KlayDNF
5.9.1960Hilltop [EP]raced
5.9.1960Hilltop [EP]J. S. Murry2nd
10.9.1960SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP+HM]47Ernie HarrisDNF
10.9.1960SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP+HM]67Brooks RobinsonDNF
10.9.1960LISCA Lime Rock [race 2]raced
10.9.1960LISCA Lime Rock [race 2]raced
17.9.19603 h Autosport15John Graydon-WhiteheadJ. Graydon-WhiteheadDNF
17.9.19603 h Autosport22Peter BrayshawP. BrayshawDNA
17.9.1960SCCA Regional Lime Rock [FP]Harold Vance2nd
17.9.1960SCCA Regional Lime Rock [FP]Herbert Klay1st
18.9.1960SCCA Regional Midland [GM+HM+FP+GP+HP]Ed Tucker2nd
18.9.1960SCCA Regional Midland [FP+GP+HP+HM]Ed Tucker2nd
18.9.1960MMGCC St. Eugene [Production 1.5]Peter Bone3rd
18.9.1960MMGCC St. Eugene [Main]Michael Harries6th
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]18Jay Signore3rd
24.9.1960SCCA Regional Courtland34Louis PrietoDNA
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]133Robert PriebeEcurie 'Pip'DNF
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]196Ernie HarrisErnie Harris9th
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]201Mark DonohueMark Donohue5th
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]224John CannonCambridge Motors1st
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]252Ted BuckleyTed BuckleyDNF
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]286D. Perry6th
25.9.1960SCCA Regional Del Mar [EP+FP]Ray Pickering2nd
1.10.1960LCCC Oulton Park [S2.0 EX]14Paul KellyAutospeed Racing TeamDNA
1.10.1960LCCC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]125John Graydon-WhiteheadJohn Graydon WhiteheadDNA
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