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All Results of Ginetta G55

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Year: 2011

25.4.2011British GT Oulton Park25Stinton / SimpsonStark Racing22nd/16th
25.4.2011British GT Oulton Park26Morgan / HodgettsJHR Development14th/DNF
25.4.2011British GT Oulton Park27White / JordanThePlayer.co.uk Team LNT17th/DNF
25.4.2011British GT Oulton Park28Draper / HetheringtonCentury Motorsport13th/9th
8.5.2011Britcar GT Donington4Stinton / TomlinsonCognitive Network SolutionsDNF
15.5.2011British GT Snetterton25Stinton / SimpsonStark RacingDNF
15.5.2011British GT Snetterton26Bovy / HodgettsJHR DevelopmentsDNA
15.5.2011British GT Snetterton27Renauer / DrabingCentury Motorsport12th
15.5.2011British GT Snetterton28Hetherington / DraperCentury Motorsport15th
19.6.2011British GT Brands Hatch25Stinton / SimpsonStark Racing10th
19.6.2011British GT Brands Hatch28Draper / HetheringtonCentury Motorsport16th
9.7.2011British GT Spa25Stinton / SimpsonStark RacingDNF/DNS
9.7.2011British GT Spa28Draper / HetheringtonCentury MotorsportDNF/DNS
4.9.2011British GT Rockingham18Short / Nicoll-JonesRoll CenterDNS
4.9.2011British GT Rockingham25Stinton / SimpsonStark Racing9th/DNF
4.9.2011British GT Rockingham28Firth / HodgettsCentury Motorsport4th/DNF
25.9.2011British GT Donington18Sharp / Short / Nicoll-JonesRollcentre10th
25.9.2011British GT Donington25Stinton / HodgettsStark RacingDNF
25.9.2011British GT Donington28Hetherington / HetheringtonCentury MotorsportDNS
1.10.2011Britcar 24 h Silverstone30Short / Tomlinson / Turkington / Simpson / Nicoll-JonesRollcentre RacingDNF
8.10.2011British GT Silverstone18Jordan / SharpRollcenterDNF
8.10.2011British GT Silverstone25Stinton / SimpsonStark Racing17th
8.10.2011British GT Silverstone28Quick / HodgettsCentury Motorsport27th
19.11.2011Britcar GT Brands Hatch91Lemmer / Butler / Kimber-SmithBarwell Motorsport9th

Year: 2012

24.3.2012Britcar GT Silverstone17Mowle / MurrellsOptimum Motorsport8th
24.3.2012Britcar GT Silverstone53Smith / SmithRedgate / Virgo Motorsport10th
9.4.2012British GT Oulton Park14Stinton / RattenburyStark by Hepworth23rd/DNF
9.4.2012British GT Oulton Park15Firth / ChristodoulouTeam WFR14th/16th
9.4.2012British GT Oulton Park18Murrells / McDonaldOptimum Motorsport16th/18th
21.4.2012Britcar GT Donington13Tomlinson / SimpsonTeam LNT1st
21.4.2012Britcar GT Donington17Mowle / MurrellsOptimum Motorsport2nd
21.4.2012Britcar GT Donington53Smith / SmithRedgate / Virgo Motorsport12th
12.5.2012Britcar GT Snetterton14Stinton / TomlinsonStark Racing with Hepworth16th
12.5.2012Britcar GT Snetterton17Mowle / MurrellsOptimum Motorsport12th
12.5.2012Britcar GT Snetterton53Smith / SmithRedgate / Virgo MotorsportDNS
19.5.2012British GT Nürburgring15Firth / ChristodoulouTeam WFR14th/DNF
19.5.2012British GT Nürburgring18Hines / MurrellsOptimum Motorsport22nd/13th
19.5.2012British GT Nürburgring78White / RattenburyCWS 4x416th/19th
2.6.2012Britcar GT Brands Hatch14Stinton / TomlinsonGinettaDNA
2.6.2012Britcar GT Brands Hatch17Mowle / MurrellsOptimum Motorsport3rd
2.6.2012Britcar GT Brands Hatch53Smith / SmithRedgate / Virgo MotorsportDNF
10.6.2012British GT Rockingham14Stinton / RattenburyStark by Hepworth19th
10.6.2012British GT Rockingham15Firth / ChristodoulouTeam WFR12th
10.6.2012British GT Rockingham18Murrells / SimpsonOptimum Motorsport10th
24.6.2012British GT Brands Hatch14Stinton / RattenburyStark by HepworthDNF
24.6.2012British GT Brands Hatch15Firth / ChristodoulouTeam WFR18th
24.6.2012British GT Brands Hatch18Hines / MurrellsOptimum Motorsport5th
15.7.2012Britcar GT Brands Hatch17Mowle / MurrellsOptimum MotorsportDNS
15.7.2012Britcar GT Brands Hatch53Smith / SmithRedgate / Virgo Motorsport14th
5.8.2012British GT Snetterton14Stinton / RattenburyStark by Hepworth14th/17th
19.8.2012Britcar GT Snetterton13Stinton / TomlinsonGinetta1st
19.8.2012Britcar GT Snetterton42Fearns / KrayemRichard FearnsDNF
19.8.2012Britcar GT Snetterton53Smith / SmithRedgate / Virgo MotorsportDNF
9.9.2012British GT Silverstone14Stinton / RattenburyStark by HepworthDNS
9.9.2012British GT Silverstone15Firth / ChristodoulouTeam WFR14th
9.9.2012British GT Silverstone16Tomlinson / SimpsonTeam LNT4th
9.9.2012British GT Silverstone18Murrells / HinesOptimum MotorsportDNF
23.9.2012Britcar 24 h Silverstone6Kimber-Smith / Tomlinson / Simpson / DeanTeam LNT21st
30.9.2012British GT Donington14Stinton / RattenburyStark by HepworthDNF
30.9.2012British GT Donington16Tomlinson / SimpsonTeam LNT9th
30.9.2012British GT Donington18Murrells / HartshorneOptimum Motorsport12th
3.11.2012Britcar GT Donington17Mowle / RattenburyOptimum MotorsportDNF
3.11.2012Britcar GT Donington53Smith / Smith / EaglingRedgate / Virgo Motorsport7th
3.11.2012Britcar GT Donington98Haigh / RatcliffeFauldsport5th
24.11.2012Britcar Brands Hatch17Lee MowleOptimum Motorsport2nd/3rd

Year: 2013

13.3.2013Paul Ricard102Sykes / SimpsonGinetta Cars - Team LNT46th
1.4.2013British GT Oulton Park16Sykes / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF/DNS
1.4.2013British GT Oulton Park40Sharp / WhiteCWS 4x4 Spares15th/24th
13.4.2013Britcar GT Donington75Ratcliffe / HaighFauldsport5th
6.5.2013British GT Rockingham16Sykes / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF
6.5.2013British GT Rockingham40White / SharpCWS 4 x 4 Spares15th
26.5.2013British GT Silverstone16Sykes / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF
26.5.2013British GT Silverstone17Stinton / FrekeStark Racing / Ian StintonDNF
26.5.2013British GT Silverstone40Sharp / WhiteCWS 4 x 4 Spares15th
1.6.2013Britcar GT Rockingham75Ratcliffe / HaighFauldsport5th
16.6.2013British GT Snetterton16Sykes / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF/16th
16.6.2013British GT Snetterton40Sharp / WhiteCWS 4 x 4 Spares11th/DNF
16.6.2013GT Open Jerez82Villalba / GutiérrezLuis Villalba18th/19th
14.7.2013GT Open Silverstone32Tomlinson / SimpsonTeam LNT Ginetta15th/21st
28.7.2013Britcar GT Brands Hatch19White / SharpColin White12th
28.7.2013Britcar GT Brands Hatch32Tomlinson / SimpsonTeam LNT1st
28.7.2013Britcar GT Brands Hatch75Ratcliffe / HaighFauldsport9th
11.8.2013British GT Brands Hatch16Smith / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF
11.8.2013British GT Brands Hatch40Sharp / WhiteCWS 4 x 4 Spares12th
8.9.2013British GT Zandvoort16Smith / SimpsonTeam LNT13th/14th
8.9.2013British GT Zandvoort40White / SharpCWS 4 x 4 SparesDNF/13th
8.9.2013British GT Zandvoort42Johnston / HinesMtech12th/16th
22.9.2013Britcar GT Silverstone32Tomlinson / Freke / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF
6.10.2013British GT Donington16Smith / SimpsonTeam LNTDNF
6.10.2013British GT Donington40White / SharpCWS 4 x 4 Spares8th
6.10.2013British GT Donington42Johnston / HinesMtechDNF
2.11.2013Britcar GT Donington14Freke / OliphantCentury Motorsport3rd

Year: 2014

12.4.2014Britcar GT Silverstone12Stinton / FrekeIan Stinton3rd/2nd
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park40White / SharpCWS 4x4 Spares12th/10th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park41Mann / DraperOptimum21st/24th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park42Parfitt / OliphantCentury MotorsportDNF/DNF
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park43Dons / SchjerpenCentury Motorsport23rd/20th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team ParkerDNF/25th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park48McNeilly / StanleyFox MotorsportDNF/26th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park55Basey-Fisher / Nicoll-JonesAcademy Motorsport25th/DNF
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