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All Results of MG Midget

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Year: 1931

22.8.1931Tourist Trophy40CrabtreeS. A. Crabtree3rd
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy41ParkerThe Earl of March7th
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy43C. W. FiennesThe Earl of MarchDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy44Goldie GardnerMajor A. T. G. GardnerDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy46Robin JacksonMajor A. T. G. Gardner10th
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy47Stan HailwoodS. W. B. HailwoodDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy48HallE. R. HallDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy49Frank Stanley BarnesF. S. BarnesDNS
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy50MontgomeryF. M. Montgomery16th
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy51HamiltonG. BradstockDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy52Dan HigginJ. G. ReeceDNF
3.10.1931500 mile Brooklands15Eddie HallHall3rd
3.10.1931500 mile Brooklands16Crabtree / HailwoodHall5th
3.10.1931500 mile Brooklands17Kindell / WaltersHallNC
3.10.1931500 mile BrooklandsNorman BlackDNF
3.10.1931500 mile BrooklandsHarold ParkerDNF
3.10.1931500 mile BrooklandsThe Earl of MarchDNF
3.10.1931500 mile BrooklandsJ. H. P. CloverDNF
3.10.1931500 mile BrooklandsDan HigginDNF

Year: 1932

10.4.1932Mille Miglia37Clifford / SelbyDNF
4.6.19321000 mile Brooklands51Hamilton / GardnerGoldie GardnerNC
4.6.19321000 mile Brooklands63Leeson / Kindell-DNF
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsPaul / Jeffress6th
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsThe Earl of MarchDNA
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsChetwynd / ChetwyndMrs ChetwyndDNF
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsManby Colegrave / Hastings-NC
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsLetts / Walter-NC
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsBarnes / BarnesDNF
4.6.19321000 mile BrooklandsBlack / Gibson3rd
10.7.193224 h Spa62Freddy CliffordDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy27BlackN. BlackDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy28S. A. CrabtreeS. A. CrabtreeDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy29BarnesF. S. and I. D. BarnesDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy30BarnesMajor A. T. G. GardnerDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy31Cyril PaulMajor A. T. G. GardnerDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy33Stan HailwoodS. HailwoodDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy34Eddie HallE. R. Hall3rd
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy35Manby Colegrave / FairloughG. F. A. Manby-ColegraveDNS
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy36J. G. C. LowJ. G. C. Low10th
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands3Wright / CouperWright7th
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands4Low / BalmainLow9th
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands5Black / GibsonBlack6th
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands6Stan HailwoodHailwoodNC
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands7Eddie HallHallDNF
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands9Letts / WalterLettsDNF
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands10Evans / EvansEvansDNF
24.9.1932500 mile Brooklands11Horton / BartlettHorton1st

Year: 1933

19.8.1933National Donington [S1.5]J. R. Grice5th
19.8.1933National Donington [S850]C. H. Masters2nd
19.8.1933National Donington [S850]J. R. Grice3rd
19.8.1933National Donington [S1.5]Bill Everitt3rd
19.8.1933National Donington [S850]Bill Everitt1st
2.9.1933Tourist Trophy22Stan HailwoodS. W. B. HailwoodDNF
2.9.1933Tourist Trophy24T. SimisterT. SimisterDNF
2.9.1933Tourist Trophy26CrabtreeS. A. CrabtreeDNF
2.9.1933Tourist Trophy27H. R. AttwoodH. R. AttwoodDNF
2.9.1933Tourist Trophy29D. K. MansellD. K. MansellDNF
2.9.1933Tourist Trophy32Low / BalmainG. H. S. Balmain and J. G. C. LowDNS
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands1Balmain / LowBalmainDNF
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands2D. K. MansellMansellDNS
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands3Freeman / Ashton RigbyFreemanDNS
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands7Watson / ElwesElwesDNF
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands8Evans / LettsEvansDNF
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands9Hailwood / AttwoodHailwoodDNF
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands11Charles BrackenburyR. T. HortonDNF

Year: 1934

17.6.193424 h Le MansM . CollierDNA
8.7.193410 h Spa82?th
22.9.1934500 mile BrooklandsBrackenbury / LaceyR. T. HortonDNF
22.9.1934500 mile BrooklandsDenly / DodsonEystonDNF
22.9.1934500 mile BrooklandsLow / BalmainBalmainDNA

Year: 1936

19.9.1936500 mile BrooklandsHumphreys / DenlyHumphreys8th

Year: 1937

13.6.1937Eifelrennen NürburgringRegies?th
18.9.1937500 km BrooklandsGeorge Harvey-NobleNC

Year: 1948

11.7.1948Berlin [S2.0/S1.5]1Franz Bumke?th

Year: 1951

14.5.1951National Gamston [750]R. N. Pannell1st
21.7.1951National Gamston [750]R. N. Pannell2nd

Year: 1956

15.1.1956Torrey Pines [CP+DP+EP+UR+FIII]195Larry HallLarry E. HallDNA

Year: 1961

3.9.1961500 km Nürburgring82Schultze / SchrammHerbert Schultze10th

Year: 1962

28.4.1962Autosport Silverstone [GT+SR]102J. M. NobleThe Octagon StableDNA
28.4.1962Silverstone [GT1.0]102J. M. NobleThe Octagon StableDNA
29.4.1962SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HP+HM+Sedan]95Bill Shivelle29th
29.4.1962SCCA Divisional Del Mar [GP+HP]147Dick BameDick BameDNA
29.4.1962Preliminary Del Mar [Ladies Handicap]Kathy Lynch?th
6.5.1962Hockenheim [GT1.0]Beckers4th
19.5.1962BEMC Mosport [Production 1.3]91John RossKindrees Sunoco ServiceDNA
19.5.1962BEMC Mosport [Production 1.3]133Bill NewhouseW. G. NewhouseDNA
19.5.1962BEMC Mosport [Production 1.3]251Ken DanielsBrown's Line GarageDNA
26.5.1962Preliminary Waterford [FP+GP+HP]91John RossDNA
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring62Noble / AstleOctagon StableDNF
27.5.1962OCSRRC Waterford [FP+GP]91John RossDNA
27.5.1962OCSRRC Waterford [Production Main]91John RossDNA
3.6.1962SCCA National Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]61Richard HagyDNA
3.6.1962Dunkirk Trophy [CP+DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+HM]112T. DolandT. DolandDNA
3.6.1962SCCA Regional Dunkirk [GP+HM]112T. DolandT. DolandDNA
10.6.1962Trier [GT1.0]Manfred Beckers3rd
10.6.1962Trier [GT1.0]Wolf-Dieter KnieseDNF
11.6.1962Whitsun Goodwood [Sports]Alan Foster?th
11.6.1962Whitsun Goodwood [S1.2 OHV]Andrew Hedges5th
16.6.1962ICNSCC Portland [Novice]228Peter CrossDNA
17.6.1962ICNSCC Portland [GP+HM]228Peter CrossDNA
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