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All Results of Volvo P1800

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Year: 1962

17.4.19626 h Marlboro1 #14Art Riley?th
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring40vom Kothen / EndemannKarl vom Kothen22nd
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring41Neerpasch / SchultzeVolvo GmbH.DNF
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring42Grote / von OertzenVolvo GmbH.27th
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring43Eschey / BialasVolvo GmbH.21st
10.6.1962Trier [GT2.0]Jochen Neerpasch1st
17.6.1962St. Eugene [Main]16Peter RobertsDNA
17.6.1962St. Eugene [Production +]16Peter RobertsDNA
30.6.1962SCCA National Lime Rock [EP]33 #14Art Riley7th
15.7.1962DARM GT Solitude11Jochen NeerpaschJochen Neerspasch15th
5.8.1962Rheinland Nürburgring12Karl vom KothenKarl vom KothenDNA
5.8.1962Rheinland Nürburgring17Jochen NeerpaschVolvo GmbH18th
5.8.1962Rheinland Nürburgring18Horst FlothVolvo GmbHDNA
5.8.1962Rheinland NürburgringHubert Oebels?th
5.8.1962Rheinland NürburgringJosef Maassen27th
19.8.1962Trier [GT2.5]Helmut AdamsDNF
3.9.1962SCCA National Thompson [DP+EP]2 #14Art Riley19th
15.9.1962400 km Bridgehampton [GT2.0]3 #14Art RileyArt RileyDNF
28.10.1962SCCA Regional Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP÷EP]18Sam Perryraced
10.11.1962Puerto Rico [GT2.0] #14Art Riley6th

Year: 1963

6.1.1963Marlboro [FP+GP+HP] #14Art Riley1st
23.3.196312 h Sebring49 #14Riley / ConeArt Riley23rd
7.4.1963SCCA National Marlboro [FP]4 #14Art Riley2nd
27.4.1963SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HM+HP]94 #14Art Riley2nd
12.5.1963SCCA National Cumberland [FP]8 #14Art RileyArt Riley3rd
12.5.1963500 km SpaJean-Pierre AckermansDNA
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring36vom Kothen / KronenbergKarl vom Kothen27th
26.5.1963SCCA Regional Thompson [FP]11th
26.5.1963SCCA Regional Thompson [FP]7th
26.5.1963SCCA Regional Thompson [FP]8th
26.5.1963SCCA Regional Thompson [FP]6th
1.6.1963Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT] #14Art Riley?th
1.6.1963SCCA National Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP] #14Art Riley1st
8.6.1963Preliminary Courtland [FP+GP+HP]6Herbert RickertDNA
9.6.1963Preliminary Courtland [DP+EP+FP+GM]6Herbert RickertDNA
9.6.1963SCCA Regional Courtland [FP+HM]6Herbert RickertDNA
9.6.1963SCCA Regional Rosemount [other]John Erickson?th
15.6.1963SCCA National Lime Rock [FP+GP] #14Art Riley3rd
22.6.1963SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP] #14Art Rileyraced
6.7.1963Preliminary Virginia [FP+GP+HP+FVee+Sedan]8Herbert RickettHerbert Rickett7th
7.7.1963MMGCC St. Eugene II [Production 3.0]Andre Gilbault2nd
21.7.1963SCCA Interclub Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP+Sedan]Jon Porter3rd
21.7.1963SCCA Interclub Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP+Sedan] #14Art Riley1st
28.7.1963OCSSCC Waterford Hills [FP+GP+HP]Dick Hull?th
4.8.1963SCCA National Meadowdale [FP+HM] #14Art Riley4th
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]3Ray SaidelRaymond SaidelDNA
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]16 #14Art RileyArt Riley8th
2.9.1963SCCA National Thompson [HM+FP+GP] #14Art Riley?th
2.9.1963SCCA National Thompson [HM+FP+GP]Art Tattersall3rd
14.9.1963500 km Bridgehampton [GT]10 #14Art RileyArt RileyDNF
14.9.1963500 km Bridgehampton [GT]12Ray SaidelRay SaidelDNF
15.9.1963500 km Bridgehampton10 #14Art RileyArt Riley17th
15.9.1963MMGCC St. Eugene IV [Main]184Francois GagnonDNA
15.9.1963MMGCC St. Eugene IV [Production 2.5]444Andre Guilbeault?th
15.9.1963MMGCC St. Eugene IV [Main]444Andre GuilbeaultDNA
22.9.1963Coupes de Paris [GT2.0]64de Jaager11th
22.9.1963SCCA Divisional Greenwood [EP+FP]78John EricksonJohn A. Ericksonraced
28.9.1963SCCA Regional Kent [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+FJr.]John Antons?th
28.9.1963SCCA Divisional Lime Rock [FP]Art Tattersall2nd
28.9.1963SCCA Divisional Lime Rock [FP] #14Art Riley3rd
19.10.1963Laguna Seca [FP]58Rune SvenssonRune SvenssonDNA
19.10.1963SCCA Regional Lime Rock [FP+GP]Art Tattersall1st
19.10.1963SCCA Regional Lime Rock [FP+GP] #14Art Riley2nd
27.10.1963Hawaii [Novice]77Emmett Wilder4th
27.10.1963Preliminary Hawaii [Novice]77Emmett Wilder5th
27.10.1963GP Hawaii77Emmett Wilder11th
27.10.1963SCCA Divisional Virginia [DP+EP+FP]96Daniel CavanaughDNF
10.11.1963SCCA Divisional Marlboro [FP] #14Art Riley4th
1.12.1963Nassau TT51 #14Art Riley9th
1.12.1963Preliminary Nassau TT [GT2.0]51 #14Art Riley9th
6.12.1963Governor's Trophy51 #14Art Riley21st
7.12.1963Nassau Classic51 #14Art Riley18th
1963SCCA Divisional Waterford Hills [FP+?]Dick Hull2nd

Year: 1964

15.2.1964250 mile Daytona58 #14Art Riley15th
15.2.1964250 mile Daytona58Ike MaxwellDNF
16.2.19642000 km Daytona57Maxwell / BarnardIke A. Maxwell, Jr.20th
16.2.19642000 km Daytona58 #14Riley / ConeVolvo Imports Inc.DNF
1.3.1964USRRC-GT Augusta11 #14Art Riley8th
21.3.196412 h Sebring49Tattersall / EngelinVolvo Imports, Inc.DNF
21.3.196412 h Sebring50Jordan / ChristyVolvo Imports, Inc.DNF
21.3.196412 h Sebring51 #14Riley / ConeVolvo Imports, Inc.36th
12.4.1964SCCA National Marlboro [FP]1 #14Art Riley4th
19.4.1964SCCA National Virginia [CP+DP+EP+FP]12 #14Art Riley4th
26.4.1964SCCA Divisional Vineland [FP] #14Art Riley2nd
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [FP] #14Art RileyDNF
31.5.1964SCCA National Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP] #14Art Rileyraced
7.6.1964SCCA Divisional Vineland [FP] #14Art Riley3rd
20.6.1964Preliminary Mosport [Novice]178NBertus HoogenboomB. HoogenboomDNA
21.6.1964SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP] #14Art Riley2nd
21.6.1964SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP]Dick Hull4th
21.6.1964SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP]John Ericksonraced
28.6.1964USRRC-GT Watkins Glen24 #14Art RileyArt Riley15th
28.6.1964SCCA Divisional Lynndale Farms [FP+HM]Dick Hull4th
12.7.1964SCCA Interclub Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP] #14Art Riley1st
12.7.1964SCCA Regional Rosemount [other]John Erickson?th
18.7.1964Preliminary Virginia [FP+GP+HM]53John W. WilsonDNF
19.7.1964SCCA Regional Virginia [FP+GP+HM]53John W. WilsonDNS
2.8.1964SCCA Divisional Thompson [FP]Leo Picard2nd
9.8.1964SCCA Divisional Connellsville [FP]1 #14Art Riley2nd
16.8.1964SCCA Divisional Waterford Hills [FP]Dick Hull1st
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