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Year: 1969

6.7.1969Trans-Am Donnybrooke1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation3rd
20.7.1969Trans-Am Bryar1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation3rd
3.8.1969Trans-Am St. Jovite1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
10.8.1969Trans-Am Watkins Glen1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
17.8.1969Can-Am Mid-Ohio31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing Team7th
24.8.1969Trans-Am Laguna Seca1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation4th
31.8.1969Can-Am Road America31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing Team4th
7.9.1969Trans-Am Kent1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation4th
14.9.1969Can-Am Bridgehampton31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing TeamDNF
21.9.1969Trans-Am Sears Point1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
28.9.1969Can-Am Michigan31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jeffries Racing TeamDNF
5.10.1969Trans-Am Riverside1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation4th
12.10.1969Can-Am Laguna Seca31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing TeamDNF
26.10.1969Can-Am Riverside31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing Team5th
9.11.1969Can-Am Texas31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jeffries Racing TeamDNF
23.11.1969200 mile FujiLola T163Peter Revsonraced

Year: 1970

1.2.197024 h Daytona0AMC JavelinDonohue / RevsonRoger Penske RacingDNF
21.3.197012 h Sebring48Porsche 908/02McQueen / RevsonSolar Productions, Inc.2nd
19.4.1970Trans-Am Laguna Seca9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNF
9.5.1970Trans-Am Lime Rock9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNF
31.5.1970Trans-Am Bryar9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonRoger Penske Racing Enterprises2nd
7.6.1970Trans-Am Mid-Ohio9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNS
14.6.1970Can-Am Mosport26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
21.6.1970Trans-Am Bridgehampton9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNA
28.6.1970Can-Am St. Jovite13McLaren M12Titus / RevsonTG Racing Tire Ltd.7th
28.6.1970Can-Am St. Jovite26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen8Porsche 908/02Dean / RevsonA. G. DeanDNF
12.7.1970Can-Am Watkins Glen26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Inc.19th
19.7.1970Trans-Am Road America6AMC JavelinIn entry list onlyRoger Penske Racing1st
19.7.1970Trans-Am Road America9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonRoger Penske RacingDNF
26.7.1970Can-Am Edmonton26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
2.8.1970Trans-Am St. Jovite9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske Racing5th
16.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonRoger Penske Racing5th
23.8.1970Can-Am Mid-Ohio26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Inc.2nd
30.8.1970Can-Am Road America26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Inc.DNF
13.9.1970Can-Am Road Atlanta26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
20.9.1970Trans-Am Kent9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske Racing7th
27.9.1970Can-Am Donnybrooke26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas3rd
4.10.1970Trans-Am Riverside9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNF
18.10.1970Can-Am Laguna Seca26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas3rd
1.11.1970Can-Am Riverside26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl HaasDNF

Year: 1971

31.1.197124 h Daytona21Ferrari 312 PIn entry list onlyNorth American Racing Team5th
31.1.197124 h Daytona22Ferrari 512 MRevson / Posey / Parsons / Chinetti, Jr.North American Racing TeamDNF
20.3.197112 h Sebring22Ferrari 512 MRevson / SavageNorth American Racing TeamDNF
28.3.1971GP Questor31Surtees TS8Peter RevsonMilestone Racing Team24th
8.5.1971Trans-Am Lime Rock69AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing AssociatesDNF
31.5.1971Trans-Am Bryar68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates3rd
6.6.1971Trans-Am Mid-Ohio68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing AssociatesDNF
13.6.1971Can-Am Mosport7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.2nd
27.6.1971Can-Am St. Jovite7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.3rd
4.7.1971Trans-Am Donnybrooke68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates2nd
11.7.1971Can-Am Road Atlanta7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
17.7.1971Trans-Am Road America69AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing AssociationDNA
25.7.1971Can-Am Watkins Glen7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
1.8.1971Trans-Am St. Jovite68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates4th
15.8.1971Trans-Am Watkins Glen68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates9th
22.8.1971Can-Am Mid-Ohio7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.7th
29.8.1971Can-Am Road America7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
6.9.1971Trans-Am Michigan68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates3rd
6.9.1971Trans-Am Michigan69AMC JavelinIn entry list onlyAmerican Racing Associates4th
12.9.1971Can-Am Donnybrooke7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
26.9.1971Can-Am Edmonton7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.12th
3.10.1971GP United States10Tyrrell 001Peter RevsonElf Team TyrrellDNF
17.10.1971Can-Am Laguna Seca7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
31.10.1971Can-Am Riverside7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.2nd

Year: 1972

23.1.1972GP Argentina18McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLarenDNF
6.2.19726 h Daytona7Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Revson / StommelenAutodelta, S.P.A.DNF
4.3.1972GP South Africa14McLaren M19APeter RevsonBruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd.3rd
19.3.1972Race of Champions56McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren8th
25.3.197212 h Sebring31Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Stommelen / Revson / de AdamichAutodelta, S.p.A.DNF
16.4.19721000 km Brands Hatch8Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Revson / StommelenAutoDelta SpA3rd
23.4.1972International Trophy4McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren5th
1.5.1972GP Spain20McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren5th
7.5.19721000 km Spa6Alfa Romeo T33/3Stommelen / RevsonAuto DeltaDNA
4.6.1972GP Belgium10McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren7th
11.6.1972Can-Am Mosport4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd Jefferies3rd
11.6.197224 h Le Mans19Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3In entry list onlyAutodelta S.P.A.DNF
11.6.197224 h Le MansAlfa Romeo T33/TT/3Hezemans / RevsonAutodeltaDNA
25.6.19721000 km Zeltweg6Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Stommelen / RevsonAutodelta SpADNA
9.7.1972Can-Am Road Atlanta4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd JefferiesDNF
15.7.1972GP Great Britain19McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren3rd
23.7.1972Can-Am Watkins Glen4McLaren M20Peter RevsonBruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd.2nd
6.8.1972Can-Am Mid-Ohio4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boys JefferiesDNF
13.8.1972GP Austria12TMcLaren M19AHulme / RevsonYardley Team McLarenT-car
13.8.1972GP Austria14McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren3rd
27.8.1972Can-Am Road America4McLaren M20RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd JefferiesDNF
10.9.1972GP Italy14TMcLaren M19AHulme / RevsonYardley Team McLarenT-car
10.9.1972GP Italy15McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren4th
17.9.1972Can-Am Donnybrooke4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd JefferiesDNF
24.9.1972GP Canada18TMcLaren M19AHulme / RevsonBruce McLaren Motor RacingT-car
24.9.1972GP Canada19McLaren M19CPeter RevsonBruce McLaren Motor Racing2nd
1.10.1972Can-Am Edmonton4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd Jefferies6th
8.10.1972GP United States20McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren18th
15.10.1972Can-Am Laguna Seca4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd Jefferies19th
29.10.1972Can-Am Riverside4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/B. Jefferies2nd

Year: 1973

28.1.1973GP Argentina16McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren8th
11.2.1973GP Brazil8McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLarenDNF
3.3.1973GP South Africa6McLaren M19CPeter RevsonTeam Yardley McLaren2nd
8.4.1973International Trophy10McLaren M23Peter RevsonYardley Team McLaren4th
29.4.1973GP Spain6McLaren M23Peter RevsonYardley Team McLaren4th
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