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Year: 1949

24.7.1949Carrell Speedway [Class B]2MG TCPhil HillPhil Hill1st

Year: 1950

25.6.1950Santa Ana18Jaguar XK120Phil HillPhil Hill2nd
5.11.1950Preliminary Pebble Beach [B+C]2Jaguar XK120Phil HillPhil Hill2nd
5.11.1950Pebble Beach Cup2Jaguar XK120Phil HillPhil Hill1st

Year: 1951

25.2.1951Carrell Speedway [Trophy Dash]2Alfa Romeo 2900BPhil HillPhil Hill1st
25.2.1951Carrell Speedway [Main]2Jr.MG TCPhil HillBill Cramer4th
1.4.1951Main Palm Springs [Sports]2Alfa Romeo 2900BPhil HillPhil HillDNF
27.5.1951SCCA National Pebble Beach Cup2Alfa Romeo 2900BPhil HillPhil Hill4th
27.5.1951SCCA National Pebble Beach [Handicap]2Alfa Romeo 2900BPhil HillPhil Hill1st
28.7.1951Carrell Speedway [S1.5]2MG Phil Hill5th
28.7.1951Carrell Speedway [Main]2MG Phil Hill10th
26.8.1951SCCA National Elkhart Lake134Jaguar XK120Phil HillChas Hornburg, Jr.3rd
21.10.1951SCCA National Reno2Jaguar XK120Phil HillCharles Hornburg10th
28.10.1951Main Palm Springs [Sports]2Jaguar XK120Phil HillCharles Hornburg3rd
9.12.1951Torrey Pines2Jr.MG TCPhil HillJack BuckhardDNF

Year: 1952

23.3.1952Palm Springs [Sports]2Cunningham C2-RPhil HillGeorge CameronDNF
20.4.1952SCCA National Pebble Beach [S+1.5]2Jaguar XK120Phil HillChas. H. Hornburg, Jr.5th
20.4.1952SCCA National Pebble Beach [S+1.5]32Ferrari 212In entry list onlyJim Kimberly2nd
31.5.1952SCCA National Golden Gate [S+1.5]22Ferrari 212 ExportPhil Hill2nd
20.7.1952Torrey Pines [S+1.5]2Ferrari 212 ExportPhil HillPhil Hill1st
20.7.1952Torrey Pines [Production]116MG TDPhil HillBill Corre?th
24.8.1952Stockton Trophy2Jr.MG TCPhil HillJack Buckhard6th
6.9.1952SCCA National Elkhart Lake [S+1.95]41Jaguar C-typePhil HillCharles H. Hornburg, Jr.1st
7.9.1952200 mile Elkhart Lake41Jaguar C-typePhil HillCharles H. Hornburg, Jr.4th
20.9.1952GP Watkins Glen2Jaguar C-typePhil HillCharles H. Hornburg, Jr.NC
9.11.1952Madera [S+1.5]2Jaguar C-typePhil HillCharles Hornburg2nd
23.11.1952Carrera Panamericana9Ferrari 212 ExportHill / StubbsAllen Guiberson6th
14.12.1952Torrey Pines [S+1.5]2Jaguar C-typePhil HillCharles Hornburg1st

Year: 1953

21.2.19536 h MacDill10Ferrari 340 MexicoSpear / Hill2nd
8.3.195312 h Sebring8Ferrari 225 SSpear / HillWilliam SpearDNF
12.4.1953SCCA National Bergstrom [S+1.5]46Ferrari Phil HillDNA
12.4.1953SCCA National Bergstrom [Modified]46Ferrari Phil HillDNA
12.4.1953SCCA National Bergstrom [S+1.5]80Jaguar C-typePhil HillAlex Thompson2nd
19.4.1953SCCA National Pebble Beach [S+1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil Hill1st
30.5.1953SCCA National Golden Gate [S+1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil HillDNF
14.6.195324 h Le Mans47Osca MT4Hill / WackerRees T. MakinsDNF
5.7.195312 h Reims5Ferrari 340 MexicoHill / ChinettiLuigi ChinettiDNF
5.7.195312 h Reims16Ferrari 340 MMSpear / HillWilliam SpearDNA
16.8.19532.5 h Moffett [Handicap]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillDNS
5.9.1953Santa Barbara [S+1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil HillDQ
6.9.1953Santa Barbara [S+1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil Hill2nd
6.9.1953Santa Barbara Trophy2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil Hill1st
6.9.1953Santa Barbara [Modified +1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil HillDNA
20.9.1953Madera [Modified +1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillDNS
20.9.1953Madera [Modified +1.5]80Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillBill Devin1st
3.10.1953Long Beach [S+1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil HillDNA
4.10.1953Long Beach [Sports]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil HillDNA
18.10.19532.5 h Reno2Ferrari 250 MMPhil Hill2nd
25.10.1953SCCA National Turner [Modified]100Ferrari 340 MexicoPhil HillBill SpearDNA
25.10.1953250 mile Turner100Ferrari 340 MexicoPhil HillBill SpearDNF
8.11.1953SCCA National March [S+1.5]2Ferrari 250 MMPhil HillPhil HillDNA
23.11.1953Carrera Panamericana4Ferrari 340 MexicoHill / GintherAllen GuibersonDNF

Year: 1954

24.1.19541000 km Buenos Aires16Ferrari 340 MexicoHill / SykesAllen GuibersonDNF
7.3.195412 h Sebring7Ferrari 375 MMSpear / HillWilliam SpearDNF
14.3.1954SCCA National Hunter [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+CP+DP]10Ferrari Phil HillDNA
7.11.1954SCCA National March [S+1.5]2Ferrari 375 MMPhil Hill2nd
23.11.1954Carrera Panamericana20Ferrari 375 MMHill / GintherAllen Guiberson2nd

Year: 1955

13.3.195512 h Sebring25Ferrari 750 MonzaHill / ShelbyAllen Guiberson2nd
26.3.1955Preliminary Palm Springs [Modified +3.0]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillPhil HillDNA
27.3.1955Main Palm Springs [S+1.5]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillPhil HillDNA
17.4.1955SCCA National Pebble Beach [BM+CM+DM+EM]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillAllen Guiberson1st
12.6.195524 h Le Mans3Ferrari 121 LMMaglioli / HillScuderia FerrariDNF
4.7.1955SCCA National Beverly [BM+CM+DM+EM+CP]3Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillGeorge Tilp1st
4.7.1955Preliminary Beverly [BM+CM+DM+EM]3Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillGeorge Tilp1st
10.7.1955SCCA National Torrey Pines [S+1.5]211Ferrari 750 Monzavon Neumann / HillJohn Von Neumann2nd
31.7.1955SCCA National Seafair [Modified +1.5]3Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillGeorge Tilp2nd
31.7.1955Preliminary Seafair [All Classes]3Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillGeorge Tilp1st
4.9.1955Santa Barbara [Modified +1.5]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillJohn von Neumann2nd
11.9.1955SCCA National Road America [BM+CM+DM]3Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillGeorge E. Tilp1st
1.10.1955SCCA Regional Salinas [Modified +1.5]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillJohn von NeumannDNS
16.10.1955SCCA National Hagerstown [BM+CM+DM+EM]3Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillPhil Hill2nd
22.10.19556 h Torrey Pines2Mercedes-Benz 300 SLO'Shea / HillGeo. Tilp2nd
23.10.1955Torrey Pines [Production +1.5]2Mercedes-Benz 300 SLHill / O'SheaGeo. TilpDNA
30.10.1955SCCA National Sacramento [BM+CM+DM+EM]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillJohn von Neumann1st
6.11.1955GP Venezuela6Ferrari 121 LMPhil HillJohn Von NeumannDNF
13.11.1955SCCA National Glendale [BM+CM+DM+EM]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillEleanor von Neumann1st
9.12.1955Governor's Trophy33Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillGeorge Tilp2nd
10.12.1955Nassau [Ferrari]20Ferrari 857 SPhil HillLuigi Chinetti2nd
10.12.1955Speed Trials33Ferrari 857 SPhil Hill4th
11.12.1955Nassau Trophy20Ferrari 857 SPhil HillLuigi Chinetti1st

Year: 1956

14.1.19566 h Torrey Pines82Ferrari 500 MondialPhil HillManning PostDNF
15.1.19561 h Torrey Pines [BM+CM+DM+EM]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillJohn Von NeumannDNF
15.1.19561 h Torrey Pines [BM+CM+DM+EM]82Ferrari 500 MondialPhil HillManning J. PostDNS
29.1.19561000 km Buenos Aires36Ferrari 857 SGendebien / HillScuderia Ferrari2nd
26.2.1956Palm Springs [FM+GM+HM]2Porsche 550Phil HillJohn von NeumannDNF
26.2.1956Palm Springs [BM+CM+DM+EM]2Ferrari 750 MonzaPhil HillJohn von NeumannDNS
24.3.195612 h Sebring20Ferrari 857 SHill / GregoryGeorge TilpDNF
22.4.1956SCCA National Pebble Beach [BM+CM+DM+EM]2Ferrari 860 MonzaPhil HillJohn von Neumann2nd
27.5.19561000 km Nürburgring4Ferrari 290 MMHill / de Portago / GendebienScuderia Ferrari3rd
10.6.19561000 km Paris7Ferrari 857 SHill / de PortagoScuderia Ferrari5th
17.6.1956Circuito do Porto10Ferrari 857 SPhil HillGeorge Tilp2nd
24.6.1956Supercortemaggiore64Ferrari 500 TRIn entry list onlyScuderia Ferrari1st
29.6.195612 h Reims [S1.5]38Cooper T39Moss / HillStirling MossDNF
8.7.1956GP Rouen6Ferrari 857 SPhil HillGeorge Tilp6th
8.7.1956GP Rouen [S1.5]Cooper T39Phil HillCooper Car Co.DNF
14.7.1956GP Silverstone11Ferrari Phil HillP. HillDNS
22.7.1956GP Bari [S3.0]48Ferrari 857 SPhil HillGeorge TilpDNS
29.7.195624 h Le Mans10Ferrari 625 LMHill / SimonScuderia FerrariDNF
12.8.1956GP Sverige2Ferrari 860 MonzaIn entry list onlyScuderia Ferrari3rd
12.8.1956GP Sverige3Ferrari 290 MMHill / TrintignantScuderia Ferrari1st
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