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Year: 1972

29.5.1972Gold Cup Oulton Park43BRM P153Vern SchuppanMarlboro B.R.M.5th
4.6.1972GP Belgium27BRM P153Marko / *SchuppanMarlboro BRM10th
28.8.1972Rothmans 50.00042March 722Vern SchuppanMalaya Singapore AirlinesDNF
24.9.1972Interserie Nürburgring16?BRM P167Vern SchuppanAlcan Team BRMDNS
22.10.1972John Player Challenge Trophy4BRM P160SchuppanMarlboro BRM4th

Year: 1973

17.3.1973Race of Champions59BRM P160Vern SchuppanMarlboro BRMDNF
25.3.19736 h Vallelunga7Mirage M6Hailwood / SchuppanGulf RacingDNF
8.4.1973International Trophy12BRM P160Vern SchuppanMarlboro BRM9th
15.4.19731000 km Dijon5Mirage M6Hailwood / SchuppanGulf Racing5th
25.4.19731000 km Monza4Mirage M6In entry list onlyGulf RacingDNF
25.4.19731000 km Monza5Mirage M6Hailwood / Schuppan / BellGulf RacingDNF
6.5.19731000 km Spa6Mirage M6Hailwood / Ganley / SchuppanGulf Research2nd
10.6.197324 h Le Mans8Mirage M6Bell / Ganley / *SchuppanGulf Research Racing CompanyDNF
10.6.197324 h Le Mans9Mirage M6Hailwood / Watson / SchuppanGulf Research Racing CompanyDNF
2.9.1973200 mile Fuji01?GRD S73Vern Schuppan12th

Year: 1974

17.3.1974Race of Champions65Trojan T101Vern SchuppanSid Taylor RacingDNS
24.3.1974Le Mans Test103Mirage GR7Schuppan / BellGulf Research Racing Company5th
7.4.1974International Trophy65Trojan T101Vern SchuppanSid Taylor RacingDNS
5.5.19741000 km Spa22Chevron B26Schuppan / LeppForge Mill RacingNC
12.5.1974GP Belgium22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam Ensign15th
19.5.19741000 km Nürburgring5Alfa Romeo T33/TT/12In entry list onlyAutodelta S.p.A.9th
19.5.19741000 km Nürburgring7Mirage GR7Hunt / Schuppan / BellGulf Research Racing Company4th
26.5.1974GP Monaco22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam EnsignDNF
9.6.1974GP Sweden22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam EnsignDQ
16.6.197424 h Le Mans11Mirage GR7In entry list onlyGulf Research Racing Company4th
16.6.197424 h Le Mans12Mirage GR7Schuppan / WisellGulf Research Racing CompanyDNF
23.6.1974GP Netherlands22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam EnsignDNF
30.6.19741000 km Zeltweg22Chevron B23In entry list onlyEcurie EcosseDNF
7.7.1974GP France22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam EnsignDNQ
20.7.1974GP Great Britain22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam EnsignDNQ
4.8.1974GP Germany22Ensign N174Vern SchuppanTeam EnsignDNF
15.8.19741000 km Le Castellet8Mirage GR7Schuppan / WisellGulf Research RacingDNF
15.8.19741000 km Le CastelletTMirage GR7Ickx / Bell / SchuppanGulf Research RacingT-car
18.8.1974GP Austria22Ensign N174In entry list onlyTeam EnsignDNQ
15.9.1974DRM Norisring15Ford CapriVern SchuppanFord Gerstmann Racing Team14th
29.9.19741000 km Brands Hatch4Mirage GR7Schuppan / WisellGulf Research RacingDNF
9.11.19746 h Kyalami4Mirage GR7Schuppan / WisellGulf Research RacingNC

Year: 1975

16.3.1975Race of Champions37Lola T332Vern SchuppanTheodore RacingDNF
16.3.1975Race of Champions53March 741Vern SchuppanTheodore Racing and March EngineeringDNA
13.4.1975Daily Express Silverstone12Chevron B26Vern SchuppanVern SchuppanDNA
20.4.19751000 km Monza48March 75STunmer / SchuppanVern SchuppanDNF
1.6.19751000 km Nürburgring30March 75SMorgan / Lepp / SchuppanMarch-Hart-Racing7th
8.6.1975GP Sweden22Hill GH1SchuppanEmbassy Hill RacingDNF
8.6.1975GP Sweden23TLola T370Vern SchuppanEmbassy Hill RacingT-car
15.6.197524 h Le Mans10Mirage GR8Schuppan / JaussaudGulf Research Racing Co3rd
24.8.1975Road America Handicap1Mirage GR7Vern SchuppanGulf Research Racing Co.& Grand Touring Cars1st

Year: 1976

13.6.197624 h Le Mans10Mirage GR8In entry list onlyGrand Touring Cars Inc.2nd
13.6.197624 h Le Mans11Mirage GR8Bell / SchuppanGrand Touring Cars Inc.5th
13.6.197624 h Le Mans46BMW 3.0 CSLIn entry list onlyTeam BrockDNF
27.6.19766 h Zeltweg2Porsche 935Bell / SchuppanPorsche Kremer Racing4th
22.8.1976200 mile Mosport11Mirage GR8Vern SchuppanGrand Touring Cars5th

Year: 1977

12.6.197724 h Le Mans10Mirage GR8Schuppan / JarierGrand Touring Cars Inc.2nd
12.6.197724 h Le Mans11Mirage GR8In entry list onlyGrand Touring Cars Inc.DNF
16.7.1977GP Great Britain18Surtees TS19Vern SchuppanDurex Team Surtees13th
16.7.1977GP Great Britain18TSurtees TS19Vern SchuppanDurex Team SurteesT-car
31.7.1977GP Germany18Surtees TS19Vern SchuppanDurex Team Surtees7th
14.8.1977GP Austria18Surtees TS19SchuppanDurex Team Surtees16th
14.8.1977GP Austria19Surtees TS19Brambilla / *SchuppanBeta Team Surtees15th
28.8.1977GP Netherlands18Surtees TS19Vern SchuppanDurex Team SurteesDNQ
16.10.1977Can-Am Riverside11Elfin MR8Vern Schuppan22nd

Year: 1978

14.5.1978Can-Am Road Atlanta11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx9th
27.5.1978Can-Am Charlotte11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx5th
11.6.197824 h Le Mans10Mirage M9Schuppan / Laffite / PoseyGrand Touring Cars Inc.10th
11.6.197824 h Le Mans11Mirage M9In entry list onlyGrand Touring Cars Inc.DNF
9.7.1978Can-Am Watkins Glen11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert BoxxDNA
23.7.1978Can-Am Road America11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx6th
20.8.1978Can-Am Mosport11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx6th
4.9.1978Can-Am Trois-Rivières11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx7th
8.10.1978Can-Am Laguna Seca11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx21st
15.10.1978Can-Am Riverside11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx22nd

Year: 1979

3.6.1979Can-Am Mosport11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern SchuppanDNA
10.6.197924 h Le Mans10Mirage M10Schuppan / Jaussaud / HobbsGrand Touring Cars Ltd./Ford Concessionnaires FranceDNF
10.6.197924 h Le Mans11Mirage M10Bell / Hobbs / SchuppanGrand Touring Cars Ltd./Ford Concessionnaires FranceDNF
8.7.1979Can-Am Watkins Glen11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanThomas W. Barrett/Theodore Racing3rd
22.7.1979Can-Am Road America11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanWendy's Hamburgers/Stuart and Beth Bradbury/Hong Kong's Teddy Yip/Tom Barrett Classic Cars5th
19.8.1979Can-Am Brainerd11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan18th
26.8.1979500 mile Mid-Ohio10Mirage M10Schuppan / Bell19th
26.8.1979500 mile Mid-Ohio11Elfin MR8Mead / SchuppanVern Schuppan22nd
2.9.1979Can-Am Trois-Rivières11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern SchuppanDNA
14.10.1979Can-Am Laguna Seca11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanWendy's, Thomas Barrett/Theodore Racing7th
28.10.1979Can-Am Riverside11Elfin MR8Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan12th

Year: 1980

24.8.1980500 mile Mid-Ohio11Elfin MR8Schuppan / HolmesRed Roof InnsDNA
19.10.1980Can-Am Laguna Seca11Tiga CA80Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan16th
26.10.1980Can-Am Riverside11Tiga CA80Vern SchuppanVern Schuppan14th

Year: 1981

14.6.198124 h Le Mans12Porsche 936Mass / Schuppan / HaywoodPorsche System12th
23.8.1981500 mile Road America2March 81PHobbs / SchuppanBMW Motorsport47th

Year: 1982

25.4.19826 h Riverside12Porsche 935Busby / SchuppanJohn Fitzpatrick Racing37th
30.5.19821000 km NürburgringPorsche 935Stommelen / Grohs / SchuppanKremer RacingDNA
20.6.198224 h Le Mans2Porsche 956Mass / SchuppanPorsche System2nd
20.6.198224 h Le MansTPorsche 956Ickx / Bell / Mass / Schuppan / Holbert / Haywood / BarthPorsche SystemT-car
22.8.1982500 mile Road America12Porsche 935Busby / SchuppanJohn Fitzpatrick RacingDNA
5.9.19821000 km Spa2Porsche 956Bell / SchuppanRothmans Porsche Team2nd
3.10.19826 h Fuji2Porsche 956Bell / SchuppanRothmans PorscheDNF
6.11.19829 h Kyalami4Porsche 956Bell / SchuppanRothmans2nd

Year: 1983

3.4.1983500 km Suzuka1Porsche 956Fujita / SchuppanTrust Racing Team1st
8.5.19831000 km Silverstone21Porsche 956Jones / SchuppanPorsche Kremer Racing5th
5.6.1983500 km Fuji6Porsche 956Fujita / SchuppanTrust Racing Team1st
19.6.198324 h Le Mans2Porsche 956In entry list onlyRothmans PorscheDNF
19.6.198324 h Le Mans3Porsche 956Schuppan / Holbert / HaywoodRothmans Porsche1st
19.6.198324 h Le Mans33Porsche 956Ickx / Bell / Schuppan / BarthRothmans PorscheT-car
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