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Year: 1973

17.6.1973Zolder [GT/T]108Opel AsconaVolkert MerlVolkert MerlDNA

Year: 1975

22.6.1975AvusAlfa Romeo 1300 GTA JuniorVolkert MerlMebro-Racing12th
13.7.1975GP Nürburgring59Opel AsconaFiedler / MerlMebro-Racing?th

Year: 1976

15.8.1976Zandvoort5Porsche 934Volkert MerlFirestoneraced
15.8.1976DARM Zandvoort [T/GT]5Porsche 934Volkert MerlFirestone2nd
22.8.1976DRM Kassel Calden6Porsche 934Volkert MerlMebro-Racing5th
29.8.1976DRM Hockenheim114Porsche 934Volkert MerlMebro RacingDNF
12.9.1976DARM Ulm [T/GT+2.0]Porsche 934Volkert MerlVolkert Merl1st
26.9.1976DRM Hockenheim15Porsche 934Volkert MerlFirestone Racing HamburgDNF
31.10.1976Euro GT Hockenheim12Porsche 934Volkert MerlFirestone Racing HamburgDNA
31.10.1976Hockenheim [T/GT]466Porsche 934Volkert MerlFirestone Racing HamburgDNA

Year: 1977

13.3.1977DRM Zolder60Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS Firestone RacemasterDNF
17.4.1977DARM Hockenheim494Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M&H Racemaster3rd
24.4.1977DARM SyltPorsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M & H Racemaster2nd
1.5.1977DRM Nürburgring60Porsche 934Volkert MerlFirestone IRS M&H RacemasterDNA
8.5.1977DRM Kassel-CaldenPorsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M&H RacemasterDNS
22.5.1977DARM AvusPorsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M & H Racemaster?th
12.6.1977DARM Wunstorf423Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M & H RacemasterDNF
3.7.1977Norisring Trophäe60Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone M&H RacemasterDNS
3.7.1977DRM Norisring60Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M&H RacemasterDNF
24.7.1977DRM Diepholz60Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M & H-Racemaster4th
30.7.1977DRM Hockenheim60Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone M & H Racemaster8th
21.8.1977DARM Kassel-Calden124Porsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M & H RacemasterDNF
28.8.1977Nürburgring Trophy [T/GT]90Porsche 934Volkert Merlraced
18.9.1977DARM UlmPorsche 934Volkert MerlIRS-Firestone-M + H Racemaster2nd
25.9.19776 h Brands Hatch5Porsche 935Merl / HähnleinPorsche Kremer RacingDNF
9.10.19776 h Hockenheim16Porsche 935Merl / Hähnlein / KonradVaillant-Kremer-Team5th

Year: 1978

5.2.197824 h Daytona21Porsche 935Konrad / Jöst / MerlKonrad Racing13th
12.3.1978DRM Zolder16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad Racing7th
19.3.19786 h Mugello15Porsche 935Konrad / Jöst / MerlKonrad Racing2nd
2.4.1978DRM Nürburgring16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad-Racing7th
16.4.19786 h Dijon8Porsche 935Konrad / MerlKonrad RacingDNF
30.4.1978DRM Nürburgring16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad-Racing6th
14.5.19786 h Silverstone11Porsche 935Konrad / MerlKonrad Racing6th
14.5.19786 h Silverstone12Porsche 935Konrad / MerlKonrad RacingDNS
21.5.1978DRM Avus16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad RacingDNF
28.5.19781000 km Nürburgring11Porsche 935Konrad / Merl / SchickentanzKonrad-Racing8th
28.5.19781000 km Nürburgring12Porsche 935Merl / Schreiber / KonradKonrad-Racing4th
11.6.197824 h Le Mans42Porsche 935Konrad / MerlKonrad RacingDNA
18.6.1978DRM Mainz-Finthen16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad-RacingDNF
25.6.19786 h Misano12Porsche 935Konrad / MerlKonrad Racing3rd
2.7.1978DRM Zandvoort16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad Racing5th
16.7.1978DRM Kassel-Calden16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad Racing7th
29.7.1978DRM Hockenheim16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad Racing8th
20.8.1978DRM Zolder16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad Racing4th
3.9.19786 h Vallelunga19Porsche 935Konrad / MerlKonrad Racing7th
17.9.1978DRM Norisring16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad-RacingDNF
1.10.1978DRM Nürburgring16Porsche 935Volkert MerlKonrad RacingDNF

Year: 1979

4.2.197924 h Daytona4Porsche 935Jöst / Stommelen / MerlLM Joest Porsche46th
11.3.1979DRM Zolder67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipe3rd
8.4.1979DRM Hockenheim67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe7th
22.4.19796 h Dijon31Porsche 908/3Jöst / Merl / KettererLM Joest Racing1st
29.4.1979DRM Nürburgring67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui-Moly Equipe7th
20.5.1979DRM Salzburgring67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe10th
3.6.19791000 km Nürburgring1Porsche 935Merl / Bell / StommelenLiqui Moly Joest Racing5th
17.6.1979DRM Mainz-Finthen67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly EquipeDNF
24.6.1979Norisring Trophäe67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe6th
24.6.1979DRM Norisring67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe4th
22.7.1979DRM Diepholz67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe7th
5.8.19796 h Brands Hatch1Porsche 908/3Jöst / MerlJoest Racing1st
19.8.1979DRM Zolder67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipeDNA
26.8.1979Ulm [Gr.5 +2.0]Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe2nd
2.9.1979DRM Hockenheim67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe6th
16.9.19796 h Vallelunga19Porsche 908/3Jöst / Casoni / MerlJoest RacingDNF
23.9.1979DRM Nürburgring67Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipeDNF

Year: 1980

3.2.198024 h Daytona2Porsche 935Jöst / Stommelen / MerlLiqui Moly1st
16.3.19806 h Brands Hatch1Porsche 908/3Jöst / MerlLiqui Moly EquipeDNF
23.3.1980DRM Zolder7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipeDNS
30.3.1980DRM Nürburgring7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe1st
13.4.1980DRM Hockenheim7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe3rd
27.4.1980DRM Nürburgring7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe10th
11.5.19806 h Silverstone4Porsche 908/80Jöst / MerlMartini RacingDNA
18.5.1980DRM Mainz-Finthen7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe2nd
25.5.1980Interserie Nürburgring31Porsche 908/3In entry list onlyLiqui Moly Equipe1st
25.5.19801000 km Nürburgring31Porsche 908/3In entry list onlyLiqui Moly Equipe1st
25.5.1980Interserie Nürburgring33Porsche 908/3MerlLiqui Moly Equipe3rd
25.5.19801000 km Nürburgring33Porsche 908/3Merl / BrunnLiqui Moly EquipeDNF
1.6.1980DRM Spa7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe5th
15.6.198024 h Le Mans46Porsche 935Haldi / Béguin / MerlMeccarillos RacingDNF
22.6.1980DRM Norisring7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe2nd
5.7.19806 h Watkins Glen4Porsche 935Barth / MerlDick Barbour Racing5th
13.7.1980DRM Salzburgring7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe4th
20.7.1980Interserie Zeltweg2Porsche 908/3Volkert MerlLiqui Moly1st
27.7.1980DRM Diepholz7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe5th
24.8.1980DRM Zolder7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipe5th
31.8.1980Interserie Most2Porsche 908/3Volkert MerlLiqui Moly2nd
7.9.1980Interserie Hockenheim2Porsche 908/3Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipe4th
7.9.1980DRM Hockenheim7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipe5th
21.9.1980DRM Nürburgring7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly équipe3rd
28.9.1980DRM Hockenheim7Porsche 935Volkert MerlLiqui Moly Equipe2nd
5.10.1980Interserie Kassel-CaldenPorsche 908/3Volkert MerlLiqui Moly1st
30.11.1980250 mile Daytona Finale46Porsche 935Merl / DeNarvaez3rd

Year: 1981

1.2.198124 h Daytona6Porsche 935Merl / MassJoest Racing59th
22.3.1981DRM Zolder67Porsche 935Volkert MerlSpotoil Racing6th
29.3.1981Interserie Nürburgring00Porsche 908/3Volkert MerlJoest-RacingDNA
29.3.1981DRM Nürburgring67Porsche 935Volkert MerlSpotoil-Racing4th
5.4.1981DRM Hockenheim67Porsche 935Volkert MerlSpot-Oil RacingDNF
26.4.1981DRM Nürburgring67Porsche 935Volkert MerlSpot-Oil RacingDNA
10.5.19816 h Silverstone5Porsche 908/80Mass / Jöst / MerlReinhold JoestDNF
10.5.19816 h Silverstone6Porsche 908/3Merl / BarthReinhold JoestDNA
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