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Season: 1993 (Warsteiner ADAC GT-Cup)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
19.5.1993ADAC GT-Cup Avus
230.5.1993ADAC GT Cup Zolder
311.7.1993ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring
422.8.1993ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Formel Festival
529.8.1993ADAC GT Salzburgring
65.9.1993ADAC GT Ahlhorn
726.9.1993ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Supersprint
83.10.1993ADAC GT Zandvoort

Season: 1994 (Telekom D1 ONS ADAC GT-Cup)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
130.4.1994ADAC GT-Cup Avus
212.6.1994ADAC GT Cup Wunstorf
33.7.1994ADAC GT Cup Zolder
417.7.1994ADAC GT Zandvoort
57.8.1994ADAC GT Zeltweg
628.8.1994ADAC GT Salzburgring
711.9.1994ADAC GT Cup Spa
825.9.1994ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Supersprint

Season: 1995 (ADAC GT)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
130.4.1995ADAC GT Cup Zolder
214.5.1995ADAC GT Cup Spa
38.5.1995ADAC GT Zeltweg
411.6.1995ADAC GT Cup Hockenheim
52.7.1995ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Eifelrennen
627.8.1995ADAC GT Salzburgring
710.9.1995ADAC GT-Cup Avus
824.9.1995ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Supersprint

Season: 1996 (ADAC GT)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
15.5.1996ADAC GT Cup Zolder
219.5.1996ADAC GT Assen
32.6.1996ADAC GT Cup Hockenheim
430.6.1996ADAC GT Sachsenring
514.7.1996ADAC GT Cup Wunstorf
611.8.1996ADAC GT Cup Zweibrücken
725.8.1996ADAC GT Salzburgring
88.9.1996ADAC GT-Cup Avus
922.9.1996ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Supersprint

Season: 1997 (ADAC GT)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
127.4.1997ADAC GT Cup Hockenheim
211.5.1997ADAC GT Cup Zolder
325.5.1997ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Eifelrennen
415.6.1997ADAC GT Sachsenring
529.6.1997ADAC GT Norisring
613.7.1997ADAC GT Cup Wunstorf
710.8.1997ADAC GT Cup Zweibrücken
824.8.1997ADAC GT Salzburgring
97.9.1997ADAC GT Lahr
105.10.1997ADAC GT Cup Nürburgring Supersprint

Season: 2007 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
19.6.2007ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
28.7.2007ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
35.8.2007ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
425.8.2007ADAC GT Masters Zolder
516.9.2007ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring
614.10.2007ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim

Season: 2008 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
111.5.2008ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
224.5.2008ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
329.6.2008ADAC GT Masters Norisring
420.7.2008ADAC GT Masters Assen
517.8.2008ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
67.9.2008ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
721.9.2008ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring

Season: 2009 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
113.4.2009ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
210.5.2009ADAC GT Masters Assen
37.6.2009ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim
45.7.2009ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
523.8.2009ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
620.9.2009ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring
718.10.2009ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben

Season: 2010 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
111.4.2010ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
29.5.2010ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring
330.5.2010ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim
418.7.2010ADAC GT Masters Assen
515.8.2010ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
629.8.2010ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
73.10.2010ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben

Season: 2011 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
125.4.2011ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
215.5.2011ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring
312.6.2011ADAC GT Masters Zolder
410.7.2011ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
514.8.2011ADAC GT Masters Red Bull Ring
64.9.2011ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
718.9.2011ADAC GT Masters Assen
82.10.2011ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim

Season: 2012 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
11.4.2012ADAC GT Oschersleben
26.5.2012ADAC GT Zandvoort
310.6.2012ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring
415.7.2012ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
512.8.2012ADAC GT Masters Red Bull Ring
626.8.2012ADAC GT Lausitzring
716.9.2012ADAC GT Nürburgring II
830.9.2012ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim

Season: 2013 (ADAC GT Masters)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
128.4.2013ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
212.5.2013ADAC GT Masters Spa
39.6.2013ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring
44.8.2013ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
511.8.2013ADAC GT Masters Red Bull Ring
61.9.2013ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
715.9.2013ADAC GT Masters Slovakia Ring
829.9.2013ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim

Season: 2014 (ADAC GT)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
127.4.2014ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben
211.5.2014ADAC GT Masters Zandvoort
325.5.2014ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
48.6.2014ADAC GT Masters Zeltweg
510.8.2014ADAC GT Masters Slovakia Ring
631.8.2014ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
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