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Italian Championship Group 5

Season: 1976 (Italian Championship Group 5)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
121.3.19766 h Mugello
228.3.1976CI Gr.5 Varano
34.4.1976Vallelunga 6 Hours
42.5.1976CI Gr.5 Monza
511.7.1976CI Gr.5 Pergusa
63.10.1976CI Gr.5 Varano
720.10.1976Giro d'Italia
814.11.1976CI Gr.5 Vallelunga [1.3]
814.11.1976CI Gr.5 Vallelunga

Season: 1977 (Italian Championship Group 5)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
120.3.1977CI Gr.5 Mugello
217.4.1977CI Gr.5 Varano
325.4.1977Giro dell'Umbria
41.5.1977CI Gr.5 Imola
516.6.1977Giro d'Italia
617.7.1977CI Gr.5 Pergusa
74.9.1977CI Gr.5 Monza
82.10.1977CI Gr.5 Varano
923.10.1977CI Gr.5 Vallelunga
10022.5.1977Pergusa - Group 5 / Classes 700 & 1300 cc
10022.5.1977Pergusa - Group 5 / Classes 1600, 2000 & 2500 cc
10120.8.1977CI Gr.5 Misano

Season: 1978 (Campionato Italiano Silhouettes Gruppo 5)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
119.3.19786 h Mugello
21978CI Gr.5 Magione
31978CI Gr.5 Umbria
41978CI Gr.5 Varano
528.5.1978CI Gr.5 Misano
625.6.1978Misano 6 Hours
715.8.1978CI Gr.5 Misano
820.8.1978CI Gr.5 Magione
925.8.1978CI Gr.5 Misano
101978CI Gr.5 Pergusa
1118.10.1978Giro d'Italia
125.11.1978CI Gr.5 Vallelunga

Season: 1979 (Trofeo Nazionale Vetture Gruppo 5)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
125.3.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza
216.4.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
322.4.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Varano
430.4.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Umbria
520.5.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
61.7.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Mugello
719.8.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
823.9.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Pergusa
930.9.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
107.10.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza
114.11.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga

Season: 1980 (Italian Championship Group 5)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
107.4.1980CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
1021.9.1980CI Gr.5 Pergusa
2025.5.1980Gr.5 Pergusa
308.6.1980Pergusa - Group 5 / Classes 1600. 2000 & 3000 cc and Group 4 / Class +2500 cc
308.6.1980Pergusa - Group 4 / Class 1600 and Group 5 / Class 1000 and Group 2 / 1300 & 1600 cc
4015.6.1980Gr.5 Varano
5029.6.1980Gr.5 Pergusa
606.7.1980Gr.5 Varano
7024.8.1980CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
8012.10.1980CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
9019.10.1980Gr.5 Vallelunga
1002.11.1980CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga

Season: 1981 (Italian Championship Group 5)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
122.3.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
220.4.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
326.4.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Mugello
43.5.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
524.5.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza
631.5.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
714.6.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Varano
828.6.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
923.8.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
1020.9.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Pergusa
1127.9.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Varano
1211.10.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Magione
131.11.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
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