Photos of Chassis 0816 [250P]

Le Mans 24 Hours24 Heures du Mans16.6.1963
2121 - Ferrari 250 P #0816=>0814 - Automobili Ferrari S.E.F.A.C.Ferrari 250 P #0816=>0814 - Ferrari V12 2953 cc N/AP3.0
Automobili Ferrari S.E.F.A.C. (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: Lorenzo Bandini (I)/Ludovico Scarfiotti (I)
listed, never drove:
John Surtees (GB)
Result: winner
Grid: 2nd (3:51.300)
Colours: red
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 23/09/2020Photo by courtesy of: Maurice Gates (Steve Webb) and Charles M. Scales III
Le Mans 24 Hours24 Heures du Mans22.6.1964
2020 - Ferrari 275 P #0816 - SpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 275 P #0816 - Ferrari V12 3286 cc N/AP+3.0
SpA Ferrari SEFAC (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: Jean Guichet (F)/Nino Vaccarella (I)Result: winner
Grid: 7th (3:51.000)
Colours: red
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 22/09/2020Photo by courtesy of: Charles M. Scales III
Sebring 12 Hours12 Hours of Sebring27.3.1965
8181 - Ferrari 275 P #0816 - Fong Racing Associates (Ferrari Owners Racing Association)Ferrari 275 P #0816 - Ferrari V12 3300 cc N/AP4.0
Fong Racing Associates (Ferrari Owners Racing Association) (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: Willy Mairesse (B)/Mauro Bianchi (B)
listed, never drove:
Graham Hill (GB), Jo Bonnier (S)
Result: 23rd
Grid: 11th
Colours: brown
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 19/04/2011Photo by courtesy of: Bill Stowe
Sebring 12 HoursSebring 12 Hours of Endurance for the Alitalia Airline Trophy22.3.1969
2626 - Ferrari 250 P #0816 - N.A.R.T.Ferrari 250 P #0816 - Ferrari V12/60° 2v 2953 cc N/AP3.0
N.A.R.T. (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: Pedro Rodriguez (MEX)/Chuck Parsons (USA)Result: 47th
Grid: 19th (3:01.360)
Colours: red
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 11/05/2013Photo by courtesy of: David W. Stanley and Dave Kutz
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