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All Results of Chassis 001

Year: 1970

22.8.1970Gold Cup Oulton Park1Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartKen Tyrrell Racing OrganisationDNF
6.9.1970GP Italy16Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartTyrrell Racing OrganisationT-car
20.9.1970GP Canada3Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartTyrrell Racing OrganisationDNF
4.10.1970GP United States1Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartTyrrell Racing Organisation. Ltd.DNF
25.10.1970GP Mexico1Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartTyrrell Racing OrganisationDNF

Year: 1971

6.3.1971GP South Africa9Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team Tyrrell2nd
21.3.1971Race of Champions17Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartTyrrell Racing Organisation Ltd.2nd
28.3.1971GP Questor8Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team Tyrrell2nd
9.4.1971Rothmans International Trophy16Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team Tyrrell3rd
18.4.1971GP Spain11TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car
8.5.1971International Trophy1TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car
23.5.1971GP Monaco 11TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 5TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartKen Tyrrell RacingT-car
4.7.1971GP France11TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car
17.7.1971GP Great Britain30Tyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team Tyrrellunused
1.8.1971GP Germany2TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car
15.8.1971GP Austria11TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf-Team TyrrellT-car
19.9.1971GP Canada11TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car
3.10.1971GP United States10Tyrrell 001 #001Peter RevsonElf Team TyrrellDNF
24.10.1971Victory Race1TTyrrell 001 #001Jackie StewartElf Team TyrrellT-car

Year: 2010

16.5.201024 h Nürburgring60Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 #001 (Prodrive)Baunach / Louisoder / Ostmann / BauerMathol Racing78th
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