All Results of Chassis B8-Raceco#

(real number unknown)

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Year: 1969

2.2.196924 h Daytona39Chevron B8Kleinpeter / Gunn / BeattyRaceco of Miami6th
22.3.196912 h Sebring57Chevron B8Maglioli / Kleinpeter / BeattyRaceco 42nd
22.3.196912 h SebringChevron B8Bob BeattyHugh KleinpeterDNA
2.8.1969SCCA Regional Daytona [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+CP+DP+AS+BS]9Chevron B8Bob BeattyDNA
3.8.1969Paul Whiteman Trophy Daytona9Chevron B8Bob BeattyDNA
3.8.1969SCCA National Daytona [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+CP+DP+AS+BS]9Chevron B8Bob BeattyDNA
30.11.1969US Champions Daytona [ASR+BSR]39Chevron B8Bob Beatty12th

Year: 1970

11.10.1970SCCA National Road Atlanta [BSR+CSR+CP+DP]Chevron B8Bob Beatty3rd
29.11.1970US Champions Road Atlanta [ASR+BSR]39Chevron B8Bob Beatty12th

Year: 1971

197112 h EcuadorChevron B8Beatty / FreileDNF