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All Results of Chassis LR4-004

Year: 1984

17.6.1984Thundersports Donington Park4Harrier LR4Catlow / BainAbdex Racing15th
8.7.1984Thundersports Thruxton4Harrier LR4Catlow / BainAbdex RacingDNF
22.7.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4Catlow / DohertyAbdex Racingraced
5.8.1984Thundersports Snetterton4Harrier LR4Bain / CatlowAbdex RacingDNS
27.8.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4Catlow / BainAbdex Racingraced
2.9.1984Thundersports Oulton Park4Harrier LR4Bain / CatlowThe Lep Group of Companies16th

Year: 1985

8.4.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch53Harrier LR4 #004Gray / LenikRichard Lenik RacingDNF
26.5.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch4?Harrier LR4 #004Doherty / GrayRichard Lenik Racingraced

Year: 1986

28.3.1986Thundersports Oulton Park4Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / TrimmerRichard Lenik RacingDNS
31.3.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4 #004Littlewood / LenikRichard Lenik RacingDNF
5.5.1986Thundersports Thruxton4Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / MitchellRichard Lenik RacingDNF
26.5.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4 #004Mitchell / LenikRichard Lenik Racingraced
13.7.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / AshmoreAshmores of Dudley23rd
25.8.1986Thundersports Birmingham4Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / BellRichard LenikDNS
14.9.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / BellRichard Lenik Racingraced

Year: 1987

28.6.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch4Harrier LR4 #004Ashmore / LenikRichard Lenik RacingDNF
2.8.1987Thundersports Snetterton4Harrier LR4 #004Ashmore / LenikRichard Lenik RacingDNS
31.8.1987Thundersports Thruxton4Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / BrindleyRichard Lenik RacingDNF
5.9.1987Thundersports Oulton Park41Harrier LR4 #004Lenik / AshmoreRichard Lenik RacingNC

Year: 1988

27.3.1988BRDC C2 Silverstone41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / BennettRichard Lenik with Bob Geeson RacingDNA
1.4.1988Thundersports Oulton Park41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / BennettSilvertown Lighting Ltd.6th
4.4.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / BennettSilvertown Lighting Ltd.8th
5.6.1988BRDC C2 Silverstone41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / BennettSilvertown LightingDNA
31.7.1988Thundersports Snetterton41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / BennettSilvertown Lighting Ltd.9th
21.8.1988BRDC C2 Oulton Park41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / CoyneSilvertown LightingDNF
29.8.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / Coyne / BennettSilvertown Lighting Ltd.DNS
11.9.1988Thundersports Oulton Park41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / CoyneSilvertown Lighting Ltd.raced
24.9.1988BRDC C2 Brands Hatch41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Arif / FeltonRichard Lenik Racing4th
2.10.1988BRDC C2 Silverstone41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Arif / HepworthRichard Lenik7th

Year: 1989

1.5.1989Thundersports Thruxton41Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / FeltonSilvertown Lighting Ltd.raced
7.5.1989BRDC C2 Brands HatchHarrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / FeltonRichard Lenik RacingDNS

Year: 1990

8.4.1990BRDC C2 Silverstone24Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Ashmore / HepworthRichard LenikDNF
16.4.1990BRDC C2 Brands Hatch24Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / AshmoreRichard Lenik6th
7.5.1990BRDC C2 Thruxton24Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / GambleRichard Lenik Racing4th
22.7.1990Interserie Brands Hatch16Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Gamble / LenikRichard Lenik/Richard Gamble8th
15.9.1990BRDC C2 Donington24Harrier LR6 #LR4-004Lenik / AshmoreRichard LenikDNS
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