All Results of Chassis RP42-Fulmar-01#

(real number unknown)

Year: 1986

28.3.1986Thundersports Oulton Park67Royale RP42Morris / TaylorFulmar Racing8th
31.3.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch67Royale RP42Morris / TaylorFulmar Racing2nd
5.5.1986Thundersports Thruxton67Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing3rd
26.5.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch67Royale RP42Morris / TaylorFulmar Racing17th
13.7.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch67Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing with Formula Services18th
25.8.1986Thundersports Birmingham67Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing with Formular ServicesDNS
21.9.1986Thundersports Oulton Park67Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing8th

Year: 1987

17.4.1987Thundersports Oulton Park76Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing with Formula Services5th
20.4.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch76Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing7th
25.5.1987Thundersports Donington76Royale RP42Taylor / MorrisFulmar Racing with Formula Services6th
28.6.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch76Royale RP42Taylor / NewmanFulmar Racing8th
2.8.1987Thundersports Snetterton76Royale RP42Taylor / GalicaFulmar Racing6th
31.8.1987Thundersports Thruxton76Royale RP42Taylor / GalicaFulmar Racing5th
5.9.1987Thundersports Oulton Park76Royale RP42Taylor / GalicaFulmar Racing3rd
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