All Results of Chassis T530-HU9

Year: 1980

10.8.1980Can-Am Brainerd60Lola T530 #HU9Danny SullivanGarvin Brown Racing5th
24.8.1980Can-Am Trois-Rivières60Lola T530 #HU9Danny SullivanGarvin Brown Racing15th
7.9.1980Can-Am Road Atlanta60Lola T530 #HU9Danny SullivanGarvin Brown Racing2nd
19.10.1980Can-Am Laguna Seca60Lola T530 #HU9Danny SullivanGarvin Brown Racing5th
26.10.1980Can-Am Riverside60Lola T530 #HU9Danny SullivanGarvin Brown Racing18th

Year: 1982

23.5.1982Can-Am Road Atlanta11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am Racing Enterprises20th
7.6.1982Can-Am Mosport11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am Racing21st
27.6.1982Can-Am Mid-Ohio11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am Racing8th
25.7.1982Can-Am Road America11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am Racing Ent.15th
5.9.1982Can-Am Trois-Rivières11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am RacingDNS
12.9.1982Can-Am Mosport II11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am RacingDNA
3.10.1982Can-Am Riverside11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am RacingDNS
10.10.1982Can-Am Laguna Seca11Lola T530 #HU9Mike FrebergCan-Am Racing19th

Year: 1987

17.4.1987Thundersports Oulton Park2Lola T530Wilds / FluxBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.DNF
20.4.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch2Lola T530Wilds / FluxBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.1st
25.5.1987Thundersports Donington2Lola T530Flux / WildsBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.2nd
28.6.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch2Lola T530Taylor / FluxBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.1st
2.8.1987Thundersports Snetterton2Lola T530Flux / WildsBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.DNF
31.8.1987Thundersports Thruxton2Lola T530Flux / WildsBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.2nd
5.9.1987Thundersports Oulton Park2Lola T530Flux / WildsBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.DNF

Year: 1988

1.4.1988Thundersports Oulton Park2Lola T530Flux / TaylorBRR Motorsport1st
4.4.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch2Lola T530Flux / TaylorBRR Motorsport with Olau LineDNF
31.7.1988Thundersports Snetterton2Lola T530Flux / BrindleyBRR Motorsport with Olau Line1st
29.8.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch2Lola T530Flux / BrindleyBRR Motorsport with Olau Line1st
11.9.1988Thundersports Oulton Park2Lola T530Brindley / WildsBRR Motorsport with Olau Line1st
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