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All Results of Chassis TS16-03

About Chassis Numbers

Year: 1974

13.1.1974GP Argentina19Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassTeam SurteesDNF
27.1.1974GP Brazil19Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassTeam Surtees17th
3.2.1974President Medici GP19Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassTeam Surtees4th
17.3.1974Race of Champions19Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassTeam SurteesDNS
7.4.1974International Trophy19Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassBang & Olufsen Team Surtees2nd
28.4.1974GP Spain71Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassBang and Olufsen - Team SurteesT-car
12.5.1974GP Belgium71Surtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Pace / MassBang and Olufsen - Team SurteesT-car
26.5.1974GP Monaco19TSurtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Jochen MassBang & Olufsen Team SurteesT-car
23.6.1974GP Netherlands19TSurtees TS16-2 #TS16-03-2Bang and Olufsen - Team Surteesunused
20.7.1974GP Great Britain18Surtees TS16-3 #TS16-03-3Derek BellBang & Olufsen Team SurteesDNQ
4.8.1974GP Germany19Surtees TS16-3 #TS16-03-3Jochen MassBang and Olufsen - Team SurteesDNF
18.8.1974GP Austria18Surtees TS16-3 #TS16-03-3Derek BellB&O SurteesDNQ
8.9.1974GP Italy18Surtees TS16-3 #TS16-03-3Derek BellBang and Olufsen - Team SurteesDNQ
22.9.1974GP Canada19Surtees TS16-3 #TS16-03-3Helmuth KoiniggTeam Surtees10th
6.10.1974GP United States19Surtees TS16-3 #TS16-03-3Helmuth KoiniggTeam SurteesDNF