Complete Archive of Bill Creasey

BARC Mallory Park [Formula Libre]Championship Car Races Mallory Park19.4.1970
148The car is not available on a photoBrabham - 1598 cc N/AFL
Bill Creasey (GB)-
Driven by: Bill Creasey (GB)Result: did not finish (Distributor)
Colours: yellow/black
Tyres: unknown
NSCC Silverstone [Formula Libre]Silverstone Club Circuit Race Meeting5.7.1970
179The presence of the car is unknownBrabham BT14 - 1598 cc N/AFL
W. E. (Bill) Creasey (GB)-
Drivers listed: Bill Creasey (GB)Result: did not arrive (Not known if ran)
Colours: yellow/black
Tyres: unknown
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278T - Alpine A110 Renault - "Ro"