Complete Archive of David Besnard

Watkins Glen 6 HoursFirst Union 6 Hours Watkins Glen23.8.1998
8The car is not available on a photoRiley & Scott Mk III #009 - Ford V8/90° 2v OHV N/ACA
Transatlantic Racing (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: David Besnard (AUS)/Henry Camferdam (USA)/Scott Schubot (USA)Result: 7th
Grid: 11th (1:43.938)
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
Petit Le MansPremiere Petit Le Mans, 1000 Miles at Road Atlanta10.10.1998
66 - BMW M3 #E36/102292 - Prototype Technology GroupBMW M3 E36 #E36/102292 - BMW N/AGT3
Prototype Technology Group (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Ross Bentley (CDN)/Darren Law (USA)/Jeff Shafer (USA)/David Besnard (AUS)
listed, never drove:
Javier Quiros (CR), Peter Cunningham (USA)
Result: 10th
Grid: 20th (1:27.687) - 22nd fastest qualifier
Colours: white/black/red
Tyres: Yokohama
Photo updated: 16/07/2013Photo by courtesy of: Brian Purcell
Sebring 12 HoursThe 47th Annual Superflo 12 Hours at Sebring presented by The New Dodge20.3.1999
60The car is not available on a photoKeiler KII #B71-95-01 => 97001 (Chevron) - Ford N/ALMP
Kopf Precision (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: Kris Wilson (USA)/Tim Moser (USA)
listed, never drove:
David Besnard (AUS), Ryan Hampton (USA)
Result: 43rd - did not finish (Fire)
Grid: 23rd (1:58.527)
Colours: blue/orange
Tyres: Goodyear
250 mile Homestead30.4.2000
20The car is not available on a photoRiley & Scott Mk III #002 - Ford /Lincoln V8/90° 2v OHV 5500 cc N/ASR
Dyson Racing Team, Inc. (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: David Besnard (AUS)/Elliot Forbes-Robinson (USA)
listed, never drove:
Rob Dyson (USA)
Result: 22nd - did not finish (Gearbox)
Grid: 4th (1:11.278)
Colours: unknown
Tyres: Goodyear
Random Photo
00 - Porsche 935 - Interscope Racing