Complete Archive of Elias Chocron

1 h MiamiToyota Grand Prix of Miami22.2.1992
12The car is not available on a photoChevrolet Camaro - Chevrolet V8/90° 2v OHV GTS
Closed bodywork
Driven by: Elias Chocron (PA)Result: 31st - did not finish (Mechanical)
Grid: 32nd
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 at Daytona5.2.1995
00 - Kudzu DG-2 Buick #003 - Chuck CottrellKudzu DG-2 WSC #003 - Buick N/AWSC
Chuck CottrellOpen bodywork
Driven by: Chuck Cottrell (USA)/Leigh Miller (USA)/Mike Holt (USA)/Chuck Goldsborough (USA)/Elias Chocron (PA)/Ted Anderson (USA)/Eric van Cleef (USA)/Don Kitch (USA)
listed, never drove:
Buck Floyd (USA)
Result: 32nd
Grid: 65th (2:06.815)
Colours: black
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 25/11/2009Photo by courtesy of: Paul Woodbury
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00 - Lola T600 Chevrolet #HU7 - Interscope Racing