Complete Archive of Melroy Heemskerk

Dutch GT Championship ZandvoortFormido Finaleraces Zandvoort11.10.2009
6464 - Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Callaway)Chevrolet Corvette C6 GT4 # (Callaway) - Chevrolet V8/90° 6200 cc N/AGT4
Closed bodywork
Driven by: Peter Van der Kolk (NL)/Melroy Heemskerk (NL)Result: Race 1: 15th ; Race 2: 13th ; Race 3: 7th
Grid: (1:49.578)
Colours: unknown
Tyres: Michelin
Photo updated: 26/08/2016Photo by courtesy of: Richard Kortland
Dutch GT4 Championship ZandvoortFormido Finaleraces10.10.2010
15The car is not available on a photoGinetta G50 GT4 # - Ford V6/60° 3500 cc N/AGT4
Match Racing (NL)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Quint Engel (NL)/Melroy Heemskerk (NL)Result: Race 1: 9th ; Race 2: 3rd ; Race 3: 14th - did not finish
Grid: 8th (1:48.397)
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
Dutch GT4 Zandvoort15.7.2012
17The car is not available on a photoDutch GT
Driven by: Melroy Heemskerk (NL)/Marth de GraafResult: Race 1: 11th - did not finish ; Race 2: 11th ; Race 3: 6th
Grid: 9th (1:51.673)
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
FIA GT Series Zandvoort7.7.2013
66 - BMW E89 Z4 - BMW Sports Trophy Team India by Team IndiaBMW Z4 E89 GT3 # - BMW P65 V8/90° 4v DOHC 4361 cc N/APro-Am
BMW Sports Trophy Team India by Team India (E)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Armaam Ebrahim (IND)/Melroy Heemskerk (NL)Result: 9th
Grid: 9th (1:39.866) - 17th fastest qualifier
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 04/09/2013Photo by courtesy of: Olivier Maas
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19 - Rover 3500 SDS - Eloff Leyland Racing with Sansui Hi-Fi