Photos of Gordon Smiley's cars

American Road Race of Champions - Classes: CP+DPAmerican Road Race of Champions26.11.1967
4949 - Porsche 356 A CarreraPorsche 356 A Carrera - Porsche F4 2v DOHC N/AClass C
(USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: Gordon Smiley (USA)Result: did not finish
Grid: 13th in Class C race
Colours: blue (+white)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 25/02/2016Photo by courtesy of: Dave Nicholas
Daytona 24 Hours19th Annual 24 Hour Pepsi Challenge Daytona1.2.1981
1818 - Porsche 935 JLP-2 #009 00043 (Kremer) - JLP RacingPorsche 935 JLP-2 #009 00043 (Kremer) - Porsche F6 2v SOHC TurboGTX
JLP Racing (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: John Paul (USA)/John Paul, Jr. (USA)/Gordon Smiley (USA)Result: 60th - did not finish (Piston)
Grid: 5th (1:46.889) - 6th fastest qualifier
Colours: light blue (+yellow)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 25/09/2010Photo by courtesy of: Fred Lewis and Bruce Herrmann
Trans-Am MosportThe Molson Can-Am Doubleheader Weekend featuring the Swiss Chalet Trans-Am12.9.1981
00 - Chevrolet Camaro - Oftedahl RacingChevrolet Camaro # - Chevrolet V8/90° 2v OHV N/A
Oftedahl Racing (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Bill Adam (CDN)
listed, never drove:
Gordon Smiley (USA)
Result: 8th
Grid: (no time)
Colours: orange (+yellow)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 21/05/2021Photo by courtesy of: Dan Samoyloff and Ron Kielbiski
Daytona 24 Hours20th Annual 24 Hour Pepsi Challenge Daytona31.1.1982
444444 - Jaguar XJS #XJR-4 (Group 44) - Group 44Jaguar XJS #XJR-4 (Group 44) - Jaguar 326 V12 5342 cc N/AGTP
Group 44 (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Bob Tullius (USA)/Bill Adam (CDN)/Gordon Smiley (USA)Result: 21st
Grid: 59th (no time)
Colours: white (+green)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 11/03/2005Photo by courtesy of: Norbert Vogel