Photos of Silvino Giarotti's cars

Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 at Daytona2.2.1997
2727 - Chevrolet Camaro IV (Frings) - Hoyt OverbaghChevrolet Camaro IV # (Frings) - Chevrolet V8/90° 2v OHV N/AGTS-1
Hoyt Overbagh (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Marco Polani (I)/Silvino Giarotti (I)/Fabio Rosa (I)/C. J. Johnson (USA)/Marco De Iturbe (MC)
preliminary session only:
Hoyt Overbagh (USA); listed, never drove: Giuseppe Chiminelli (I)
Result: 50th
Grid: 38th (1:57.111)
Colours: red/white
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 04/03/2009Photo by courtesy of: Olivier Jarrossay and AMP MAG Patrick Durand