Photos of Terry Earwood's cars

Daytona 24 HoursThe 27th Annual SunBank 24 at Daytona5.2.1989
0707 - Dodge Daytona (Varde) - Full Time RacingDodge Daytona # (Varde) - Dodge L4 2400 cc N/AGTU
Full Time RacingClosed bodywork
Driven by: Tommy Riggins (USA)/Joe Varde (USA)/Kal Showket (USA)
Terry Earwood (USA)
Result: 53rd - did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 57th (2:03.324)
Colours: yellow/black
Tyres: Yokohama
Photo updated: 13/04/2007Photo by courtesy of: Mark Windecker
Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 at Daytona2.2.1997
3838 - Acura NSX (Thompson) - Mark HeinAcura NSX # (Thompson) - Acura GTS-3
Mark HeinClosed bodywork
Driven by: Dorsey Schroeder (USA)/Peter Cunningham (USA)/John Green (USA)/Mark Hein (USA)/Greg Loebel (USA)
listed, never drove:
Terry Earwood (USA), Gary Blackman (USA)
Result: 71st - did not finish
Grid: 34th (1:56.265)
Colours: red
Tyres: Yokohama
Photo updated: 04/03/2009Photo by courtesy of: AMP MAG Patrick Durand and Olivier Jarrossay
Barber 250 MilesBarber 250 at The Park18.5.2003
9090 - BMW M3 #WBSBL93411JR12224 - Automatic RacingBMW M3 #WBSBL93411JR12224 - BMW 3200 cc N/AGT
Automatic RacingClosed bodywork
Driven by: Eric van Cleef (USA)/Terry Earwood (USA)
listed, never drove:
Dave Russell (USA), Jep Thornton (USA)
Result: did not start (Withdrawn)
Grid: 26th (1:44.447)
Colours: blue (+yellow)
Tyres: Hoosier
Photo updated: 23/07/2003Photo by courtesy of: Michael O. Crews
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27 - Porsche 962 C #132 - From A Racing