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Year: 1956

20.5.1956SCCA Regional Milwaukee [CP+DP+EP]711Triumph TR3Augie Pabst7th
23.6.1956SCCA National Road America [DP+EP]711Triumph TR3Augie PabstAugust U. Pabst26th
1.7.1956MGCC Milwaukee [Production +1.5]Triumph TR3Augie Pabst?th
8.9.19564 h Road America88Morgan Vogel / Pabst10th
7.10.1956Smartt Field [CP+DP+EP]Triumph Augie Pabst8th
7.10.1956Smartt Field [S+1.5]Triumph Pabstraced

Year: 1957

26.5.1957SCCA Regional Milwaukee [S+1.6]AC AceAugie Pabst6th
26.5.1957SCCA Regional Milwaukee [Production +1.6]AC AceAugie Pabst3rd
23.6.1957SCCA National Road America [CP+DP+EP]711AC Augie Pabst5th
4.8.1957Preliminary Virginia [EP+FP]107AC AceAugie Pabst4th
4.8.1957SCCA National Virginia [EP]107AC AceAugie Pabst3rd
7.9.1957SCCA National Road America [BP+CP+DP+EP]7AC AceAugie PabstAugust Pabst4th
8.9.1957500 mile Road America99Comet Glendening / PabstGlenn R. Glendening32nd
29.9.1957SCCA Regional Milwaukee [Production 1.6]DKW Augie Pabstraced
29.9.1957SCCA Regional Milwaukee [S+1.6]AC AceAugie Pabst4th
29.9.1957SCCA Regional Milwaukee [Production +1.6]AC AceAugie Pabst3rd

Year: 1958

22.3.195812 h Sebring3Chevrolet Corvette SR-2Jeffords / PabstJames JeffordsDNF
22.6.1958SCCA National Road America [CM+DM+EM+BP]7Ferrari 250 TRAugie PabstAugie Pabst?th
16.8.1958SCCA National Milwaukee [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstPabst Motors1st
7.9.1958500 mile Road America7Ferrari 625 TRPabst / GaryDNF
14.9.1958SCCA Regional Meadowdale [BM+CM+DM+BP]7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstDNA

Year: 1959

21.3.195912 h Sebring14Ferrari 250 TRLunken / Pabst / AndreyJames Johnston7th
21.3.195912 h Sebring61Osca S187In entry list onlyAutomobile OSCADNF
5.4.19591000 km Daytona7Jaguar D-typeO'Shea / PabstJack Rutherford3rd
19.4.1959SCCA National Marlboro [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]72Ferrari 625 TRAugie Pabst5th
31.5.1959USAC Meadowdale7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstGrand Prix Corp.3rd
21.6.1959SCCA National Road America [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstGrand Prix Corp.6th
5.7.1959USAC Meadowdale7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstGrand Prix Corp.2nd
16.8.1959SCCA Regional Milwaukee [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]50Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstPeter Hand Brewery1st
6.9.1959USAC Meadowdale7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstGrand Prix Corp.DNS
6.9.1959USAC Meadowdale50Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
13.9.1959500 mile Road America7Ferrari 625 TRPabst / WuesthoffHarry J. Heuer9th
27.9.1959USAC Vaca Valley50Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
10.10.1959SCASCC Riverside [Modified]109Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstPabst Motors Inc.DNA
11.10.1959200 mile Riverside108Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstPeter Hand Brewery9th
25.10.1959Road America [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+FJr.]Bocar Augie Pabst2nd
6.12.1959Nassau Trophy62Bocar XP-5Augie PabstMeister Bräuser58th
6.12.1959Nassau Trophy83?Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Bräuserunused

Year: 1960

26.3.196012 h Sebring10Ferrari 250 GTHugus / PabstNorth American Racing Team4th
26.3.196012 h Sebring70Ferrari 250 GTKimberly / Pabst / WuesthoffWilliam E. KimberlyDNA
2.4.1960Riverside [CM+DM+EM+FM]1Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstPeter Hand Brewery Co.DNA
3.4.1960USAC Riverside1Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstPeter Hand Brewery Co.DNF
22.5.1960SCCA Regional Milwaukee [BM+CM+DM+EM+GM]Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
29.5.1960Meadowdale [Modified+Corvette]Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser2nd
29.5.1960100 mil MeadowdaleScarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
19.6.1960SCCA National Road America [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]1Scarab Mk IIPabstMeister Brauser1st
19.6.1960SCCA National Road America [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister BrauserDNS
26.6.196024 h Le Mans19Ferrari 250 GTHugus / PabstN. A. R. T.7th
24.7.1960SCCA National Meadowdale [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]1Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
31.7.1960USAC Road America1Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstPeter Hand BreweryDNF
6.8.1960SCCA Regional Meadowdale [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]1Scarab Mk IIAugie Pabst1st
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]15Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser4th
21.8.1960SCCA National Louisville [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]15Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser2nd
4.9.1960Preliminary Continental Divide61Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
5.9.19601 h Continental Divide61Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
11.9.1960500 mile Road America77Porsche 718 RS 60Wuesthoff / PabstWm. WuesthoffDNA
11.9.1960500 mile Road America77Ferrari 250 TRPabst / WuesthoffNorth American Racing Team2nd
24.9.1960GP Watkins Glen50Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
2.10.1960SCCA Regional Meadowdale [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]Osca MT4Augie PabstReed MakinsDNF
16.10.1960200 mile Riverside15Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser3rd
23.10.1960USAC Laguna Seca15Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstPeter Hand Brewery Co.12th
30.10.1960SCCA National El Paso [Main]11Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st
13.11.1960SCCA National Daytona [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]0Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstMeister Brauser1st

Year: 1961

5.2.1961SCCA National Daytona [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+BP]1Scarab Mk IIHeuer / PabstMeister BräuserDNF
5.2.1961SCCA National Daytona [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+BP]Scarab Mk IIPabst / HeuerMeister BräuserDNS
25.3.196112 h Sebring38Porsche 718 RS 60Wuesthoff / PabstPorsche Car ImportDNF
11.6.196124 h Le Mans7Maserati Tipo 63Thompson / PabstBriggs Cunningham4th
25.6.1961USAC Indianapolis6Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstHarry Woodnorth1st
2.7.1961USAC Continental DivideScarab Mk IIAugie PabstDNA
23.7.1961SCCA National Meadowdale [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]7Ferrari 625 TRAugie PabstAugust Pabst3rd
20.8.1961SCCA National Indianapolis [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]161Maserati Tipo 60Augie PabstBriggs Cunningham4th
10.9.1961500 mile Road America61Maserati Tipo 63Hansgen / PabstBriggs S. Cunningham1st
23.9.1961GP Watkins Glen61Maserati Tipo 61Augie PabstBriggs S. Cunningham4th
1.10.1961SCCA Divisional Meadowdale [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]Scarab Mk IIAugie PabstSkip Lehmann1st
15.10.1961200 mile Riverside60Maserati Tipo 63Augie PabstAlfred MomoDNF
15.10.1961200 mile Riverside61Maserati Tipo 61In entry list onlyAlfred MomoDNF
22.10.1961USAC Laguna Seca61Maserati Tipo 63Augie PabstAlfred MomoDNF
10.12.1961Nassau Trophy12Scarab Augie Pabstunused

Year: 1962

11.2.19623 h Daytona61Maserati Tipo 61Augie PabstBriggs CunninghamDNS
3.6.1962SCCA National Bridgehampton [CM+DM+EM+FM]61Cooper MonacoIn entry list onlyBriggs Cunningham2nd
3.6.1962Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT]63Fiat-Abarth Pabst / HansgenDNA
1.7.1962SCCA Regional Milwaukee [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]Ferrari 250 TRAugie Pabst3rd
9.9.1962500 mile Road America60Maserati Tipo 151Hansgen / PabstB. S. CunninghamDNF
16.9.1962400 km Bridgehampton61Maserati Tipo 151Augie PabstBriggs CunninghamDNF
22.9.1962GP Watkins Glen62Cooper MonacoAugie PabstBriggs Cunningham5th
30.9.1962USAC KentCooper T39Cunningham / Pabst / HansgenDNA
30.9.1962USAC KentCooper MonacoCunningham / Pabst / HansgenBriggs CunninghamDNA
30.9.1962USAC KentMaserati Tipo 64Cunningham / Pabst / HansgenBriggs CunninghamDNA
14.10.1962200 mile Riverside61Maserati Tipo 151Augie PabstAlfred Momo/Briggs S. Cunningham7th
14.10.1962200 mile Riverside62TMaserati Tipo 64PabstAlfred Momo/Briggs S. CunninghamT-car
21.10.1962USAC Laguna Seca61Maserati Tipo 151Augie PabstMomo & CunninghamDNA
21.10.1962USAC Laguna Seca61Cooper MonacoAugie PabstMomo & CunninghamDNF
21.10.1962USAC Laguna Seca62Maserati Tipo 64PabstMomo & CunninghamT-car
2.12.1962Nassau TT18Shelby CobraAugie PabstHolman & MoodyDNS
2.12.1962Preliminary Nassau TT [GT+2.0]18Shelby CobraAugie PabstHolman & Moody15th
7.12.1962Preliminary Governor's Trophy [+2.0]18Shelby CobraAugie PabstHolman & Moody8th
7.12.1962Governor's Trophy18Shelby CobraAugie PabstHolman & Moody37th
8.12.1962Nassau Classic85Ferrari 250 GTOAugie PabstMecom Racing Team5th
9.12.1962Nassau Trophy10Scarab Mk IVReventlow / PabstRAI34th

Year: 1963

17.2.19633 h Daytona32Jaguar E-typeAugie PabstB. S. Cunningham10th
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