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Year: 1954

26.12.1954National Brands Hatch [Unlimited]32MG David Piper6th

Year: 1955

26.3.1955National Snetterton [S1.5]24Lotus Mark VIDavid PiperDavid Piper1st
9.4.1955National Castle Combe [Sports Unlimited]45Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper?th
11.4.1955National Brands Hatch [Sports Unlimited]22Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper3rd
30.4.1955National Ibsley [S1.5+S1.2s]93Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper5th
1.5.1955National Brands Hatch [S1.5]28Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper4th
14.5.1955National Silverstone [S1.5]144Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper2nd
9.7.1955Leinster TrophyLotus Mark VIDavid Piper1st
10.9.1955National Silverstone [S1.25]40Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper3rd
24.9.1955BARC Goodwood [Handicap]82Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper1st
25.9.1955National Snetterton [S1.5]Lotus Mark VIDavid Piper4th
1.10.1955Castle Combe International [S2.0]50Lotus Mark VIDavid PiperAugean Stableraced

Year: 1956

25.3.1956National Snetterton [SR+1.5]3Jaguar C-typeDavid PiperD. Margulies5th
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [S+1.5]98Jaguar C-typeDavid Piperraced
14.4.1956British Empire Trophy20Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid PiperDNQ
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S+2.0]37Jaguar C-typeDavid PiperPiperDNA
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]57Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid PiperDNS
29.4.1956Mille MigliaJaguar C-typeMargulies / PiperDNA
10.6.1956Targa Florio114Jaguar C-typeMargulies / PiperDan Margulies21st
24.6.1956Supercortemaggiore30Lotus ElevenPiper / LundDavid PiperDNF
30.6.195612 h ReimsLister Horridge / PiperDNF
8.7.1956GP Rouen [S1.5]Lotus ElevenDavid Piper13th
15.7.1956GP Sables d'Olone [S1.1]Lotus ElevenDavid Piper1st
5.8.1956Rheinland Nürburgring [S1.5/GT+2.0]43Lotus ElevenDavid Piper?th
18.8.1956GP PescaraLotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piper18th
26.8.19565 h MessinaAlfa Romeo 6C 3000 CMPiper / BonnierJo BonnierDNF
2.9.1956Coppa Sila [S1.1]Lotus ElevenDavid Piper1st
7.10.1956Coupes du SalonLotus ElevenDavid Piper11th
21.10.1956GP Roma [S1.5]Lotus ElevenDavid Piper6th

Year: 1957

6.4.1957British Empire Trophy [S1.2]11Lotus ElevenDavid Piper4th
7.4.1957Coupes de VitesseLotus ElevenDavid Piper3rd
14.4.1957Giro di Sicilia218Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDNF
22.4.1957Chichester Cup Goodwood38Lotus ElevenDavid Piperraced
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring33Lotus ElevenPiper / HicksDavid Piper19th
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring34Lotus ElevenHogg / PiperDavid PiperDNF
30.5.19571 h 30 min Forez [S1.5]102Lotus ElevenDavid PiperMartle TT StableDNF
13.7.1957Leinster Trophy6Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDNA
20.7.1957Aintree International27Lotus ElevenDavid Piper19th
25.8.1957GP RACB Spa34Lotus ElevenDavid PiperPiper?th
14.9.1957Silverstone International [S1.5]1Lotus ElevenDavid Piperraced
28.9.1957National Open Goodwood Trophy29Lotus ElevenDavid Piper?th
28.9.1957National Open Goodwood [S1.1]29Lotus ElevenDavid Piperraced
6.10.1957Coupes du SalonLotus ElevenDavid Piper8th

Year: 1958

12.4.1958British Empire Trophy18Lotus David PiperDavid R. PiperDNA
19.4.1958Aintree 200 [S1.1]46Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piper9th
15.5.1958Eläintarhanajo2Lotus ElevenDavid Piper8th
25.5.1958GP des Frontières22Lotus ElevenDavid Piper8th
1.6.19581000 km Nürburgring29Lotus ElevenPiper / GreeneDavid Piper15th
8.6.19583 h RouenLotus ElevenDavid PiperPierre Berchem10th
15.6.1958Prix de Paris [GT3.5+S1.0]Lotus ElevenDavid Piper11th
5.7.195812 h ReimsLotus Campbell-Jones / PiperDNF
13.7.1958Vila Real40Lotus ElevenDavid Piper5th
3.8.1958Rheinland Nürburgring [S1.5]42Lotus ElevenDavid Piper9th
30.8.1958Brands Hatch [S1.5]56Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid PiperDNQ
7.9.1958Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [S1.1]39Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piper4th
7.9.1958Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [Elva+Lotus 1.1]39Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piper3rd
5.10.1958National Brands Hatch [S1.1]44Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piper3rd
11.10.1958Snetterton [Sports]84Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piper8th
26.12.1958National Brands Hatch [S1.1]19Lotus ElevenDavid PiperDavid Piperraced

Year: 1959

18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]32Lotus 15David PiperDorchester Service Stationraced
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]8Lotus 15David PiperDavid PiperDNA
3.5.1959GP Spa9Lotus 15David Piper3rd
10.5.1959Eläintarhanajo1Lotus 15David Piper6th
17.5.1959GP des Frontières28Lotus 15David Piper4th
7.6.19591000 km Nürburgring29Lotus 15Piper / GreeneDavid Piper29th
21.6.195924 h Le MansLotus 17Piper / Campbell-Jones / RandallDorchester Service StationDNA
18.7.1959GP Aintree21Lotus 15David PiperDorchester Service Station7th
1.8.1959Whitchurch [S+1.5]Lotus David Piper1st
2.8.1959Snetterton [Sports]Lotus 15David Piper1st
3.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]77Lotus 15David PiperDorchester Service Stationraced
16.8.1959Roskilde Ring [S+1.6]6Lotus 15David Piper2nd
23.8.1959Zeltweg [F2]18Lotus David PiperDorchester Service Station2nd
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]85Lotus 15David PiperDorchester Service Station2nd
5.9.1959Tourist Trophy28Lotus 15Piper / HalfordDorchester Service StationDNF
4.10.1959National Brands Hatch [R+1.1/S+1.2]58Lotus 16David PiperDorchester Service Station1st

Year: 1960

18.4.1960Easter Brands HatchLotus 15David Piper1st
30.4.1960Aintree 20027Lotus 15David PiperDNF
14.5.1960Silverstone International [S1.5]25Lotus David PiperRobert Brodie Ltd.DNA
6.6.1960Oulton ParkLotus 15David Piper11th
1.8.1960Brands Hatch International94Lotus 15David PiperR. Bodle Ltd.6th
7.8.1960Kanonloppet [Sports]3Lotus 15David Piper4th
25.9.1960Klagenfurt [S2.0]127Lotus 15David PiperDavid PiperDNF
1960GP Rio de JaneiroLotus 15David PiperDNF

Year: 1961

28.5.19611000 km NürburgringPorsche 356B CarreraGreene / PiperGilby EngineeringDNA
11.6.196124 h Le Mans38Lotus EliteIn entry list onlyLotus Engineering12th
11.6.196124 h Le Mans39Lotus EliteIn entry list onlyLotus EngineeringDNF

Year: 1962

23.4.1962Sussex Trophy Goodwood56Ferrari 250 GTODavid Piperraced
15.7.1962Trophée d'Auvergne11Ferrari 250 GTOPiper / KerrisonDavid PiperDNA
6.8.1962Peco Trophy Brands Hatch77Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperD. R. Piper6th
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy8Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperD. Piper5th
1.9.1962Crystal Palace [GT]64Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperDNF
1.9.1962Anerley Trophy Crystal Palace64Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperDNF
23.9.1962Tour de France153Ferrari 250 GTOPiper / MarguliesDavid Piper4th
29.9.19623 h Autosport92Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperD. Piper?th
21.10.19621000 km Paris18Ferrari 250 GTOPiper / SiffertDavid PiperDNA
3.11.19629 h Kyalami5Ferrari 250 GTOPiper / JohnstoneD. Piper1st
10.11.1962Puerto Rico [GT+2.0]Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperDavid Piper?th
2.12.1962GP Angola8Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperDavid Piper3rd

Year: 1963

16.2.1963250 mile Daytona26Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperDavid Piper5th
17.2.19633 h Daytona26Ferrari 250 GTODavid PiperDavid Piper21st
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