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Year: 1962

28.4.1962SilverstoneMarcos GTJackie Oliver?th
20.5.1962BRSCC Cadwell Park [S1.0]Marcos Jackie Oliver2nd

Year: 1963

17.3.1963Snetterton [GT1.0]42Marcos GTJackie OliverEcurie Freeze3rd
11.5.1963Silverstone International [GT]2Marcos GTJackie OliverEcurie FreezeDNA
6.7.1963Martini Trophy SilverstoneMarcos GTJackie Oliver4th
6.8.1963Brands Hatch [GT2.5]107Marcos GTJackie OliverJ. OliverDNF
28.9.19633 h Autosport6Marcos GTJackie OliverEcurie FreezeDNA

Year: 1964

17.5.1964Mallory Park [GT]70Lotus ElanJackie OliverDR FabricationsDNA
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch [GT]56Lotus ElanJackie OliverD. R. Fabrications7th
19.7.1964Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton42Lotus ElanJackie OliverD. R. Fabrications4th
3.8.1964Brands Hatch [GT2.5]117Lotus ElanJackie OliverD. R. Fabrications Ltd.3rd

Year: 1965

9.5.1965Redex GT Snetterton [GT+1.15]137Lotus ElanJackie OliverD. R. Fabrications Ltd.DNA
23.5.19651000 mile Brands HatchJaguar E-typeOliver / Craft3rd
7.6.1965Crystal Palace [GT]77Lotus ElanJackie OliverD. R. Fabrications Ltd.DNA
24.7.1965Martini Trophy Silverstone2Lotus 23Jackie OliverDR FabricationsDNA
30.8.1965Redex Trophy Brands Hatch134Lotus ElanJackie OliverD. R. Fabrications Ltd.3rd
19.9.1965Coupes de Paris [S1.1/GT1.6]Lotus ElanJackie Oliver1st

Year: 1966

8.5.1966500 mile Brands Hatch8Jaguar E-typeOliver / BakerD. R. Racing DivisionDNF
27.12.1966British Eagly Trophy Brands Hatch [GT1.6]115Lotus 47Jackie OliverTeam Lotus Ltd.?th

Year: 1967

25.4.19671000 km Monza35Ford GT40Oliver / DruryTerry J. DruryDNF
1.5.19671000 km Spa41Ford GT40Salmon / OliverDawnay Racing8th
30.7.19676 h Brands Hatch29Lotus 47Miles / OliverLotus Components Ltd.9th

Year: 1968

7.4.19686 h Brands Hatch24Lotus 47Miles / OliverGold Leaf Team Lotus10th
27.4.1968Silverstone International8Lotus 47Jackie OliverGold Leaf Team LotusDNF
18.5.1968ThruxtonLotus 47Jackie OliverGold Leaf Team Lotus1st
10.8.1968Birthday Cup CroftLotus 47Jackie OliverGold Leaf Team Lotus6th
17.8.1968Gold Cup Oulton Park21Lotus 47Jackie OliverGold Leaf Team Lotus9th
2.9.1968Guards Brands Hatch142Lotus 47Jackie OliverGold Leaf Team Lotus6th
29.9.196824 h Le Mans11Ford GT40Muir / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF

Year: 1969

2.2.196924 h Daytona1Ford GT40Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Eng.26th
22.3.196912 h Sebring22Ford GT40Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch4Lola T70Revson / Axelsson / Hulme / *OliverSidney TaylorDNF
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch51Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
25.4.19691000 km Monza14Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive/Gulf RacingDNA
11.5.19691000 km Spa1Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. AutomotiveDNF
26.5.1969Tourist Trophy32Lola T70Jackie OliverTech Speed RacingDNF
26.5.1969Tourist Trophy42Lola T70Oliver / NorinderSportscars SwitzerlandDNA
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring8Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
15.6.196924 h Le Mans6Ford GT40Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
12.7.19696 h Watkins Glen5Mirage M3Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
10.8.19691000 km Zeltweg9Mirage M3Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Ltd,DNF
14.9.1969Nordic Challenge Anderstorp8Lola T70Jackie OliverUlf Norinder Racing6th
12.10.1969Can-Am Laguna Seca22Autocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverAutocoast13th
26.10.1969Can-Am Riverside22Autocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverAutocoastDNF
9.11.1969Can-Am Texas22Autocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverAutocoastDNF
23.11.1969200 mile Fuji Can-AmAutocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverDNF

Year: 1970

11.1.19701000 km Buenos Aires22Lola T70Oliver / ReutemannUlf Norinder11th
18.1.1970200 mile Buenos Aires22Lola T70Jackie OliverUlf Norinder4th
7.3.1970GP South Africa19BRM P153Jackie OliverOwen Racing OrganisationDNF
22.3.1970Race of Champions11BRM P153Jackie OliverOwen Racing OrganisationDNF
12.4.19701000 km Brands Hatch1Ferrari 512 SIckx / OliverFerrari S.P.A. Sefac8th
19.4.1970GP Spain15BRM P153Jackie OliverOwen Racing OrganisationDNF
26.4.1970International Trophy11BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team B.R.M.DNA
10.5.1970GP Monaco16BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
7.6.1970GP Belgium2BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
14.6.1970Can-Am Mosport22Autocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverAutocoast Titanium2nd
21.6.1970GP Netherlands2BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
28.6.1970Can-Am St. Jovite22Autocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverNorris IndustriesDNF
5.7.1970GP France5BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
19.7.1970GP Great Britain23BRM P153Jackie OliverBritish Racing MotorsDNF
26.7.1970Can-Am EdmontonAutocoast Ti 22Jackie OliverAutocoast TitaniumDNA
2.8.1970GP Germany18BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
16.8.1970GP Austria16BRM P153Jackie OliverTeam Yardley-BRM5th
22.8.1970Gold Cup Oulton Park5BRM P153Jackie OliverBritish Racing Motors3rd
22.8.1970Gold Cup Oulton Park5TBRM P153Jackie OliverBritish Racing MotorsT-car
6.9.1970GP Italy8BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
20.9.1970GP Canada15BRM P153Jackie OliverBritish Racing MotorsNC
20.9.1970GP Canada17BRM P153Rodriguez / OliverBritish Racing MotorsT-car
20.9.1970Trans-Am Kent34Chevrolet CamaroJackie Oliver12th
4.10.1970GP United States20BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRMDNF
4.10.1970Trans-Am Riverside34Chevrolet CamaroJackie OliverDNF
18.10.1970Can-Am Laguna Seca22Titanium Ti 22Jackie OliverTitanium Racing Components Ltd.2nd
25.10.1970GP Mexico20BRM P153Jackie OliverYardley Team BRM7th
1.11.1970Can-Am Riverside22Titanium Ti 22Jackie OliverTRC Limited2nd

Year: 1971

10.1.19711000 km Buenos Aires30Porsche 917In entry list onlyJ. W. Automotive1st
10.1.19711000 km Buenos Aires32Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive2nd
31.1.197124 h Daytona2Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
31.1.197124 h DaytonaTPorsche 917Rodriguez / Oliver / Siffert / BellJ. W. Automotive EngineeringT-car
20.3.197112 h Sebring2Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.4th
4.4.19711000 km Brands Hatch7Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
18.4.1971Le Mans Test17Porsche 917Siffert / Bell / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering2nd
18.4.1971Le Mans Test18Porsche 917Oliver / Siffert / BellJ. W. Automotive Engineering3rd
18.4.1971Le Mans Test21Porsche 917Jackie OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
25.4.19711000 km Monza2Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive1st
25.4.19711000 km MonzaTPorsche 917Bell / OliverJ. W. AutomotiveT-car
9.5.19711000 km Spa21Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. Wyer1st
9.5.19711000 km SpaTPorsche 917Rodriguez / Oliver / Siffert / BellJ. W. AutomotiveT-car
30.5.19711000 km Nürburgring1Porsche 908/03Rodriguez / Siffert / *OliverJ. W. Automotive Gulf Porsche2nd
13.6.197124 h Le Mans18Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
27.6.19711000 km Zeltweg16Porsche 917In entry list onlyJ. W. Automotive1st
27.6.1971Can-Am St. Jovite101Shadow Mk IIJackie OliverAdvanced Vehicle SystemsDNF
11.7.1971Can-Am Road Atlanta101Shadow Mk IIJackie OliverAdvanced Vehicle SystemsDNF
17.7.1971GP Great Britain11McLaren M14AJackie OliverBruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd.DNF
25.7.1971Can-Am Watkins Glen101Shadow Mk IIJackie OliverAdvanced Vehicle SystemsDNF
15.8.1971GP Austria10McLaren M19AJackie OliverBruce McLaren Motor-Racing Ltd.9th
29.8.1971Can-Am Road America101Shadow Mk IIJackie OliverAdvanced Vehicle Systems12th
5.9.1971GP Italy14McLaren M14AJackie OliverBruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd.7th
12.9.1971Can-Am Donnybrooke101Shadow Mk IIJackie OliverAdvanced Vehicle SystemsDNF
26.9.1971Can-Am Edmonton101Shadow Mk IIJackie OliverAdvanced Vehicle Systems3rd
3.10.1971Trans-Am Riverside6AMC JavelinJackie OliverPenske Racing3rd
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