All Results of Michael Jensen

Year: 2019

15.6.2019Road To Le Mans60Norma M30Adcock / JensenCD Sport34th/45th

Year: 2020

18.7.2020LM Cup Paul Ricard5Ligier JSP320Jensen / AdcockCD Sport11th
8.8.2020LM Cup Spa5Ligier JSP320Jensen / AdcockCD Sport14th
29.8.2020LM Cup Paul Ricard 1205Ligier JSP320Jensen / AdcockCD Sport16th
19.9.2020Road To Le Mans5Ligier JSP320Jensen / AdcockCD SportDNF/DNF
10.10.2020LM Cup Monza5Ligier JSP320Jensen / AdcockCD SportDNF
31.10.2020LM Cup Algarve5Ligier JSP320Jensen / AdcockCD SportDNF

Year: 2021

13.2.20214 h Dubai I33Ligier JSP320Adcock / Jensen / EtekiCD Sport32nd
14.2.20214 h Dubai II33Ligier JSP320Adcock / Jensen / EtekiCD Sport12th
19.2.20214 h Abu Dhabi I33Ligier JSP320Adcock / Jensen / EtekiCD SportDNF
20.2.20214 h Abu Dhabi II33Ligier JSP320Adcock / Jensen / EtekiCD Sport9th
17.4.2021LM Cup Barcelona33Ligier JSP320Jensen / EtekiCD Sport23rd
5.6.2021LM Cup Paul Ricard33Ligier JSP320Jensen / EtekiCD Sport8th
10.7.2021LM Cup Monza33Ligier JSP320Jensen / EtekiCD Sport14th
21.8.2021Road to Le Mans33Ligier JSP320Jensen / EtekiCD Sport9th/15th
18.9.2021LM Cup Spa33Ligier JSP320Jensen / EtekiCD Sport20th
24.10.2021LM Cup Algarve33Ligier JSP320Jensen / EtekiCD Sport5th

Year: 2022

11.6.202224 h Le Mans27Ligier JSP217Cresp / Jensen / PaletteCD Sport49th
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