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Event: 87º Edition des 24 Heures du MansDate: 15.6.2019
Track: Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans (France), 13.626 kmsOrganiser: Automobile Club de l'Ouest

Road To Le Mans

Le Mans Cup (round 3)
Start time:13/6 17:30 and 15/6 11:30
Grid:2-2-2, PP left, rolling start
Distance:2 x 55 minutes
Le Mans Prototype 3313125
FIA GT3171714
Innovative Car111
Pre-race sessions:
2 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 120 minutes on 12-13/6
2 qualifying session held for a total of 40 minutes on 13/6
Race 1:39Norma M30 NissanSchatz / Chila
Race 2:3Norma M30 NissanHörr / Kirmann
FIA GT3 race 1:71Ferrari 488 GT3Mac / Lavergne
FIA GT3 race 2:71Ferrari 488 GT3Mac / Lavergne
laps Race1 / 1-6:19Norma M30 Nissan
laps Race1 / 7-8:25Norma M30 Nissan
laps Race1 / 9-11:39Norma M30 Nissan
laps Race2 / 1-2:3Norma M30 Nissan
laps Race2 / 3-8:30Norma M30 Nissan
laps Race2 / 9-14:3Norma M30 Nissan
Fastest Laps:
Race 1:3Norma M30 NissanLaurents Hörr (D)3:51.150212.200 km/hlap 11
Race 2:3Norma M30 NissanLaurents Hörr (D)3:49.381213.900 km/hlap 14
FIA GT3 race 1:71Ferrari 488 GT3Mikkel Mac (DK)3:57.419206.600 km/hlap 11
FIA GT3 race 2:99Aston Martin Vantage GT3Ross Gunn (GB)3:55.509208.300 km/hlap 9
Innovative Car race 1:84Ligier JS P3 NissanAoki Takuma (J)4:15.687191.900 km/hlap 10
Innovative Car race 2:84Ligier JS P3 NissanSnoussi Ben Moussa (F)4:10.018196.200 km/hlap 9
Pole Positions:
Race 1:3Norma M30 NissanHörr / Kirmann3:49.570
Race 2:25Norma M30 NissanTappy / Benham3:51.432
FIA GT3 race 1:99Aston Martin Vantage GT3Gunn / Howard3:55.887
FIA GT3 race 2:71Ferrari 488 GT3Mac / Lavergne3:58.864
Innovative Car race 1:84Ligier JS P3 NissanAoki Takuma (J)4:15.122
Innovative Car race 2:84Ligier JS P3 NissanTakuma / Ben Moussa4:15.122
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Ligier (19), Norma (13), Ferrari (8), Mercedes-AMG (4), Aston Martin (2)
Top engines by numbers:Nissan (32), Ferrari (8), Mercedes-Benz (4), Aston Martin (2)
Top car types by numbers:Ligier JS P3 (19), Norma M30 (13), Ferrari 488 (8)
Driver nationalities:F (23), GB (22), I (11), USA (8), CH (6), DK (5), D (4), NL (3), MAL (2), J (2), BG (2)
Engine positions:mid-engined (83%), front-engined (14%), rear-engined (3%)
Average engine size:4937 cc (with regard to 18% turbocharged cars an applicable size is 5292 cc)
Oldest known drivers:Jan Lammers (63), Kriton Lendoudis (60), Rob Kamphues (59)
Youngest known drivers:Matthias Kaiser (28), Freddie Hunt (32), Tom Onslow-Cole (32)
Female drivers:Flick Haigh

Official Race Programme:

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