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Year: 1951

26.3.1951NSCC Gamston [S1.5]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn2nd
21.4.1951BARC Goodwood [S1.1]Riley NineMike Hawthorn3rd
21.4.1951BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Riley NineMike Hawthorn2nd
12.5.1951National Castle Combe [S2.0/1.5s]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn3rd
12.5.1951National Castle Combe [S1.1/850s]Riley NineMike Hawthorn1st
12.5.1951National Castle Combe [S1.5/1.1s]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
14.5.1951SHMC Gamston [S1.5]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn2nd
14.5.1951SHMC Gamston [S1.1]Riley NineMike Hawthorn1st
2.6.1951Ulster Trophy [Formula Libre Handicap]44Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
16.6.1951BARC Goodwood [Handicap E]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
16.6.1951BARC Goodwood [S1.5]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
30.6.1951WECC Boreham [S1.5/850s]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
21.7.1951Leinster TrophyRiley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
18.8.1951BARC Goodwood [1.5]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn1st
18.8.1951BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Riley TT SpriteMike Hawthorn4th
8.9.1951Wakefield Trophy [Formula Libre]Riley TT SpriteMike HawthornDNF

Year: 1952

22.3.1952BARC Goodwood [S1.1]82Riley NineMike Hawthorn1st
19.4.1952National Ibsley [Formula Libre]122Cooper T20Mike Hawthorn1st
19.4.1952National Ibsley [Formula Libre Handicap]122Cooper T20Mike Hawthorn4th
10.5.1952Silverstone International5Cooper Mike HawthornL. D. HawthornDNS
17.5.1952WECC Boreham [Formula Libre]5Cooper T20Mike Hawthorn1st
29.5.1952British Empire Trophy21Frazer Nash Mille MigliaMike HawthornLen Potter3rd
31.5.1952WJC Charterhall [Racing]80Cooper T20Mike HawthornMike Hawthorn1st
31.5.1952WJC Charterhall [S2.5/1.5s]82Frazer Nash Mille MigliaMike HawthornLen Potter2nd
2.6.1952Sussex Trophy Goodwood7Cooper T20Mike Hawthorn1st
2.8.1952Boreham International [S2.0]24Frazer Nash Mille MigliaMike HawthornLen PorterDNF
6.9.1952Wakefield Trophy [Formula Libre]Thinwall Mike HawthornDNA
27.9.1952Goodwood International [S3.5]69Jaguar C-typeIn entry list onlyW. Lyons1st
11.10.1952Charterhall International [Sports]21Jaguar C-typeMike HawthornI. J. HawthorneDNA

Year: 1953

26.4.1953Mille Miglia625Ferrari 250 MMHawthorn / CappiFerrari SpaDNF
9.5.1953Silverstone International38Ferrari 340 MMMike HawthornScuderia Ferrari1st
14.6.195324 h Le Mans14Ferrari 340 MMHawthorn / FarinaScuderia FerrariDNF
29.6.1953GP Monza16Ferrari 625 TFMike HawthornScuderia Ferrari4th
5.7.195312 h Reims17Ferrari Villoresi / HawthornDNA
26.7.195324 h Spa8Ferrari 375 MMFarina / HawthornScuderia Ferrari1st
26.7.195324 h Spa63Ferrari 375 MMFarina / Hawthorn / Villoresi / Ascari / Maglioli / CariniScuderia FerrariT-car
15.8.195312 h Pescara28Ferrari 375 MMHawthorn / MaglioliScuderia Ferrari1st
30.8.19531000 km Nürburgring2Ferrari 375 MMHawthorn / Villoresi / AscariAutomobili FerrariDNS

Year: 1954

7.3.195412 h SebringFerrari 375 MMGonzalez / HawthornScuderia FerrariDNA
13.6.195424 h Le Mans4Ferrari 375 PlusIn entry list onlyScuderia Ferrari1st
27.6.1954Supercortemaggiore14Ferrari 735 MonzaHawthorn / MaglioliScuderia Ferrari1st
25.7.1954Monsanto5Ferrari 750 MonzaMike HawthornScuderia Ferrari2nd
11.9.1954Tourist Trophy15Ferrari 750 MonzaHawthorn / TrintignantScuderia Ferrari1st
25.9.1954Goodwood International [Sports Unlimited]63Ferrari 750 MonzaMike HawthornJoe Kelly DNF

Year: 1955

13.3.195512 h Sebring19Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / WaltersB. S. Cunningham1st
7.5.1955Silverstone International1Jaguar D-typeMike HawthornJaguar Cars4th
29.5.1955Supercortemaggiore16Ferrari 750 MonzaMaglioli / HawthornScuderia Ferrari2nd
30.5.1955Whitsun Goodwood [S2.0]22Tojeiro Mike HawthornTojeiro DevelopmentsDNS
12.6.195524 h Le Mans6Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / BuebJaguar Cars Ltd.1st
12.6.195524 h Le MansTJaguar D-typeMike HawthornJaguar Cars Ltd.T-car
16.7.1955British GP9Jaguar D-typeMike HawthornJaguar Cars Ltd.5th
7.8.1955GP Sverige6Ferrari 121 LMMike HawthornScuderia FerrariDNS
20.8.19559 h Goodwood6Ferrari 750 MonzaHawthorn / de PortagoScuderia FerrariDNF
27.8.1955Oulton Park International28Ferrari 750 MonzaMike HawthornScuderia Ferrari2nd
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy1Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / TitteringtonJaguar Cars Ltd.DNF
18.9.1955Tourist TrophyTJaguar D-typeMike HawthornJaguar Cars Ltd.T-car

Year: 1956

24.3.195612 h Sebring8Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / TitteringtonJaguar of New York Distributors Inc.DNF
24.3.195612 h SebringTCunningham C-6RCunningham / HawthornBriggs CunninghamT-car
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [S+1.5]50Jaguar D-typeMike HawthornJaguar CarsDNA
14.4.1956British Empire Trophy15Lotus ElevenMike HawthornI. Bueb4th
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]64Lotus ElevenMike HawthornIvor Bueb1st
5.5.1956Daily Express Silverstone [S+1.5]2Jaguar D-typeMike HawthornSir William LyonsDNF
5.5.1956Daily Express Silverstone [S1.5]17Lotus ElevenIn entry list onlyI. Bueb5th
21.5.1956Whitsun Goodwood [S1.5]24Lotus ElevenMike HawthornEcurie Demi Litre2nd
21.5.1956Whitsun Goodwood [R+S]24Lotus ElevenMike HawthornEcurie Demi Litre2nd
21.5.1956Whitsun Goodwood [S+1.5]56HWM Fairman / *HawthornH. W. Motors4th
27.5.19561000 km Nürburgring7Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / TitteringtonJaguar Cars Ltd.DNF
27.5.19561000 km NürburgringTFerrari 250 GTCollins / Musso / Hawthorn / FangioScuderia FerrariT-car
24.6.1956Supercortemaggiore29Lotus ElevenHawthorn / HamiltonMike Hawthornunused
24.6.1956Supercortemaggiore64Ferrari 500 TRCollins / HawthornScuderia Ferrari1st
30.6.195612 h Reims24Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / FrèreJaguar Cars2nd
8.7.1956GP Rouen [S1.5]2Lotus ElevenMike HawthornIvor BuebDNF
14.7.1956GP Silverstone [F2]22Lotus ElevenMike HawthornEcurie Demi-LitreDNA
29.7.195624 h Le Mans1Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / BuebJaguar Cars Ltd.6th
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [S1.5]28Lotus ElevenMike HawthornMike Hawthorn5th
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [F2]28Lotus ElevenMike HawthornEcurie Demi-Litre5th
12.8.1956GP Sverige2Ferrari 860 Monzade Portago / Hawthorn / Hamilton / CollinsScuderia Ferrari3rd
12.8.1956GP Sverige3Ferrari 290 MMIn entry list onlyScuderia Ferrari1st
18.8.1956Oulton Park International [S1.5]37Lotus ElevenMike HawthornEcurie Demi-LitreDNF
22.9.1956Oulton Park International [F2]71Lotus ElevenMike HawthornEcurie Demi-LitreDNA

Year: 1957

20.1.19571000 km Buenos Aires4Ferrari 290 SCastellotti / von Trips / Musso / *HawthornScuderia FerrariDNF
20.1.19571000 km Buenos Aires6Ferrari 290 SCollins / HawthornScuderia FerrariDNF
23.3.195712 h Sebring5Jaguar D-typeHawthorn / BuebJaguar Cars North America3rd
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring5Ferrari 335 SportCollins / Gendebien / *HawthornScuderia Ferrari2nd
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring6Ferrari 315 SportHawthorn / TrintignantScuderia Ferrari3rd
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring7TFerrari 250 TRGregory / Morolli / *HawthornScuderia Temple Buell (Scuderia Ferrari)10th
23.6.195724 h Le Mans6Ferrari 335 SportIn entry list onlyFerrariDNF
23.6.195724 h Le Mans7Ferrari 335 SportHawthorn / MussoFerrariDNF
11.8.1957GP Sverige3Ferrari 335 SportHawthorn / MussoScuderia Ferrari4th
11.8.1957GP Sverige5Ferrari 250 TRIn entry list onlyScuderia FerrariDNF
3.11.1957GP Venezuela12Ferrari 335 SportHawthorn / MussoEquipo Ferrari2nd

Year: 1958

26.1.19581000 km Buenos Aires2Ferrari 250 TRIn entry list onlyScuderia Ferrari1st
26.1.19581000 km Buenos Aires4Ferrari 250 TRvon Trips / Gendebien / Musso / *HawthornScuderia Ferrari2nd
26.1.19581000 km Buenos Aires6Ferrari 250 TRIn entry list onlyScuderia FerrariDNF
22.3.195812 h Sebring15Ferrari 250 TRHawthorn / von TripsScuderia FerrariDNF
3.5.1958Daily Express Silverstone [S+1.5]19?Ferrari Dino 296 SMike HawthornScuderia Ferrari3rd
11.5.1958Targa Florio98Ferrari 250 TRIn entry list onlyScuderia Ferrari4th
11.5.1958Targa Florio102Ferrari 250 TRvon Trips / HawthornScuderia Ferrari3rd
1.6.19581000 km Nürburgring4Ferrari 250 TRHawthorn / CollinsScuderia Ferrari2nd
22.6.195824 h Le Mans12Ferrari 250 TRHawthorn / CollinsScuderia FerrariDNF
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