Event: Whit Monday Mallory ParkDate: 18.5.1959
Track: Mallory Park (United Kingdom), unknown lengthOrganiser: Nottingham Sports Car Club

NSCC Mallory Park [Formula Libre]

Non championship race

(Car Appearance)

Entered cars that did not arrive:

35AC AceR. A. V. Staples-front
48Lotus - ClimaxEquipe South Africa-front
49Lotus - ClimaxEquipe South Africa-front
50Lotus - ClimaxJ. Blumeropenfront
51Lotus - ClimaxT. J. Threlfallopenfront
52Elva - ClimaxJ. C. Brierleyopenfront
55Lotus - ClimaxJ. Highamopenfront
56Lotus - ClimaxCranham Service Station Ltd.openfront
57Lotus - ClimaxE. Pantlin-front
60Lotus - ClimaxP. Gordonopenfront
61Lotus - ClimaxJ. L. Romanesopenfront
62Lotus - ClimaxNorth Star Engineering Co. Ltd.openfront
63Lotus - ClimaxO. Hart--
65Tojeiro - ClimaxCompetition Motorsopenfront
66Lotus - ClimaxHall's Garage (Streetly)-front
67ConnaughtCurtis Smith Racing Teamopenfront
68JaguarM. V. Mackieopenfront
69Lotus - ClimaxJ. L. Kingopenfront
73Cooper - ClimaxG. Nixonopen wheel-
74Lotus - ClimaxA. Brooke--
75Cooper - ClimaxR. H. Parnell--
76Lotus - ClimaxCurtis Smith Racing Team--
77Cooper - ClimaxG. A. Henrotte--
79Cooper - ClimaxChronicle Motors Ltd.open wheelmid
80Cooper - ClimaxPalace Gate Garage--
81ConnaughtG. N. Richardsonopen wheel-
82MaseratiJ. B. Naylor Ltd.--
84Cooper - ConnaughtP. Emery--
85Elva - ClimaxElva Engineering Co. Ltd.--
86Lotus - ClimaxDickson Motors (Perth) Ltd.-front
88Aston Martin DB3S.Ecuire Chiltren-front
89Lotus - ClimaxPitts of Deansgateopenfront
90J.P. - BMCW. R. Allen--