Event: BRSCC Guards 4000 Guineas Cars RacesDate: 23.6.1968
Track: Mallory Park (United Kingdom), unknown lengthOrganiser: BRSCC

Guards Trophy Mallory Park

(Car Appearance)

61Lola T70 Mk.3 GT ChevroletSteering Wheel Club of West Bromwichclosedmid
62Ford GT40Paul Hawkins-mid
63Ford GT40Maurice Charles-mid
64Ford GT40Ron Fry-mid
65Ford GT40Peter Sadler-mid
66Ford GT40Robin Darlington-mid
67Ferrari 250 LMDavid Piper-mid
68Ford GT40David Prophet Ltd.-mid
69Chevron B8 BMWTech Speed Racingclosedmid
71Chevron B8 BMWLepps the Jewellersclosedmid
72Chevron B8 BMWChevron Carsclosedmid
73Chevron - BMWT. R. Claphamclosedmid
74Chevron B8 BMWTrevor Twaitesclosedmid
75Chevron B8 BMWPhil Silverstonclosedmid
76Chevron - BMWP. Taggartclosedmid
77Porsche 906Mefco Racing (Opposite Lock Club)closedmid
78Porsche 906J. Delmar-Morganclosedmid
79Porsche 906A. G. Dean (Racing) Ltd.-mid
80Porsche 906Bill Bradleyclosedmid
81Ford GT40Paul Hawkins-mid
82Lola T70 Mk.3 GT ChevroletMike De'Udyclosedmid
83Chevron - BMWA. Mooreclosedmid
84Shelby CobraN. Granville Smith-front
85Chevron - BMWRoy Gibbon--
86ChevronBarnet Motor C. Ltd.--
87Sunbeam TigerMike Coombe Racing-front

Entered cars that did not arrive:

Random Photo
16 - BMW 328 #85031 - Automobiles Frazer Nash