Event: Valley of the Sun, Second RunningDate: 2.3.1958
Track: Valley of the Sun, Phoenix (United States), 4.023 kmsOrganiser: Arizona Region SCCA

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(Car Appearance)

1Maserati 200SIopenfront
2Lotus Eleven-front
5Fairthorpe Electron Chevrolet Special--
8Jaguar XK120 M-front
9Porsche 550-mid
16Lotus Eleven-front
20Ferrari 500 TRC 3.0A. D. Loganopenfront
28Crosley Special--
30Little Digger--
32Crosley Special--
34Ferry - Renault--
39Chevrolet Corvetteopenfront
44Hagemann Special--
46Chevrolet Special--
58Ferrari Monza-front
62Porsche 550 RS Spyder-mid
64Huffaker Special Chevroletopenfront
69Ferrari 375 PlusFrank Arcieroopenfront
70Balchowsky Special Buick--
75D.B. - Panhard Special--
78Chevrolet Corvette-front
86Lotus Eleven-front
87Maserati 150S--
87Maserati 150S--
88Porsche 550 RS SpyderStan Sugarman-mid
106Maserati 200SI--
110Mercedes-Benz 300 SL-front
111Siata Spyder--
127Lotus Eleven-front
131Austin-Healey 100S-M-front
136Cooper - Climax--
144Lotus Elevenopenfront
151Lotus Eleven-front
169Porsche 550 Spyder-mid
171Ferrari 250 GT BerlinettaGeorge Reisclosedfront
188Porsche 550 RS Spyder-mid
211Ferrari 500 TRopenfront
318Porsche 550 Spyder-mid
CooperJoe Lubin--
Scarab Mk I ChevroletLance Reventlowopenfront

Entered cars that did not arrive:

Porsche 550 Spyder-mid
Random Photo
11 - BMW 1800 TI