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West Coast Championship

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Season: 1953 (West Coast Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
1219.7.1953Hammond [S1.5]

Season: 1956 (West Coast Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
115.1.1956Torrey Pines 1 Hour - Sports +1500 cc
115.1.1956Torrey Pines 1 Hour - Sports 1500 cc
226.2.1956Palm Springs [FM+GM+HM]
226.2.1956Palm Springs [BM+CM+DM+EM]
318.3.1956Santa Barbara [FM+GM+HM]
318.3.1956Santa Barbara - Modified over 1500 cc
418.3.1956Stockton [FM+GM+HM]
418.3.1956Stockton [BM+CM+DM+EM]
522.4.1956Pebble Beach - Modified over 1500 cc
522.4.1956Pebble Beach - Modified under 1500 cc
620.5.1956Bakersfield [FM+GM+HM]
620.5.1956Bakersfield [BM+CM+DM+EM]
720.5.1956Santa Rosa - Classes: FM+GM+HM
720.5.1956Santa Rosa - Classes: BM+CM+DM+EM
824.6.1956Pomona [BM+CM+DM+EM]
824.6.1956Pomona [FM+GM+HM]
91.7.1956Buchanan Field - Modified under 1500 cc
91.7.1956Buchanan Field - Modified over 1500 cc
108.7.1956Santa Maria [BM+CM+DM+EM]
108.7.1956Santa Maria [FM+GM+HM]
1122.7.1956San Diego [S1.5]
1122.7.1956San Diego [S+1.5]
1212.8.1956SCCA National Seafair [FM+GM+HM+FIII]
1212.8.1956SCCA National Seafair [BM+CM+DM+EM]
1319.8.1956Arcata [CM+DM+EM]
1319.8.1956Arcata [FM+GM+HM]
1419.8.1956Paramount Ranch [S1.5]
1419.8.1956Paramount Ranch [S+1.5]
152.9.1956Santa Barbara [S1.5]
152.9.1956Santa Barbara [S+1.5]
1630.9.1956Sacramento - Modified under 1500 cc
1630.9.1956Sacramento - Modified over 1500 cc
1721.10.1956Pomona [S+1.5]
1721.10.1956Pomona [S1.5]
184.11.1956SCCA National Palm Springs [FM+GM+HM+FIII]
184.11.1956SCCA National Palm Springs [BM+CM+DM+EM]
1918.11.1956Paramount Ranch [FM+GM+HM]
1918.11.1956Paramount Ranch [BM+CM+DM+EM]

Season: 1957 (Pacific Coast Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
120.1.1957Pomona - Consolation Race Classes: FP+GP+HP
120.1.1957Pomona - Consolation Race Classes: CP+DP+EP
120.1.1957Pomona - Sports 1500 cc
120.1.1957Pomona - Sports over 1500 cc
210.3.1957Consolation Paramount Ranch [FP+GP+HP]
210.3.1957Consolation Paramount Ranch [CP+DP+EP]
210.3.1957Paramount Ranch - Sports 1500 cc
210.3.1957Paramount Ranch - Sports over 1500 cc
317.3.1957Stockton - Production - Classes B, C, D, E & F
317.3.1957Stockton - Modified - Classes B, C, D & E
317.3.1957Stockton - Production - Classes F, F & G
317.3.1957Stockton - Modified - Classes F, G & H
47.4.1957Palm Springs [FP+GP]
47.4.1957Palm Springs [DP+EP+FIII]
47.4.1957Palm Springs [AP+BP+CP]
47.4.1957Palm Springs [FM+GM+HM]
47.4.1957Palm Springs [BM+CM+DM+EM]
521.4.1957Hawaii [Modified]
521.4.1957Hawaii [BP+CP+DP+EP]
521.4.1957Hawaii [FP+GP+HP]
65.5.1957San Diego [EM+FM+GM+HM]
65.5.1957San Diego - Modified - Class E & F
65.5.1957San Diego [EP+FP]
719.5.1957Consolation Santa Barbara [Production 1.5]
719.5.1957Consolation Santa Barbara [Production +1.5]
719.5.1957Santa Barbara [S1.5]
719.5.1957Santa Barbara [S+1.5]
826.5.1957Cotati - Classes: BP+CP+DP+EP
826.5.1957Cotati - Classes: FM+GM+HM
826.5.1957Cotati - Classes: FP+GP
826.5.1957Cotati - Classes: CM+DM+EM
92.6.1957Salt Lake [B+C+D+E]
92.6.1957Salt Lake [FM+GM+FP+GP+Sedan]
1016.6.1957Consolation Paramount Ranch [FP+GP+HP]
1016.6.1957Consolation Paramount Ranch [CP+DP+EP]
1016.6.1957Paramount Ranch - Sports 1500 cc
1016.6.1957Paramount Ranch - Sports over 1500 cc
1128.7.1957Pomona [Production +2.0]
1128.7.1957Pomona [BM+CM+DM+EM]
1128.7.1957Pomona [Production 2.0]
1128.7.1957Pomona [FM+GM+HM]
124.8.1957Cotati - Classes: FP+GP
124.8.1957Cotati - Classes: BP+CP+DP+EP
124.8.1957Cotati - All Modified
131.9.1957Arcata [FP+GP]
131.9.1957Arcata [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+HM]
131.9.1957Arcata [BP+CP+DP+EP]
141.9.1957Santa Barbara [BM+CM+DM+EM]
141.9.1957Santa Barbara [Production +2.0]
141.9.1957Santa Barbara [FM+GM+HM]
141.9.1957Santa Barbara [Production 2.0]
1522.9.1957Riverside [EP+FP+GP]
1522.9.1957Riverside - Sports 1500 cc
1522.9.1957Riverside - Production over 2000 cc
1522.9.1957Riverside - Sports over 1500 cc
166.10.1957Sacramento [BP+CP+DP+EP]
166.10.1957Sacramento - Modified
166.10.1957Sacramento [FP+GP]
1720.10.1957Hourglass Field [BM+CM+DM+EM]
1720.10.1957Hourglass Field [EP+FP+GP+HP]
1720.10.1957Hourglass Field [BP+CP+DP]
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