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All Results of Bentley

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Year: 1922

22.6.1922Tourist Trophy33 LFrank ClementBentley2nd
22.6.1922Tourist Trophy63 LDouglas HawkesBentley5th
22.6.1922Tourist Trophy93 LBentley / PennalBentley4th

Year: 1923

27.5.192324 h Le Mans83 L SportDuff / ClementCaptain J. F. Duff4th
2.9.1923Coupe Georges Boillot3 LHerbert Kensington Moir6th
2.9.1923Coupe Georges Boillot3 L SportJohn DuffNC
2.9.1923Coupe Georges Boillot3 LFrank ClementDNF
1923GP GuipúzcoaJohn Duffraced
1923GP GuipúzcoaCarrerasraced

Year: 1924

15.6.192424 h Le Mans83 L SportDuff / ClementDuff & Adlington1st

Year: 1925

21.6.192524 h Le Mans93 LDuff / ClementBentleyDNF
21.6.192524 h Le Mans103 LBenjafield / Kensington MoirBentleyDNF

Year: 1926

13.6.192624 h Le Mans73 L Speed ModelDavis / BenjafieldBentley Motors LtdDNF
13.6.192624 h Le Mans83 L Speed ModelDuller / ClementBentley Motors LtdDNF
13.6.192624 h Le Mans93 L Super SportGallop / ThistlethwayteBentley Motors LtdDNF
29.8.1926Coupe Georges Boillot3 L Super SportThistlethwayteDNS
29.8.1926Coupe Georges Boillot3 LDudley Benjafieldraced

Year: 1927

7.5.19276 h Brooklands63 L Speed ModelLeslie CallinghamW. O. BentleyDNF
7.5.19276 h Brooklands103 L Speed ModelBenjafield / BarnatoW. O. BentleyDNF
7.5.19276 h Brooklands113 L Speed ModelBirkin / Clement / BirkinW. O. Bentley3rd
7.5.19276 h Brooklands123 L Speed ModelFrank ClementW. O. BentleyDNF
19.6.192724 h Le Mans14 ½Clement / CallinghamBentley Motors Ltd.DNF
19.6.192724 h Le Mans23 L SportD'Erlanger / DullerBentley Motors Ltd.DNF
19.6.192724 h Le Mans33 L SportBenjafield / DavisBentley Motors Ltd.1st
19.8.192724 h Paris24 ½Clement / Duller1st
3.9.1927150 mile BrooklandsWoolf Barnato3rd

Year: 1928

12.5.19286 h Brooklands44 ½Barnato / ClementW. O. Bentley8th
12.5.19286 h Brooklands54 ½Henry BirkinW. O. Bentley3rd
12.5.19286 h Brooklands64 ½Benjafield / RubinW. O. Bentley6th
12.5.19286 h Brooklands73 L Speed ModelHumphrey Cook18th
12.5.19286 h Brooklands83 L Speed ModelWilliam 'Bummer' ScottDNF
9.6.1928150 mile BrooklandsWilliam 'Bummer' ScottDNF
17.6.192824 h Le Mans24 ½Clement / BenjafieldBentley Motors Ltd.DNF
17.6.192824 h Le Mans34 ½Birkin / ChassagneBentley Motors Ltd.5th
17.6.192824 h Le Mans44 ½Barnato / RubinBentley Motors Ltd.1st
17.6.192824 h Le Mans4 ½Bentley Motors Ltd.T-car
8.7.192824 h SpaDNA
15.7.1928GP Deutschland4 ½Birkin / HassanTim Birkin8th
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy534 ½BirkinH. R. S. Birkin5th
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy544 ½Humphrey CookH. W. Cook7th
8.9.1928Coupe Georges Boillot694 ½Henry BirkinTim Birkin5th

Year: 1929

11.5.19292 x 12 h Brooklands2Speed SixBarnato / BenjafieldW. O. BentleyDNF
11.5.19292 x 12 h Brooklands54 ½Clement / CookW. O. BentleyDNF
11.5.19292 x 12 h Brooklands64 ½Davis / GunterW. O. Bentley2nd
11.5.19292 x 12 h Brooklands104 ½Scott / ScottW. B. Scott11th
11.5.19292 x 12 h Brooklands124 ½Birkin / HolderW. O. BentleyDNF
16.6.192924 h Le Mans1Speed SixBarnato / BirkinBentley Motors Ltd.1st
16.6.192924 h Le Mans84 ½Clement / ChassagneBentley Motors Ltd.4th
16.6.192924 h Le Mans94 ½Dunfee / KidstonBentley Motors Ltd.2nd
16.6.192924 h Le Mans104 ½Benjafield / D'ErlangerBentley Motors Ltd.3rd
16.6.192924 h Le Mans114 ½Rubin / HoweBentley Motors Ltd.DNF
16.6.192924 h Le Mans4 ½Bentley Motors Ltd.T-car
30.6.19296 h Brooklands3Speed SixBarnato / DunfeeW. O. Bentley1st
30.6.19296 h Brooklands44 ½Cook / CallinghamW. O. Bentley3rd
30.6.19296 h Brooklands5BlowerHenry BirkinTim Birkin / Dorothy PagetDNF
30.6.19296 h Brooklands64 ½Clifford HolderClifford HolderDNF
30.6.19296 h Brooklands74 ½Scott / PattersonW. B. Scott8th
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup2BlowerHenry BirkinTim Birkin3rd
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup3BlowerBernard RubinTim Birkin8th
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup4Speed SixGlen KidstonBentley2nd
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup74 ½Beris Harcourt WoodBentley4th
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup84 ½Clifford HolderClifford HolderDNS
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup94 ½Humphrey CookBentley5th
13.7.1929Irish GP Eireann Cup104 ½William 'Bummer' ScottW. B. Scott7th
14.7.1929GP DeutschlandBlowerTim BirkinDNA
14.7.1929GP DeutschlandBlowerTim BirkinDNA
28.7.1929GP Guipozcoa5BarnatoDNA
28.7.1929GP Guipozcoa6WooffDNA
28.7.1929GP Guipozcoa22Henry BirkinDNA
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy63BlowerBirkinH. R. S. Birkin11th
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy64BlowerBernard RubinH. R. S. BirkinDNF
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy65BlowerBeris Harcourt WoodH. R. S. BirkinDNF
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy664 ½HayesHon Richard NortonNC
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy73Speed SixKidstonCapt. Woolf BarnatoDNF
12.10.1929500 mile Brooklands314 ½Barclay / ClementBentley1st
12.10.1929500 mile Brooklands32BlowerBirkin / Harcourt WoodTim BirkinDNF
12.10.1929500 mile Brooklands334 ½Fiennes / Rose-RichardsW. B. Scott5th
12.10.1929500 mile Brooklands344 ½Dunfee / FieldWalter NortonDNF
12.10.1929500 mile Brooklands35Speed SixDavis / DunfeeBentley2nd

Year: 1930

13.4.1930Mille Miglia4 ½Henry BirkinDNA
10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands2Speed SixClement / BarnatoW. O. Bentley1st
10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands3Speed SixDavis / DunfeeW. O. Bentley2nd
10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands4BlowerBirkin / ChassagneMiss Dorothy PagetDNF
10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands5BlowerKidston / DunfeeMiss Dorothy PagetDNF
10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands6BlowerBenjafield / D'ErlangerMiss Dorothy PagetDNF
10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands104 ½de B Durand / WilliamsM. O. de B. DurandDNF
22.6.193024 h Le Mans2Speed SixClement / WatneyTeam Bentley2nd
22.6.193024 h Le Mans3Davis / DunfeeTeam BentleyDNF
22.6.193024 h Le Mans4Speed SixBarnato / KidstonTeam Bentley1st
22.6.193024 h Le Mans7BlowerHarcourt Wood / DunfeeTeam Honorable Miss D. PagetDNS
22.6.193024 h Le Mans8BlowerBenjafield / RamponiTeam Honorable Miss D. PagetDNF
22.6.193024 h Le Mans9BlowerBirkin / ChassagneTeam Honorable Miss D. PagetDNF
22.6.193024 h Le Mans4 ½Team BentleyT-car
6.7.193024 h SpaDNA
19.7.1930Irish GP Eireann Cup6BlowerJean ChassagneMiss Dorothy PagetDNF
19.7.1930Irish GP Eireann Cup7BlowerBeris Harcourt WoodMiss Dorothy PagetDNF
19.7.1930Irish GP Eireann Cup8BlowerHenry BirkinMiss Dorothy Paget4th
19.7.1930Irish GP Eireann CupSpeed SixBentleyDNA
19.7.1930Irish GP Eireann CupSpeed SixBentleyDNA
23.8.1930Tourist Trophy1BlowerBirkinHon. Dorothy PagetDNF
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