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All Results of Eagle

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Year: 1971

28.3.1971GP Questor32Mk 5Swede SavageJunor - Tarozzi Racing25th

Year: 1978

29.10.1978US Champions Road Atlanta [ASR+BSR+FA]48Frank SchultzBryant Htg & CoolingDNS

Year: 1979

6.5.1979Can-Am Road Atlanta77005Peter PapkeDNA

Year: 1989

5.2.198924 h Daytona99HF-89Ribbs / Fangio II / MoranAll American RacersDNA
5.3.19893 h Miami99HF-89Ribbs / Fangio IIAll American Racers18th
18.3.198912 h Sebring99HF-89Ribbs / Fangio IIAll American RacersDNS
23.4.1989West Palm Beach99HF-89Ribbs / AaseAll American RacersDNS
29.5.1989150 lap Lime Rock99HF-89Ribbs / Fangio IIAll American Racers18th
4.6.1989500 km Mid-Ohio99HF-89Ribbs / Fangio IIAll American Racers5th
2.7.1989500 km Watkins Glen99HF-89Ribbs / MoranAll American Racers15th
16.7.1989500 km Road America99HF-89Ribbs / MoranAll American Racers47th
30.7.1989300 km Portland99HF-89Moran / RibbsAll American Racers7th
13.8.1989300 km Topeka99HF-89Moran / RibbsAll American Racers18th
3.9.19892 h San Antonio99HF-89Willy T. RibbsAll American Racers20th
10.9.1989300 km Sears Point99HF-89Willy T. RibbsAll American Racers22nd
1.10.1989360 km Tampa99HF-89Moran / RibbsAll American Racers20th
22.10.19892 h Del Mar99HF-89RibbsAll American Racers4th

Year: 1990

6.1.1990Daytona Test99HF-89All American Racers4th
4.2.199024 h Daytona99HF-89Moran / Olson / Fangio IIAll American Racers35th
25.2.1990GP Miami98HF-89Drake OlsonAll American Racers14th
25.2.1990GP Miami99HF-89Rocky MoranAll American Racers18th
17.3.199012 h Sebring98HF-89Olson / Fangio IIAll American Racers25th
17.3.199012 h Sebring99HF-89Moran / RibbsAll American Racers28th
1.4.1990500 km Road Atlanta98HF-89Olson / Fangio IIAll American Racers3rd
1.4.1990500 km Road Atlanta99HF-89Moran / Fangio IIAll American Racers8th
22.4.19903 h West Palm Beach98HF-89Olson / Fangio IIAll American Racers13th
22.4.19903 h West Palm Beach99HF-89Moran / Fangio IIAll American Racers15th
6.5.1990300 km Topeka98HF-89Drake OlsonAll American Racers4th
6.5.1990300 km Topeka99HF-89Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
28.5.1990150 lap Lime Rock98HF-89Drake OlsonAll American Racers19th
28.5.1990150 lap Lime Rock99HF-89Moran / Fangio IIAll American Racers5th
3.6.1990500 km Mid-Ohio98HF-89Drake OlsonAll American Racers3rd
3.6.1990500 km Mid-Ohio99HF-90Moran / Fangio IIAll American Racers15th
17.6.199024 h Le Mans59700CanaryPaul CanaryDNQ
1.7.1990500 km Watkins Glen98HF-89Olson / Fangio IIAll American Racers11th
1.7.1990500 km Watkins Glen99HF-89Fangio IIAll American Racers19th
15.7.1990300 km Sears Point98HF-89OlsonAll American Racers16th
15.7.1990300 km Sears Point99HF-89Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
29.7.1990300 km Portland98HF-89Drake OlsonAll American Racers2nd
29.7.1990300 km Portland99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers13th
19.8.1990500 km Road America98HF-89Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers3rd
19.8.1990500 km Road America99HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers10th
2.9.19902 h San Antonio98HF-89Drake OlsonAll American Racers4th
2.9.19902 h San Antonio99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
30.9.1990Tampa98HF-89Olson / MoranAll American Racers15th
30.9.1990Tampa99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers6th
11.11.1990Del Mar98Rocky MoranAll American Racers14th
11.11.1990Del Mar99HF-89Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st

Year: 1991

5.1.1991Daytona Test98HF-89All American Racers7th
5.1.1991Daytona Test99HF-89All American Racersraced
3.2.199124 h Daytona98HF-89Dismore / Moran / JonesAll American Racers28th
3.2.199124 h Daytona99HF-89Fangio II / Ribbs / WallaceAll American Racers42nd
3.3.19912 h West Palm Beach98HF-90MoranAll American Racers5th
3.3.19912 h West Palm Beach99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers8th
16.3.199112 h Sebring98HF-90Moran / WallaceAll American Racers39th
16.3.199112 h Sebring99HF-90Fangio II / RibbsAll American Racers18th
7.4.19912 h Miami98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers18th
7.4.19912 h Miami99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers25th
28.4.1991300 km Road Atlanta98HF-90Moran / RibbsAll American RacersDNA
28.4.1991300 km Road Atlanta99HF-90Fangio II / RibbsAll American RacersDNA
5.5.1991300 km Topeka98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers9th
5.5.1991300 km Topeka99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers4th
26.5.19912 h Lime Rock98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers8th
26.5.19912 h Lime Rock99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers2nd
26.5.19912 h Lime Rock99THF-90Moran / Fangio IIAll American Racersunused
2.6.1991300 km Mid-Ohio98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers10th
2.6.1991300 km Mid-Ohio99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers7th
16.6.19912 h New Orleans98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers10th
16.6.19912 h New Orleans99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers16th
30.6.1991500 km Watkins Glen98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers8th
30.6.1991500 km Watkins Glen99HF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIEagle HF90 Toyota1st
30.6.1991500 km Watkins Glen99THF-90Juan-Manuel Fangio IIEagle HF90 Toyotaunused
21.7.1991300 km Laguna Seca98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers8th
21.7.1991300 km Laguna Seca99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers7th
28.7.1991300 km Portland98HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers3rd
28.7.1991300 km Portland99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
25.8.1991300 km Road America98Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers19th
25.8.1991300 km Road America99HF-90Rocky MoranAll American Racers15th
13.10.19912 h Del Mar98Mk IIIRocky MoranAll American Racers19th
13.10.19912 h Del Mar99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st

Year: 1992

5.1.1992Daytona Test98Mk IIIAll American Racers5th
5.1.1992Daytona Test99Mk IIIAll American Racers1st
2.2.199224 h Daytona98Mk IIIJones / Moran / DismoreAll American Racers4th
2.2.199224 h Daytona99Mk IIIFangio II / Wallace / AchesonAll American Racers11th
23.2.19922 h Miami98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers17th
23.2.19922 h Miami99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers14th
21.3.199212 h Sebring98Mk IIIJones / MoranAll American Racers10th
21.3.199212 h Sebring99Mk IIIFangio II / WallaceAll American Racers1st
26.4.1992Road Atlanta98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers10th
26.4.1992Road Atlanta99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers14th
25.5.19922 h Lime Rock98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers14th
25.5.19922 h Lime Rock99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
31.5.19922 h Mid-Ohio98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers7th
31.5.19922 h Mid-Ohio99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers2nd
14.6.19921 h 45 min New Orleans98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers3rd
14.6.19921 h 45 min New Orleans99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
28.6.19922 h 45 min Watkins Glen98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers14th
28.6.19922 h 45 min Watkins Glen99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
19.7.19922 h Laguna Seca98Mk IIIP. J. JonesAll American Racers2nd
19.7.19922 h Laguna Seca99Mk IIIJuan-Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers1st
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