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All Results of Ford

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Year: 1963

6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch1GalaxieGurney / BrabhamAlan Brown9th
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch3GalaxieBaillie / Jopp7th
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch4GalaxieSprinzel / LuciaJohn Sprinzel RacingDQ
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch9Zodiac Mk.3Harrison / ManussisJohn Willment Automobiles12th
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch10Zodiac Mk.3Pierpoint / MannAlan Andrews RacingDNF
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch22Cortina GTLeston / HaynesJohn Willment AutomobilesDNF
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch23Cortina GTSears / LjungfeldtJohn Willment Automobiles3rd
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch24Cortina SuperBlumer / TaylorAlan Andrews Racing10th
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch26Anglia SuperTaylor / HallJohn Willment Automobiles21st
6.7.19636 h Brands HatchGalaxieSears / LjungfeldtJohn Willment AutomobilesDNA
1.9.1963ETCC Zandvoort [T1.6]48Cortina GTJack SearsJohn Willment Automobiles2nd
15.9.1963Hill Climb Timmelsjoch64Cortina GTH. Fehr?th
15.9.1963Hill Climb Timmelsjoch65Cortina GTHermann HelblingGarage Helbling?th
15.9.1963Hill Climb Timmelsjoch66Cortina GTH. Wetzel?th

Year: 1964

10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]320Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T+1.6]625GalaxieJack SearsJohn Willment Automobiles1st
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]Cortina LotusHenry TaylorAlan Mann Racing?th
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]Cortina LotusJacky IckxDNF
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]Cortina LotusChristine Beckers?th
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]Cortina LotusC. de Moffarts?th
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch1GalaxieBrabham / HulmeAlan Brown Racing Ltd.DNS
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch2GalaxieBaillie / JoppSir Gawaine Baillie6th
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch19Cortina LotusWhitmore / ProcterAlan Mann Racing Ltd.1st
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch20Cortina LotusTaylor / HarperAlan Mann Racing Ltd.2nd
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch21Cortina LotusNicholson / Derisley / DeaconFarnborough Racing Enterprises20th
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch27Cortina GTSears / GardnerJohn Willment Automobiles Ltd.10th
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch28Cortina GTOlthoff / HawkinsJohn Willment Automobiles Ltd.DNF
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch37Cortina LotusFowler / DeaconA. McKechnieDNF
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch41Anglia SuperBrunt / DoneganTeam Anglia International19th
14.6.1964Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann RacingDNF
14.6.1964Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusMartin8th
14.6.1964Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina GTMeyner19th
14.6.1964Hill Climb Mont VentouxFalcon SprintHenri Chemin10th
14.6.1964Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusHenry TaylorAlan Mann Racing1st
21.6.19646 h Nürburgring2GalaxieBaillie / Jopp?th
21.6.19646 h NürburgringCortina LotusTaylor / HarperAlan Mann Racing3rd
21.6.19646 h NürburgringCortina LotusWhitmore / HegbourneAlan Mann Racing2nd
21.6.19646 h NürburgringAnglia SuperDucker / Martin?th
21.6.19646 h NürburgringTaunus 12M TSSelbach / Burkhardt?th
26.7.196424 h Spa300Cortina LotusTaylor / HarperAlan Mann RacingDNF
26.7.196424 h Spa301Cortina LotusWhitmore / GardnerAlan Mann RacingDNF
26.7.196424 h Spa302Cortina GTHegbourne / PierpointDNF
26.7.196424 h Spa303Cortina LotusStapelaere / MeuwissenDNF
26.7.196424 h Spa304Cortina LotusIckx / Pilette14th
26.7.196424 h Spa305Cortina LotusKelly / Lund / Mann9th
9.8.1964Kanonloppet60Cortina LotusHenry TaylorAlan Mann Racing2nd
9.8.1964Kanonloppet61Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
9.8.1964Kanonloppet63Cortina LotusErik Berger4th
9.8.1964Kanonloppet64Cortina LotusBo LjungfeldtDNF
9.8.1964Kanonloppet65Cortina LotusLars BackmanDNF
9.8.1964Kanonloppet80GalaxieAlan MannAlan Mann Racing3rd
23.8.1964Hill Climb St. Ursanne162Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
23.8.1964Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina LotusWerner Wyss7th
23.8.1964Hill Climb St. UrsanneZephyr 6Joseph Schuler28th
23.8.1964Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina LotusArthur Blank2nd
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]121Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing3rd
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]122Cortina LotusJacky IckxAlan Mann Racing4th
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]123Cortina LotusJohn NicholsonFarnborough Racing EnterprisesDNF
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]124Cortina LotusTilo SchadrackPeter Lindner Racingraced
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]126Cortina GTTon Strous?th
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]139GalaxieGawaine BaillieDNS
13.9.1964Hill Climb Timmelsjoch37Cortina LotusJacky IckxAlan Mann Racing?th
13.9.1964Hill Climb Timmelsjoch54Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
13.9.1964Hill Climb TimmelsjochCortina LotusGerhart Greil?th
20.9.19644 h Budapest22Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing2nd
20.9.19644 h Budapest23Cortina LotusJacky IckxAlan Mann Racing?th
25.10.19644 h MonzaCortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing23rd
25.10.19644 h MonzaAnglia SuperChris CraftAlan Mann Racing?th
25.10.19644 h MonzaAnglia SuperMike Young5th
25.10.19644 h MonzaCortina LotusHenry TaylorAlan Mann Racing28th
25.10.19644 h MonzaCortina LotusSvante Vorrsjö27th

Year: 1965

19.3.19654 h Monza [Div.2+3]Cortina LotusTaylor / WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing22nd
19.3.19654 h Monza [Div.2+3]Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann RacingDNF
6.6.1965Hill Climb Mont Ventoux125Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
6.6.1965Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusGaby Renault12th
6.6.1965Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusPeter ProcterAlan Mann Racing3rd
6.6.1965Hill Climb Mont VentouxMustangHenri Greder2nd
6.6.1965Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusJean Sage21st
13.6.19656 h Nürburgring4MustangIckx / BaillieDNF
13.6.19656 h Nürburgring5MustangDorner / HuhnScuderia Lufthansa?th
13.6.19656 h Nürburgring7MustangPierpoint / NeerpaschAlan Mann Racing2nd
13.6.19656 h Nürburgring30Cortina LotusWhitmore / SearsAlan Mann Racing1st
13.6.19656 h Nürburgring31Cortina LotusTaylor / ProcterAlan Mann Racing8th
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.3]6MustangRoy PierpointFord International/Roy Pierpoint3rd
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.3]7MustangLucien BianchiFord International/Gawaine Baillie2nd
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.3]8MustangJacky IckxFord International/Alan Mann Racing1st
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.3]9MustangGilbert Stapelaere7th
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.3]10MustangChristiaens8th
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.2]16Cortina LotusGeorges HacquinEquipe Nationale Belge7th
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.2]18Cortina LotusPeter ProcterAlan Mann Racing2nd
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.2]19Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.2]20Cortina LotusJacky IckxFord Belgium4th
25.7.196524 h Spa31Cortina LotusWilliams / Allen / Lund19th
1.8.1965Hill Climb Axamer Lizum60MustangPius Zünd17th
1.8.1965Hill Climb Axamer Lizum75Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing4th
1.8.1965Hill Climb Axamer Lizum76Cortina LotusHenry TaylorAlan Mann Racing6th
1.8.1965Hill Climb Axamer Lizum77Cortina LotusGerhart Greil13th
8.8.1965KanonloppetCortina LotusErik BergerDNS
8.8.1965KanonloppetMustangBo LjungfeldtFord International/Alan Mann Racing1st
8.8.1965KanonloppetCortina LotusAnders Josephson3rd
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