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Year: 1965

8.8.1965KanonloppetCortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing2nd
8.8.1965KanonloppetCortina LotusJackie StewartAlan Mann RacingDNF
8.8.1965KanonloppetMustangGawaine BaillieFord International/Gawaine BaillieDNS
8.8.1965KanonloppetMustangTarme Olsson7th
8.8.1965KanonloppetMustangRoy PierpointFord International/Roy PierpointDNF
8.8.1965KanonloppetFalcon SprintOve Nicklasson15th
15.8.1965500 km Snetterton34Anglia SuperGoodwin / ElfordGoodwin Engineering Racing Division20th
15.8.1965500 km Snetterton40Cortina LotusPeter ProcterAlan Mann Racing6th
15.8.1965500 km Snetterton41Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
15.8.1965500 km Snetterton60GalaxieJacqui Bond-Smith13th
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. Ursanne217Cortina LotusJacques Hussy?th
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. Ursanne218Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. Ursanne220Cortina LotusArthur BlankFord Motor Co. Zürich4th
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. Ursanne224MustangBo LjungfeldtFord International/Alan Mann Racing6th
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. Ursanne225MustangRoy PierpointFord International/Roy Pierpoint?th
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. Ursanne227MustangPius ZündScuderia Filipinetti2nd
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. UrsanneMustangGawaine BaillieFord International/Roy PierpointDNS
22.8.1965Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina LotusHenry TaylorAlan Mann Racing5th
29.8.1965ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]105Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing2nd
29.8.1965ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]106Cortina LotusPeter ProcterAlan Mann Racing3rd
29.8.1965ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]107Cortina LotusJacky IckxFord BelgiumDNF
29.8.1965ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]121MustangBo LjungfeldtAlan Mann Racing1st

Year: 1966

20.3.19664 h Monza [Div.2+3]Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann RacingDNF
17.4.1966ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]67Cortina LotusGerhart GreilFord Motor Comp. (Austria) K.G. im ÖASC5th
17.4.1966ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]68Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing Ltd.1st
17.4.1966ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]69Cortina LotusHubert HahneAlan Mann Racing Ltd.DNF
17.4.1966ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]70Cortina LotusFrans LubinFrami-Racing-Maastricht16th
17.4.1966ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]71Cortina LotusArthur BlankÖASCDNF
8.5.1966ETCC Zolder [Div.2+3]44Cortina LotusJacky IckxTeam Lotus2nd
8.5.1966ETCC Zolder [Div.2+3]47Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
8.5.1966ETCC Zolder [Div.2+3]Cortina LotusFrank GardnerAlan Mann RacingDNF
8.5.1966ETCC Zolder [Div.2+3]Cortina LotusFrans Lubin10th
26.6.1966Hill Climb Mont VentouxMustangraced
26.6.1966Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusLucien BianchiAlan Mann Racing4th
26.6.1966Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusMinier16th
26.6.1966Hill Climb Mont VentouxZephyr 6Daniël Rouveyran23rd
26.6.1966Hill Climb Mont VentouxCortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
3.7.19666 h Nürburgring1Mustang (T5)von Rohrer / HillesheimÖsterreichischer AutomobilsportclubDNF
3.7.19666 h Nürburgring37Cortina LotusWhitmore / GardnerAlan Mann RacingDNF
3.7.19666 h NürburgringAnglia SuperGoodwin / LanfranchiDNF
3.7.19666 h NürburgringCortina LotusLubin / "Lenz"DNF
3.7.19666 h NürburgringCortina LotusIckx / HawkinsAlan Mann RacingDNF
24.7.196624 h Spa1MustangGautot / Tuerlinckx4th
24.7.196624 h Spa3?MustangRey / BungenerScuderia FilipinettiDNF
24.7.196624 h Spa5MustangHanrioud / Sage / ReyScuderia Filipinetti8th
24.7.196624 h Spa21Cortina LotusAllen / Moores / RalphLongbacon Engineering10th
24.7.196624 h Spa79Anglia SuperGoodwin / LanfranchiDNF
30.7.1966500 km Snetterton20Anglia SuperGoodwin / Goodwin17th
30.7.1966500 km Snetterton35Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann RacingDNF
30.7.1966500 km Snetterton36Cortina LotusStewartAlan Mann Racing4th
30.7.1966500 km Snetterton37Cortina LotusLubin / HughesFrami Racing MaastrichtDNF
30.7.1966500 km Snetterton61MustangPierpoint / SavoryRackham MotorsDNF
30.7.1966500 km Snetterton62MustangR. HakansonBabea Racing TeamDNF
4.9.1966ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2]49Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing4th
4.9.1966ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2]50Cortina LotusFrank GardnerAlan Mann Racing3rd
4.9.1966ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2]51Cortina LotusJacky Ickx5th
4.9.1966ETCC Zandvoort [Div.3]71MustangPat Gautot2nd
4.9.1966ETCC Zandvoort [Div.3]72MustangHermann DornerScuderia Lufthansaraced
18.9.19664 h BudapestCortina LotusWolfgang Stumpf6th
18.9.19664 h BudapestTaunus 17MDjordje Tomic?th
18.9.19664 h BudapestMustangLutz Hillesheim?th
25.9.1966Hill Climb Eigental128MustangRuedi HelblingHelbling Racing Teamraced
25.9.1966Hill Climb Eigental129MustangAdolf Kern?th
25.9.1966Hill Climb Eigental130MustangAlfred Benziger?th
25.9.1966Hill Climb EigentalCortina LotusBo Ljungfeldt?th
25.9.1966Hill Climb EigentalCortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st

Year: 1967

2.4.1967ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]52Cortina LotusBerndt BrodnerASC 186th
2.4.1967ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]82MustangKjell LiverstamKjell LiverstamDNA
2.4.1967ETCC Aspern [Div.2+3]83Mustang 390 SRoland HanserRoland Hanser20th
21.5.1967ETCC Zolder [Div.2]37Cortina LotusGustaaf Witvrouw7th
21.5.1967ETCC Zolder [Div.2]38Cortina LotusFrans Lubin16th
21.5.1967ETCC Zolder [Div.2]39Cortina Lotus"Alain Dex"4th
21.5.1967ETCC Zolder [Div.2]49Cortina LotusTom Sol14th
21.5.1967Tourist TrophyMustangRobin Smithraced
21.5.1967Tourist TrophyMustangBo LjungfeldtDNF
21.5.1967Tourist TrophyCortina LotusKen Coffey15th
21.5.1967Tourist TrophyCortina LotusKeith Wright14th
2.7.19676 h NürburgringMustangPeters / FritzingerDNS
22.7.196724 h Spa1MustangIckx / HahneAlan Mann RacingDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa2MustangDubois / DeprezDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa3MustangGautot / TuerlinckxAlan Mann RacingDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa4MustangMartin / GarantDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa5MustangRouget / RuataDNS
22.7.196724 h Spa9MustangNeyret / TerramorsiDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa10MustangHanser / HazardDNS
22.7.196724 h Spa11MustangHanrioud / Rey5th
22.7.196724 h Spa14MustangChasseuil / Bossuyt3rd
22.7.196724 h Spa49Cortina LotusCoffey / GorstGoodwin Engineering Racing DivisionDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa50Cortina LotusGoodwin / WilliamsGoodwin Engineering Racing DivisionNC
22.7.196724 h Spa52Cortina LotusSol / SolDNF
20.8.1967Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina LotusMichael Franz8th
20.8.1967Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina GTPomponot47th
20.8.1967Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina GTSchwarzenbach33rd
20.8.1967Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina LotusGeorges Typaldos20th
20.8.1967Hill Climb St. UrsanneCortina GTCasari52nd
27.8.1967ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]64Cortina LotusFrans Lubin13th
27.8.1967ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]65Cortina LotusWim BeersDNF

Year: 1968

24.3.19684 h Monza [Div.1]AngliaRein ZwolsmanDNS
7.4.1968ETCC Aspern [Div.3]26Cortina LotusOskar Mras8th
7.4.1968ETCC Aspern [Div.1+2]48Cortina LotusFrank Gardner1st
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