All Results of Frazer Nash

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Year: 1926

17.7.1926BrooklandsG. W. Bagshawe2nd

Year: 1928

12.5.19286 h Brooklandsraced
9.6.1928150 mile BrooklandsRobin JacksonDNF
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy34Super SportsRossSub. Lt. P. RossDNF
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy35BoulognePlunket GreeneRichard Plunket GreeneDNF
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy36Super SportsR. MellorR. MellorDNS
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy37SaloonAldingtonEric BurtDNF
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy38Super SportsJackson / HubberstyR. R. JacksonDNS
18.8.1928Tourist Trophy39Frazer Nash / ScottA. Frazer-NashDNS
8.9.1928Coupe Georges BoillotJacksonDNF

Year: 1929

11.5.19292 x 12 h BrooklandsJupp / Aldington24th
11.5.19292 x 12 h BrooklandsBowes / Frazer Nash26th
11.5.19292 x 12 h BrooklandsJoan Chetwyndraced
30.6.19296 h BrooklandsDNA
30.6.19296 h BrooklandsDNA
30.6.19296 h BrooklandsDNA
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy37Super SportsHarold John AldingtonH. J. AldingtonDNF
17.8.1929Tourist Trophy38BoulogneBowesH. J. AldingtonDNF
12.10.1929500 mile BrooklandsArchie Frazer NashDNF

Year: 1930

10.5.19302 x 12 h Brooklands65BoulogneAldington / AldingtonAFN24th
10.5.19302 x 12 h BrooklandsBoulognePenn Hughes / Penn HughesClifton Penn-Hughes20th

Year: 1931

9.5.19312 x 12 h Brooklands23BoulogneMoore / BraidwoodDNF
9.5.19312 x 12 h BrooklandsHarvey / AldingtonNC
9.5.19312 x 12 h BrooklandsBoulogne IIWisdom / AldingtonDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy22Boulogne IIHarold John AldingtonH. J. AldingtonNC
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy23Boulogne IIPenn HughesH. J. AldingtonDNF
22.8.1931Tourist Trophy24BoulogneMooreH. J. AldingtonDNF

Year: 1932

20.8.1932Tourist Trophy9BoulogneMooreT. G. MooreDNF
20.8.1932Tourist Trophy10TT ReplicaAldingtonA. F. P. Fane9th

Year: 1933

19.8.1933National Donington [S1.5]Gordon Casswell1st
19.8.1933National Donington [S1.5]J. G. Smithson2nd
16.9.1933500 mile Brooklands28NürburgAldington / Mitchell-ThompsonLady Selsdon7th

Year: 1934

1.9.1934Tourist Trophy14TT ReplicaAldingtonH. J. AldingtonNC
1.9.1934Tourist Trophy15TT ReplicaMitchell-ThompsonH. J. Aldington15th
1.9.1934Tourist Trophy16TT ReplicaBerryH. J. Aldington17th
1.9.1934Tourist Trophy17TT ReplicaThorpeH. J. AldingtonNC
22.9.1934500 mile BrooklandsMitchell-Thompson / AldingtonLady SelsdonDNF

Year: 1935

16.6.193524 h Le Mans22Shelsley"Davies" / Fane"Tim Davies"DNF
16.6.193524 h Le Mans23TT ReplicaCollier / Mitchell-ThompsonM. T. CollierDNF
31.8.1935National Donington [5-lap Handicap 2]T. F. Law1st
31.8.1935National Donington [3-lap Handicap 3]E. Griffiths1st
31.8.1935National Donington [3-lap Handicap 2]T. F. Law1st
31.8.1935National Donington [5-lap Handicap Final]T. F. Law3rd
31.8.1935National Donington [3-lap Handicap Final]T. F. Law4th
21.9.1935500 mile Brooklands15Mitchell-Thompson / HughesLady SelsdonNC
21.9.1935500 mile Brooklands16ShelsleyThorpe / FaneThorpeDNF
21.9.1935500 mile Brooklands17Shelsley"Davies" / EcclesDaviesDNF

Year: 1936

21.3.1936National Donington [Short Handicap 2]Alfred Fane1st
21.3.1936National Donington [Scratch]Alfred Fane1st
21.3.1936National Donington [Long Handicap 3]Roy Cutler3rd
21.3.1936National Donington [Long Handicap 1]H. D. Symonds2nd
21.3.1936National Donington [Short Handicap 1]H. D. Symonds2nd
21.3.1936National Donington [Long Handicap 2]Alfred Fane2nd
21.3.1936National Donington [Short Handicap 2]Roy Cutler3rd
14.6.193624 h Le Mans35"Davies" / FaneAutomobiles Frazer Nash Ltd.DNA
5.9.1936Tourist Trophy18BMW 328FaneH. J. Aldington3rd
14.10.1936National Donington [2-lap Handicap Unlimited]N. V. Terry?th
14.10.1936National Donington [Handicap S1.5]R. Watkins?th
14.10.1936National Donington [2-lap Handicap Unlimited]R. Watkins?th
14.10.1936National Donington [2-lap Handicap Unlimited]J. G. Clarke1st
14.10.1936National Donington [Handicap S1.5]Ivo Peters1st

Year: 1937

17.4.1937National Donington [Relay Handicap]Tom DargueMid-Surrey AC2nd
17.4.1937National Donington [Relay Handicap]Roy CutlerFrazer Nash CC3rd
17.4.1937National Donington [Relay Handicap]J. O. C. SamuelFrazer Nash CC3rd
17.4.1937National Donington [Relay Handicap]N. V. TerryFrazer Nash CC3rd
17.4.1937National Donington [Long Handicap 1]N. V. Terry3rd
17.4.1937National Donington [Relay Handicap]J. G. ClarkeUH&ULMC1st
17.4.1937National Donington [Short Handicap 2]J. G. Clarke1st
17.4.1937National Donington [Long Handicap 1]Roy Cutler2nd
29.5.1937National Donington [S1.5 Handicap]P. McOstrich2nd
29.5.1937National Donington [Haemorrhagic Trophy Handicap]H. D. Symonds2nd
29.5.1937National Donington [Unlimited]N. V. Terry3rd
20.6.193724 h Le Mans28BMW 328Murray / FairfieldDavid MurrayDNF
20.6.193724 h Le Mans29BMW 328Aldington / FaneFrazer NashDNF
24.7.193712 h Donington35Samuel / LankesterJ. O. C. Samuel19th
24.7.193712 h Donington37BMW 328Aldington / FaneH. J. AldingtonDNF
4.9.1937Tourist Trophy12BMW 328Harold John AldingtonAutomobiles Frazer Nash8th
4.9.1937Tourist Trophy14BMW 328Alfred FaneAutomobiles Frazer NashDNF
4.9.1937Tourist Trophy15BMW 328Hector DobbsAutomobiles Frazer NashDNF
4.9.1937Tourist Trophy16BMW 328"Bira"Automobiles Frazer Nash3rd
9.10.1937National Donington [S1.5]N. V. Terry1st
9.10.1937National Donington [4-lap Handicap Unlimited]N. V. Terry2nd
9.10.1937National Donington [3-lap Handicap Unlimited]R. Watkins1st

Year: 1938

16.7.19383 h BrooklandsBurness / Robertson-RodgerDNA
13.8.1938Crystal Palace Plate8Alfred FaneA. F. P. Faneraced
13.8.1938Crystal Palace Plate10Peter AitkenHon. P. Aitken3rd
3.9.1938Tourist Trophy15BMW 328Richard SeamanH. J. Aldington21st
3.9.1938Tourist Trophy16BMW 328David MurrayD. H. MurrayDNF
3.9.1938Tourist Trophy17BMW 328Aitken / Harvey-NobleHon. P. Aitken13th
8.10.1938Imperial Plate9Joan RichmondJ. G. Clarkeraced
8.10.1938Imperial Plate10Peter AitkenHon P. Aitken5th
8.10.1938Imperial Plate11A. F. P. LaneA. F. P. Lane1st
8.10.1938Imperial Plate15Hugh HunterH. C. HunterDNA

Year: 1939

7.5.1939Hamburg [S2.0]41BMW 328Harold John AldingtonDNF
20.5.1939Sydenham Plate6Alfred FaneA. F. P. Fane2nd
21.5.1939Eifelrennen Nürburgring7BMW 328Harold John AldingtonDNA
29.5.1939BrooklandsAlfred FaneDNS
1.7.1939Crystal Palace Plate3Roy CutlerJ. G. Clarke7th
1.7.1939Crystal Palace Plate8Alfred FaneA. F. P. Fane2nd
1.7.1939Crystal Palace Plate10Leslie JohnsonL. G. Johnson5th
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