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Event: Rolex 24 at DaytonaDate: 31.1.2010
Track: Daytona International Speedway (United States), 5.729 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Daytona 24 Hours

Weather:cloudy, cold
Start time:30/1 15:31
Distance:24 hours
Daytona Prototype1515
Grand Touring3029
Race notes:
16 full-course cautions for a total of 74 laps: laps 1-6 (heavy rain), laps 19-22 (no.63 hit the barrier at turn 5), laps 27-30 (no.2 disabled at turn 1), laps 82-86 (no.19 is in the tires at turn 3), laps 105-109 (debris at turns 3-4), laps 135-139 (no.46 is disabled at turn 5), laps 160-164 (no.69 is in the tires at turn 3, laps 166-169 (no.21 is in the tires at turn 3), laps 175-178 (debris at turn 3), laps 233-236 (no.41 is stopped on course past turn 6), laps 277-280 (no.13 stopped on course at turn 5), laps 456-460 (no.2 is stopped on course at turn 3), laps 497-502 (debris in turn 8), laps 505-507 (debris on the front straight), laps 517-521 (no.14 is in the tires at turn 5), laps 588-592 (no.48 & no.7 crashed in turn 1)
Pre-race sessions:
5 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 360 minutes on 28-29/1
2 qualifying sessions held for a total of 35 minutes on 28-29/1 (top 20 in each class to be set the first day)
Overall:9Riley Mk XI PorscheBarbosa / Rockenfeller / Borcheller / Dalziel
Grand Touring:70Mazda RX-8Haskell / Tremblay / Ham / Bomarito
laps 1-6:10Dallara DP01 FordMax Angelelli
lap 7:01Riley BMWScott Pruett
laps 8-11:60Riley FordOswaldo Negri Jr
laps 12-19:77Dallara DP01 FordMemo Gidley
laps 20-22:2Crawford ChevroletDane Cameron
laps 23-34:02Riley BMWScott Dixon
laps 35-35:10Dallara DP01 FordMax Angelelli
laps 36-36:02Riley BMWScott Dixon
laps 37-40:01Riley BMWScott Pruett
laps 41-49:75Lola B08/70 FordRicardo Zonta
laps 50-55:01Riley BMWScott Pruett
laps 56-57:7Riley BMWIan James
lap 58 82:02Riley BMWScott Dixon
laps 83-135:02Riley BMWDario Franchitti
laps 136-160:59Riley PorscheRaphael Matos
laps 161-165:99Riley ChevroletJimmy Vasser
laps 166-168:95Riley BMWLucas Luhr
laps 169-200:02Riley BMWJuan Pablo Montoya
laps 201-205:95Riley BMWRyan Hunter-Reay
laps 206-210:59Riley PorscheButch Leitzinger
laps 211-218:02Riley BMWJamie McMurray
laps 219-231:6Riley FordAJ Allmendinger
laps 232-233:02Riley BMWJamie McMurray
laps 234-241:6Riley FordMichael Valiante
laps 242-247:02Riley BMWJuan Pablo Montoya
laps 248-264:9Riley PorscheJoao Barbosa
lap 265:6Riley FordMichael Valiante
laps 266-268:59Riley PorscheDavid Donohue
lap 269:59Riley PorscheDarren Law
laps 270-277:6Riley FordMichael Valiante
laps 278-280:95Riley BMWRichard Westbrook
laps 281-301:75Lola B08/70 FordRicardo Zonta
laps 302-308:59Riley PorscheDarren Law
lap 309:01Riley BMWScott Pruett
lap 310:9Riley PorscheTerry Borcheller
lap 311:6Riley FordBrian Frisselle
laps 312-342:01Riley BMWScott Pruett
lap 343:6Riley FordBrian Frisselle
laps 344-375:01Riley BMWJustin Wilson
lap 376:6Riley FordAJ Allmendinger
laps 377-381:01Riley BMWJustin Wilson
laps 382-406:9Riley PorscheMike Rockenfeller
lap 407:01Riley BMWJustin Wilson
laps 408-439:9Riley PorscheRyan Dalziel
laps 440-456:01Riley BMWMemo Rojas
laps 457-460:9Riley PorscheJoao Barbosa
laps 461-466:01Riley BMWMax Papis
laps 467-489:9Riley PorscheJoao Barbosa
laps 490-491:01Riley BMWMax Papis
laps 492-517:9Riley PorscheJoao Barbosa
laps 518-550:9Riley PorscheMike Rockenfeller
laps 551-560:6Riley FordAJ Allmendinger
laps 561-582:9Riley PorscheMike Rockenfeller
laps 583-598:9Riley PorscheRyan Dalziel
laps 599-622:01Riley BMWScott Pruett
laps 623-623:01Riley BMWJustin Wilson
laps 624-648:9Riley PorscheRyan Dalziel
laps 649-663:01Riley BMWJustin Wilson
laps 664-696:9Riley PorscheMike Rockenfeller
laps 697-755:9Riley PorscheJoao Barbosa
Fastest Laps:
Overall:10Dallara DP01 FordTaylor / Lamy / Angelelli / Taylor1:41.101lap 441
Grand Touring:67Porsche 997 GT3 CupBergmeister / Van Overbeek / Neiman / Long1:49.975lap 680
Pole Positions:
Overall:10Dallara DP01 FordTaylor / Lamy / Angelelli / Taylor1:40.681204.858 km/h
Grand Touring:69Mazda RX-8Assentato / Segal / Longhi / Lazzaro1:49.282188.734 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Porsche (13), Riley (10), Mazda (7), Chevrolet (4), Dallara (2), BMW (2), Pontiac (2)
Top engines by numbers:Porsche (16), BMW (7), Mazda (7), Chevrolet (6), Ford (5)
Top car types by numbers:Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (13), Riley Mk XX (7), Mazda RX-8 (7)
Driver nationalities:USA (114), CDN (11), GB (11), D (8), I (7), F (5), BR (3), A (2), CO (2), IRL (2), NL (2), P (2)
Engine positions:mid-engined (38%), rear-engined (30%), front-engined (32%)
Average age of cars:3 year old (average year manufactured: 2007)
Oldest known drivers:Jim Briody (66), Don Kitch (63), Hurley Haywood (62)
Youngest known drivers:Colin Braun (22), Richard Lietz (27), James Gue (29)

Official Race Programme:

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