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Event: 52nd Annual Rolex 24 at DaytonaDate: 26.1.2014
Track: Daytona International Speedway (United States), 5.729 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Daytona 24 Hours

Start time:25/1 14:11
Grid:2-2-2, rolling start
Distance:24 hours
Prototype Challenge99
Grand Touring Le Mans1111
Grand Touring Daytona2929
Race notes:
17 full-course cautions: laps 6-8 (no.46 contact), laps 93 (no.62 and no.99 contact
red flag), laps 94-99 (yellow restart), laps 125-132 (no.09 off course), laps 152-153 (debris on course), laps 162-165 (no.32 off course), laps 195-201 (no.08 off course), laps 240-247 (no.78 off course), laps 264-271 (no.09 off course), laps 303-309 (no.87 off course), laps 380-385 (no.0 off course), laps 404-409 (no.1 off course), laps 483-488 (no.57 off course), laps 596-602 (no.19 off course), laps 605-608 (debris on course), laps 630-637 (no.7 fire), laps 686-689 (no.22 off course)
Pre-race sessions:
4 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 240 minutes on 23-24/1
1 qualifying sessions held for a total of 15 minutes on 23/1
Overall:5Chevrolet Corvette DPBarbosa / Fittipaldi / Frisselle / Bourdais
Prototype Challenge:54Oreca FLM 09Bennett / Gue / Braun / Wilkins
Grand Touring Le Mans:911Porsche 991 RSRTandy / Lietz / Pilet
Grand Touring Daytona:555Ferrari 458 ItaliaBell / Tucker / Sweedler / Segal / Pier Guidi
laps 1-24:99Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 25:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 26-33:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 34-50:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 51-58:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 59-75:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 76-121:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 122-123:01Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 124-149:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 150:90Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 151-153:01Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 154-161:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 162-163:60Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 164-179:90Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 180-182:01Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 183-188:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 189-190:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 191-197:90Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 198-217:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 218-221:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 222-224:90Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 225-295:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 296-306:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 307-321:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 322-331:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 332-333:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 334-346:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 347-355:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 356-357:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 358-371:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 372-378:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 379-382:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 383-396:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 397-402:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 403-405:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 406-429:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 430:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 431-433:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 434-453:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 454-456:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 457:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 458:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 459-477:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 478-481:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 482-506:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 507-522:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 523-591:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 592-595:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 596-602:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 603:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 604-622:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 623-628:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 629-632:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 633-659:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 660:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 661-695:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
Fastest Laps:
Overall:5Chevrolet Corvette DPSébastien Bourdais (F)1:39.180207.959 km/hlap 209
Prototype Challenge:8Oreca FLM 09Sam Bird (GB)1:43.016200.215 km/hlap 189
Grand Touring Le Mans:911Porsche 991 RSRNick Tandy (GB)1:44.914196.593 km/hlap 462
Grand Touring Daytona:48Audi R8 LMSChristopher Haase (D)1:47.194192.412 km/hlap 536
Pole Positions:
Overall:99Chevrolet Corvette DPAlex Gurney (USA)1:38.270209.884 km/h
Prototype Challenge:54Oreca FLM 09Colin Braun (USA)1:41.777202.652 km/h
Grand Touring Le Mans:91SRT Viper GTS-RMarc Goossens (B)1:44.506197.360 km/h
Grand Touring Daytona:48Audi R8 LMSChristopher Haase (D)1:46.973192.809 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Porsche (14), Oreca (10), Ferrari (10), Chevrolet (8), Riley (5), Audi (5)
Top engines by numbers:Chevrolet (17), Porsche (14), Ferrari (10), Audi (5), BMW (3), Viper (3), Ford (3), Aston Martin (3)
Top car types by numbers:Porsche 991 GT America (12), Ferrari 458 Italia (10), Oreca FLM 09 (9)
Driver nationalities:USA (109), GB (24), D (23), I (17), CDN (17), BR (12), F (8), DK (5), AUS (5), NZ (5), YV (5)
Engine positions:mid-engined (62%), rear-engined (20%), front-engined (18%)
Average engine size:4751 cc (with regard to 10% turbocharged cars an applicable size is 4941 cc)
Oldest known drivers:Jack Gerber (69), Seth Neiman (60), Tracy Krohn (60)
Youngest known drivers:Nicki Thiim (25), Colin Braun (26), Christopher Haase (27)
Female drivers:Katherine Legge, Christina Nielsen

Official Race Programme:

CoverEntry ListScheduleTrack Map
Programme cover is not available.Entry list is not available.Schedule of events is not available.Track map is not available.
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