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Event: Interserie Coupe 95 - Curcuito del JaramaDate: 5.11.1995
Track: Circuito del Jarama (Spain), 3.850 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Interserie Jarama

Interserie (round 6)
Start time:11:30 and 14:30
Grid:2-2-2, PP right
Distance:2 x 20 laps
Division I442
Division II443
Division III555
Overall:8Fondmetal FG-01 Ford Can-AmRanieri Randaccio
Division II:30Lola Horag HSB Audi Turbo Can-AmWalter Lechner
Division III:58Lola T92/10 JuddRobbie Stirling
Fastest Laps:
Overall:3Minardi M190 Ford Can-AmKarl-Heinz Becker1:25.657162.144 km/h
Division II:30Lola Horag HSB Audi Turbo Can-AmWalter Lechner1:29.959154.390 km/h
Division III:57Jaguar XJR-16Cor Euser1:26.066161.374 km/h
Pole Positions:
Overall:6HSB-Penske PC18 Buick Turbo Can-Am"Frederico Careca" (GB)1:23.740165.856 km/h
Division II:30Lola Horag HSB Audi Turbo Can-AmWalter Lechner (A)1:29.177155.744 km/h
Division III:57Jaguar XJR-16Cor Euser (NL)1:24.187164.976 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Lola (5), Porsche (2)
Top engines by numbers:Ford (4), Audi (3), Porsche (2)
Top car types by numbers:Lola T92/50 (2)
Driver nationalities:D (4), GB (3), I (2)
Team nationalities:D (6), GB (2), I (2)
Most used colours:red (32%), white (22%), black (14%), yellow (12%), blue (8%), green (7%)
Engine positions:mid-engined (100%)
Average engine size:3019 cc (with regard to 61% turbocharged cars an applicable size is 3755 cc)
Oldest known drivers:"Frederico Careca" (51), Karl-Heinz Becker (51), Pasquale Barberio (50)
Youngest known drivers:Tomas Saldaña (34), Robbie Stirling (35), Cor Euser (38)

Official Race Programme:

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