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Event: Grand Auto Supply Camel Grand GT Presented by Toyota at Laguna SecaDate: 21.7.1991
Track: Laguna Seca Raceway (United States), 3.563 kmsOrganiser: unknown

IMSA Supercar Laguna Seca

Weather:sunny, warm
Start time:16:45
Distance:30 minutes
Pre-race sessions:
2 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 45 minutes on 19-20/7
1 qualifying sessions held for a total of 20 minutes on 20/7
Overall:18Consulier GTPChet Fillip
laps 1-18:18Consulier GTP
Fastest Laps:
Overall:19Consulier GTPLance Stewart (USA)1:42.897124.658 km/hlap 2
Pole Positions:
Overall:18Consulier GTPChet Fillip (USA)1:41.840125.952 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Consulier (4), Pontiac (4), Chevrolet (3), Porsche (2), Dodge (2)
Top engines by numbers:Chrysler (4), Pontiac (4), Chevrolet (3), Porsche (2), Dodge (2)
Top car types by numbers:Consulier GTP (4), Pontiac Firebird (4), Porsche 964 Turbo (2), Chevrolet Corvette (2), Dodge Stealth (2)
Driver nationalities:USA (14)
Most used colours:white (52%), red (22%), silver (16%)
Oldest known drivers:Hurley Haywood (43), Stu Hayner (42), Joe Varde (41)
Youngest known drivers:Shane Lewis (26), Rob Wilson (39), Joe Varde (41)

Official Race Programme:

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Programme Cover - IMSA Supercar Laguna Seca 1991Entry List - IMSA Supercar Laguna Seca 1991Schedule of Events - IMSA Supercar Laguna Seca 1991Track Map - IMSA Supercar Laguna Seca 1991