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Event: Dodge Dealers Grand PrixDate: 28.5.2001
Track: Lime Rock Park (United States), 2.478 kmsOrganiser: unknown

GP Lime Rock Prototype Race

Weather:cool, dry
Start time:14:00 and 14:50
Distance:40 and 45 minutes
SportRacing Prototype77
SportRacing Prototype II43
Race notes:
Race held as two sprints event. The first sprint was run for 40 minutes, the second sprint was run for 45 minutes after 10 minutes break.Start order in the 2nd sprint was based on the finish order in the first sprint. Aggregate results are unofficial. Officially the event consisted of two separate sprints.
Pre-race sessions:
4 test sessions held on 22/5 for a total of 120 minutes (times not recorded)
3 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 105 minutes on 25-26/5
1 qualifying sessions held for a total of 40 minutes on 26/5
20 minute pre-race warm-up held
Overall:16Riley & Scott Mk III FordWeaver / Leitzinger
SportRacing Prototype II:22Lola B2K/40 NissanKatz / Durand
Fastest Laps:
Overall:37Lola B2K/10 JuddJon Field (USA)50.145177.928 km/h
SportRacing Prototype II:21Lola B2K/40 NissanAndy Lally (USA)53.151167.866 km/h
Pole Positions:
Overall:16Riley & Scott Mk III FordJames Weaver (GB)1:00.887146.537 km/h
SportRacing Prototype II:89Lola B2K/40 NissanRobert Julien (CDN)1:07.109132.951 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Riley & Scott (4), Lola (4)
Top engines by numbers:Ford (3), Judd (3), Nissan (3)
Top car types by numbers:Riley & Scott Mk III (4), Lola B2K/40 (3)
Driver nationalities:USA (11), CDN (3), F (2), GB (2)
Team nationalities:USA (8)
Most used colours:blue (33%), white (28%), red (14%), black (14%), orange (7%)
Engine positions:mid-engined (100%)
Average engine size:4209 cc
Oldest known drivers:Elliot Forbes-Robinson (58), Jack Baldwin (53), John Mirro (52)
Youngest known drivers:Clint Field (18), Bruno St. Jacques (22), Andy Lally (26)

Official Race Programme:

CoverEntry ListScheduleTrack Map
Programme cover is not available.Entry list is not available.Schedule of events is not available.Track map is not available.
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