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Event: Mezinárodní závody automobilů o Pohár města Mostu, závod Interserie, závod Formule Ford, závod Mistrovství ČSSRDate: 16.8.1987
Track: Autodrom Most (Czechoslovakia), 4.148 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Interserie Most

Interserie (round 5)
Weather:cold, dry
Start time:10:00 and 14:00
Grid:2-2-2, PP left
Distance:2 x 14 laps
Division I109
Division II1111
Pre-race sessions:
1 non-qualifying practice session held for a total of 60 minutes on 14/8
2 qualifying sessions held for a total of 80 minutes on 15/8
Overall:9Porsche 962 CVolker Weidler
Division II:54March HSS Audi Turbo Can-AmKarl Hasenbichler
Fastest Laps:
Overall:9Porsche 962 CVolker Weidler (D)1:19.380188.117 km/h
Division II:54March HSS Audi Turbo Can-AmKarl Hasenbichler (A)1:24.260177.223 km/h
Pole Positions:
Overall:2Porsche 962 CHans-Joachim Stuck1:18.850189.382 km/h
Division II:54March HSS Audi Turbo Can-AmKarl Hasenbichler (A)
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:March (6), Porsche (4)
Top engines by numbers:BMW (10), Porsche (5), Ford (3), Audi (2)
Top car types by numbers:Porsche 962 (4), March HSS (2)
Driver nationalities:D (16), A (3)
Team nationalities:D (16)
Most used colours:white (37%), red (20%), black (17%), blue (14%)
Engine positions:mid-engined (100%)
Oldest known drivers:Miroslav Adámek (48), Roland Binder (47), Rolf Götz (44)
Youngest known drivers:Volker Weidler (25), Günter Gebhardt (34), Hans-Joachim Stuck (36)

Official Race Programme:

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Programme Cover - Interserie Most 1987Entry List - Interserie Most 1987Schedule of Events - Interserie Most 1987Track map is not available.
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