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Event: 62nd Annual Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Fueled by Fresh From FloridaDate: 15.3.2014
Track: Sebring International Raceway (United States), 6.019 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Sebring 12 Hours

Start time:10:15
Grid:2-2-2, rolling start
Distance:12 hours
Prototype Challenge1010
Grand Touring Le Mans1111
Grand Touring Daytona2524
Race notes:
11 full course-cautions: laps 10-22 (no.8, off course
car 33, fire), laps 52-57 (no.87, off course), laps 60-61 (no.88, off course), laps 64-66 (no.62 and no.30, contact), laps 75-81 (no.87, off course), laps 92-99 (no.38 and no.52, contact), laps 106-110 (no.90, off course), laps 128-133 (no.08, 87, contact), laps 199-205 (debris), laps 222-228 (no.63, off course), laps 271-279 (no.31, off course)
Pre-race sessions:
4 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 270 minutes on 12-13/3
1 qualifying session held for a total of 15 minutes on 13/3
25 minute pre-race warm-up held
Overall:01Riley Mk XXVI FordPruett / Rojas / Franchitti
Prototype Challenge:54Oreca FLM 09Gue / Bennett / Braun
Grand Touring Le Mans:912Porsche 991 RSRLong / Christensen / Bergmeister
Grand Touring Daytona:44Porsche 991 GT AmericaPotter / Lally / Seefried
laps 1-11:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 12-25:0DeltaWing DWC13 Elan
laps 26-42:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 43-54:6Oreca 03 Nissan
laps 55-73:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 74-75:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 76-78:90Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 79-82:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 83-96:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 97-125:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 126:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 127-150:1HPD ARX-03b
laps 151-152:2HPD ARX-03b
laps 153-155:9Chevrolet Corvette DP
lap 156:10Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 157-160:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 161-174:2HPD ARX-03b
lap 175:42Morgan LM P2 Nissan
laps 176-191:2HPD ARX-03b
laps 192-195:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 196-198:42Morgan LM P2 Nissan
laps 199-201:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 202-214:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 215-220:1HPD ARX-03b
laps 221-224:02Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 225-229:1HPD ARX-03b
laps 230-237:01Riley Mk XXVI Ford
laps 238-248:1HPD ARX-03b
laps 249-251:5Chevrolet Corvette DP
laps 252-275:1HPD ARX-03b
laps 276-291:01Riley Mk XXVI Ford
Fastest Laps:
Overall:1HPD ARX-03bRyan Dalziel (GB)1:52.134lap 286
Prototype Challenge:8Oreca FLM 09Renger van der Zande (NL)1:56.498lap 68
Grand Touring Le Mans:4Chevrolet Corvette C7.ROliver Gavin (GB)1:59.521lap 139
Grand Touring Daytona:94BMW Z4Dane Cameron (USA)2:03.501lap 87
Pole Positions:
Overall:5Chevrolet Corvette DPSébastien Bourdais (F)1:51.917193.609 km/h
Prototype Challenge:09Oreca FLM 09Bruno Junqueira (BR)1:54.839188.683 km/h
Grand Touring Le Mans:912Porsche 991 RSRMichael Christensen (DK)1:58.933182.189 km/h
Grand Touring Daytona:94BMW Z4Dane Cameron (USA)2:04.258174.380 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Porsche (14), Oreca (11), Chevrolet (7), Ferrari (6), Riley (5), Audi (5)
Top engines by numbers:Chevrolet (17), Porsche (14), Ferrari (6), Audi (5), Ford (3), Honda (3), Viper (3), BMW (3)
Top car types by numbers:Porsche 991 GT America (11), Oreca FLM 09 (10), Ferrari 458 Italia (6)
Driver nationalities:USA (90), GB (19), D (17), I (14), CDN (9), F (7), BR (5), DK (4), CO (3), A (3), AUS (3), NL (3)
Engine positions:mid-engined (61%), rear-engined (22%), front-engined (17%)
Average engine size:4776 cc (with regard to 13% turbocharged cars an applicable size is 5024 cc)
Oldest known drivers:Jack Gerber (69), Franz Konrad (63), Seth Neiman (60)
Youngest known drivers:Christopher Mies (25), Colin Braun (26), Christopher Haase (27)
Female drivers:Katherine Legge, Christina Nielsen

Official Race Programme:

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