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Event: Sahlen's Six Hours of The GlenDate: 30.6.2013
Track: Watkins Glen International (United States), 5.472 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Start time:11:00
Grid:2-2-2, rolling start
Distance:6 hours
Daytona Prototypes1414
Grand-Am GT1616
Grand-Am GX33
Race notes:
5 full-course cautions for a total of 34 laps: laps 6-10 (no.62 stopped on course at turn 7), laps 39-44 (no.99 in the gravel at turn 8), laps 70-79 (no.70 stopped at turn 5), laps 99-104 (no.38 off at turn 5), laps 129-135 (no.90 & no.99 off at turn 7)
Pre-race sessions:
3 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 150 minutes on 28-29/6
1 qualifying session held for a total of 15 minutes on 29/6 (grid decided by championship points)
Overall:5Chevrolet Corvette DPFittipaldi / Barbosa
Grand-Am GT:57Chevrolet Camaro GT.RLiddell / Edwards
Grand-Am GX:00Mazda6 GX (Prep 2)Miller / Nunez / Terada
laps 1-22:2Riley Mk XXVI FordAlex Popow
laps 23-28:90Chevrolet Corvette DPRicky Taylor
lap 29:01Riley Mk XXVI BMWScott Pruett
laps 30-36:3Chevrolet Corvette DPMichael Valiante
laps 37-40:90Chevrolet Corvette DPRichard Westbrook
laps 41-64:3Chevrolet Corvette DPMichael Valiante
laps 65-67:9Chevrolet Corvette DPBurt Frisselle
laps 68-69:8Riley Mk XXVI FordBrendon Hartley
laps 70-73:42Riley Mk XXVI BMWWayne Nonnamaker
laps 74-78:3Chevrolet Corvette DPStephane Sarrazin
laps 79-88:5Chevrolet Corvette DPJoao Barbosa
laps 89-96:3Chevrolet Corvette DPStephane Sarrazin
lap 97:5Chevrolet Corvette DPJoao Barbosa
laps 98-99:01Riley Mk XXVI BMWScott Pruett
laps 100-127:2Riley Mk XXVI FordSebastien Bourdais
laps 128-135:2Riley Mk XXVI FordRyan Dalziel
laps 136-145:5Chevrolet Corvette DPChristian Fittipaldi
laps 146-162:8Riley Mk XXVI FordBrendon Hartley
laps 163-171:5Chevrolet Corvette DPChristian Fittipaldi
Fastest Laps:
Overall:99Chevrolet Corvette DPJon Fogarty (USA)1:42.147192.843 km/hlap 149
Grand-Am GT:69Ferrari 458 ItaliaLeh Keen (USA)1:51.866176.090 km/hlap 106
Grand-Am GX:70Mazda6 GX (Prep 2)Sylvain Tremblay (CDN)1:59.268165.161 km/hlap 14
Pole Positions:
Overall:10Chevrolet Corvette DPMax Angelelli (I)no time
Grand-Am GT:57Chevrolet Camaro GT.RRobin Liddell (GB)1:52.583174.968 km/h
Grand-Am GX:70Mazda6 GX (Prep 2)Sylvain Tremblay (CDN)1:58.478166.261 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Chevrolet (9), Riley (7), Porsche (6), Ferrari (5), BMW (2), Audi (2), Mazda (2)
Top engines by numbers:Chevrolet (9), Porsche (6), BMW (5), Ferrari (5), Ford (4)
Top car types by numbers:Chevrolet Corvette DP (7), Riley Mk XXVI (7), Ferrari 458 Italia (5), Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (5)
Driver nationalities:USA (50), CDN (5), P (4), GB (4), I (4), YV (3), RCH (2), MEX (2), F (2), BR (2)
Engine positions:mid-engined (65%), front-engined (18%), rear-engined (17%)
Average age of cars:2 year old (average year manufactured: 2011)
Oldest known drivers:Yojiro Terada (66), Emil Assentato (64), Joe Nonnamaker (64)
Youngest known drivers:Pierre Kaffer (27), Richard Lietz (30), Leh Keen (30)

Official Race Programme:

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Random Photo
3T - Chevrolet Corvette - Lindsay Hopkins