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Event: Date: 20.8.2017
Track: Zandvoort (Netherlands), 4.307 kmsOrganiser: unknown

GT4 Zandvoort

Start time:unknown
Grid:2-2-2. rolling start
FIA GT4 - Silver131311
FIA GT4 - Professional998
FIA GT4 - Amateur111110
Pre-race sessions:
2 non-qualifying practice sessions held
1 qualifying session held
Race 1:60Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Glew / Fagg
Race 2:60Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Glew / Fagg
FIA GT4 - Professional race 1:22Porsche Cayman CS MR GT4Kasperlik / Viebahn
FIA GT4 - Professional race 2:111Porsche Cayman CS MR GT4Piana / Umbrarescu
FIA GT4 - Amateur race 1:93Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Manuela Gostner
FIA GT4 - Amateur race 2:77Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Dall'Antonia / Fascicolo
Fastest Laps:
Race 1:60Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Glew / Fagg1:46.260145.918 km/hlap 16
Race 2:60Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Phil Glew (GB)147.281 km/hlap 17
FIA GT4 - Professional race 1:54KTM X-Bow GT4Mazatis / Macbeth1:47.728143.929 km/hlap 17
FIA GT4 - Professional race 2:9McLaren 570S GT4Luc Braams (NL)144.910 km/hlap 16
FIA GT4 - Amateur race 1:11Sin R1 GT4Ivan Vlachkov1:49.072142.156 km/hlap 14
FIA GT4 - Amateur race 2:11Sin R1 GT4Ivan Vlachkov (BG)143.905 km/hlap 10
Pole Positions:
Race 1:8Ekris M4 GT4Koebolt / van der Ende1:47.880
Race 2:60Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4Glew / Fagg1:46.356
FIA GT4 - Professional race 1:26Ginetta G55 GT4Stievenart / Ayari1:47.490
FIA GT4 - Professional race 2:26Ginetta G55 GT4Stievenart / Ayari1:47.490
FIA GT4 - Amateur race 1:94KTM X-Bow GT4Mörtl / Anton1:49.307
FIA GT4 - Amateur race 2:94KTM X-Bow GT4Mörtl / Anton1:49.307
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Porsche (11), KTM (8), Maserati (4), Ginetta (3), McLaren (3)
Top engines by numbers:Porsche (11), Audi (8), Maserati (4), Ford (3), McLaren (3)
Top car types by numbers:Porsche Cayman (9), KTM X-Bow (8), Maserati GranTurismo (4)
Driver nationalities:I (9), D (8), F (7), GB (7), NL (5), S (4), A (4), CH (4), BG (2), RO (2)
Engine positions:mid-engined (63%), front-engined (30%), rear-engined (7%)
Average engine size:3553 cc (with regard to 36% turbocharged cars an applicable size is 4064 cc)
Oldest known drivers:Christian Danner (64), Franjo Kovac (63), Alain Ferté (62)
Youngest known drivers:Will Moore (28), Ander Vilarino (38), Duncan Huisman (46)
Female drivers:Manuela Gostner, Caitlin Wood

Official Race Programme:

CoverEntry ListScheduleTrack Map
Programme cover is not available.Entry list is not available.Schedule of events is not available.Track map is not available.
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