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Ferrari won Nürburgring 24 Hours 1st time ever
Frikadelli Ferrari, the new GT3 Model 296 GT3, won 51st edition of the race after a fight with ROWE BMW M4 GT3, while leading most of the race driven by Earl Bamber/Nicky Catsburg/Felipe Fernandez Laser/David Pittard. After entering FIA WEC after 50 year and being closest to Toyotas it is another great achievement by Ferrari, winning the race for the first time ever. Moreover, they also beat existing race distance record. Congratulations!!!
Ferrari commits to FIA WEC with new Hypercar
Ferrari has confirmed that it will enter the FIA World Endurance Championship’s new Hypercar category from 2023. The Italian marque will return to the top class of endurance racing for the first time since 1973 and will be yet another major manufacturer to confirm its participation in the WEC’s new Hypercar category, which is equally appealing to both global automotive brands as well as specialist firms building road-going supercars. Ferrari is set to go against the likes of Toyota, Glickenhaus, Peugeot, Porsche and Audi, who have all committed to the Hypercar category. The new-for-2021 Hypercar category is where teams and drivers can compete for overall championship victory in the FIA WEC and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Ferrari has a long and illustrious racing history in endurance racing and at Le Mans. The manufacturer has won Le Mans outright a total of nine times, the last time in 1965 as part of the famed Ford versus Ferrari battles of the 1960s. In recent years, however, Ferrari has had plenty of success in the GT category of Le Mans, last winning the GTE Pro category in 2019 with its hugely-successful AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTE Evo. The marque has won the FIA WEC LMGTE Pro title four times, including the very first FIA World Endurance GT Manufacturers’ Championship in 2017.
Nissan GT-R LM Nismo
Today, 23rd of May, announced and confirmed its LMP1 programme with a prototype that will be called Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. Twenty third date was not selected by random, as numbers two and three are read in Japanese as Ni-san, which also explains why Nissan used to raced with numbers 23 and 32 when they first entered the Twenty-Four Hour race in the middle of eighties. The new car will be raced by Nissan factory team since 2015 onwards. Nissan aim to do thing differently than current competitor and they are going to win Le Mans and WEC.
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DateTitleTypeAdded (Updated)
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26.4.2022Auto detailing - when should you have your car detailed?Article26/04/2022 (26/04/2023)
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9.4.2022Grad Prix de France Historique - Circuit Paul Ricard - France (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report16/04/2023 (16/04/2023)
3.4.2022Espíritu de Montjuic - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report16/04/2022 (16/04/2022)
8.3.2022GT World Challenge Europe Testdays - Circuit Paul Ricard - France (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report17/03/2022 (27/03/2022)
7.3.2022The Evolution of Motorsports: From the First Races to Today (-)Article07/03/2022 (07/03/2023)
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