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Nissan GT-R LM Nismo
Today, 23rd of May, announced and confirmed its LMP1 programme with a prototype that will be called Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. Twenty third date was not selected by random, as numbers two and three are read in Japanese as Ni-san, which also explains why Nissan used to raced with numbers 23 and 32 when they first entered the Twenty-Four Hour race in the middle of eighties. The new car will be raced by Nissan factory team since 2015 onwards. Nissan aim to do thing differently than current competitor and they are going to win Le Mans and WEC.
Code 80 for all WEC races
Once of the best news regarding the new WEC championship reached us following Friday's meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council. Endurance Commission approved changes of the Full Course Yellow procedure and it will now be possible to proceed without the safety car, if the situation on the track allows it, while all cars will have to reduce their speed to maximum of 80 kph. Something that will make races safer, better for spectators and especially way more fair for the participating competitors. Simply something we have been voting and calling for a long time.
Nissan LMP1
Nissan factory confirmed its planned LMP1 entry in Le Mans next year. They will also commit to the WEC 2015 and the car should appear already in the first year of the season. This year Nissan enter their ZEOD electric car, which is looking very similarly to a closed DeltaWing. Another factory considering return to Le Mans in the top class is Ferrari, as confirmed by Luca di Montezemolo last month. Even spy photos of supposed new Ferrari prototype do exist.
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Reports and articles

DateTitleTypeAdded (Updated)
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14.10.2018Red Bull will not be signing Alonso for 2020Article14/10/2018 (09/01/2020)
30.9.2018FFSA GT French Championship - Round 5 - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report07/11/2018 (07/11/2018)
30.9.2018Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup - Festival de la Velocidad Barcelona (event report by Raymond Bonnello)Report20/10/2018 (22/10/2018)
24.9.20182012 Formula One World Championship (Déjà vu)Article24/09/2018 (09/01/2020)
9.9.2018Masaryk Racing Days - Brno (event report)Report11/09/2018 (12/09/2018)
2.9.2018Dix Mille Tours du Castellet - Circuit Paul Ricard (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report22/09/2018 (27/09/2018)
19.8.2018FIA World Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Silverstone 2018 (event report Raymond Bonnello, photos Fréderic Lemaire)Report29/08/2018 (29/08/2018)
18.8.2018European Le Mans Series 2018 - 4 Hours of Silverstone (event report Raymond Bonnello, photos Fréderic Lemaire)Report25/08/2018 (25/08/2018)
16.8.20185 Car Upgrade Options for a Better VehicleArticle16/08/2018 (09/01/2020)
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22.7.2018European Le Mans Series 2018 - 4 Hours of Red Bull Ring (event report)Report21/07/2018 (26/07/2018)
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3.6.2018Ecce Homo 2018 (European Hillclimb Championship)Report05/06/2018 (05/06/2018)
3.6.2018Auto Glass for Off-Road Cars - Fun FactsArticle03/06/2018 (09/01/2020)
2.6.2018Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup - 1000 Kms Circuit Paul Ricard (event report by Raymond Bonnello)Report11/06/2018 (11/06/2018)
17.5.2018Myths About GPS Vehicle Tracking That Need To Be Debunked (-)Article17/05/2018 (10/01/2020)
11.5.2018The UK’s Most Popular Saloon CarsArticle11/05/2018 (24/03/2020)
6.5.2018International Open GT - second Round - Paul Ricard (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report11/05/2018 (11/05/2018)
5.5.2018FIA World Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Spa 2018 (event report)Report04/05/2018 (10/05/2018)
28.4.201827th Tour de France Optic 2000 (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report16/05/2018 (05/06/2018)
27.4.2018A Guide to Driving a High-Performance Car (-)Article27/04/2018 (28/03/2020)
15.4.2018French Drift Championship Nogaro (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report24/04/2018 (24/04/2018)
8.4.2018Espíritu de Montjuic - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (event report and photos by Raymond Bonnello)Report30/04/2018 (30/04/2018)
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