All Results of Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX

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Year: 2015

18.3.2015BSS Misano Test88Nicky CatsburgReiter Engineering8th
6.4.2015SRO Sprint Nogaro88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter Engineering16th
10.5.2015SRO Sprint Brands Hatch88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter Engineering5th
7.6.2015ADAC GT Red Bull Ring25Enge / RussellReiter Engineering1st/2nd
7.6.2015SRO Sprint Zolder88 #22-20454-0001von Thurn und Taxis / KoxReiter Engineering8th
21.6.2015ADAC GT Spa25Russell / OwenReiter EngineeringDNS
21.6.2015300 km Buriram28Asavahame / EngeReiter Vattana Motorsport22nd
24.6.2015Spa Test132Russell / Lowndes / OwenLago Racing16th
4.7.2015SRO Sprint Moscow88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter EngineeringDNS
30.8.2015ADAC GT Sachsenring25von Thurn und Taxis / EngeReiter Engineering8th/16th
6.9.2015SRO Sprint Algarve88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter Engineering6th
20.9.2015ADAC GT Zandvoort25Enge / van LagenReiter EngineeringDQ/13th
20.9.2015ADAC GT Zandvoort88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter Engineering14th/2nd
4.10.2015SRO Sprint Misano88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter Engineering9th
11.10.2015SRO Sprint Zandvoort88von Thurn und Taxis / CatsburgReiter Engineering8th
1.11.2015GT Open Barcelona26 #22-20286-0002Proczyk / "McKansy"HP Racing13th/13th
14.11.2015Australian GT Highlands23Roger LagoLago Racing7th/6th

Year: 2016

7.2.201612 h Bathurst32Lago / Youlden / OwenJBS Australia10th
6.3.2016Australian GT Adelaide23Roger LagoJBS Australia1st/2nd/DNF
6.3.2016Australian GT Adelaide48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport5th/3rd/2nd
10.3.2016Blancpain Test Paul Ricard61Peter SchmitzReiter Engineering53rd
10.3.2016Blancpain Test Paul Ricard62Kurt WagnerReiter Engineering52nd
20.3.2016Australian GT Albert Park23Roger LagoJBS Australia8th/9th/DNF/DNS
20.3.2016Australian GT Albert Park48Wood / McMillanInterlloy M Motorsport7th/19th/DNF/8th
8.5.2016Australian GT Barbagallo23Roger LagoJBS Australia5th/12th
8.5.2016Australian GT Barbagallo48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport12th/7th
28.5.2016Australian GT Phillip Island23LagoJBS Australia6th/14th
28.5.2016Australian GT Phillip Island48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport19th/3rd
29.5.2016Australian Endurance Phillip Island23Lago / RussellJBS AustraliaDNF
29.5.2016Australian Endurance Phillip Island48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport16th
5.7.2016Spa Test132Lago / Owen / Russell / WebbLago RacingDNA
10.7.2016Australian GT Townsville23Roger LagoJBS Australia3rd/2nd
10.7.2016Australian GT Townsville48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport9th/18th
24.7.2016GT Open Silverstone18Dolby / EngeNigel Mustill1st/13th
31.7.201624 h Spa132Owen / Lago / Russell / WebbLago Racing35th
27.8.2016Australian Endurance Sydney23Lago / RussellJBS AustraliaDNF
27.8.2016Australian Endurance Sydney48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport21st
30.10.2016Australian Endurance Hampton Downs23Lago / RussellJBS Australia1st
12.11.2016Australian GT Highlands23Roger LagoJBS Australia10th/14th
12.11.2016Australian GT Highlands48Wood / McMillanM Motorsport14th/10th
12.11.2016Australian GT Highlands73Evans / HoveyTriffid Bar Venue5th/8th
13.11.2016Australian Endurance Highlands23Lago / RussellJBS AustraliaDNS
13.11.2016Australian Endurance Highlands48McMillan / WoodM Motorsport6th
13.11.2016Australian Endurance Highlands73Hovey / EvansTriffid Bar VenueDNF

Year: 2017

5.2.201712 h Bathurst32Lago / Owen / RussellLago Racing6th
5.2.201712 h Bathurst47Smith / Bell / Chester / De VethKiwi RacingDNF
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide4Tim MilesHungry Jacks23rd/5th/DNF
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide14Peter MajorPM Motorsport3rd/1st/4th
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide23Roger LagoJBS Australia2nd/2nd/2nd
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide48McMillan / WoodInterlloy M Motorsport11th/DNF/DNS
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide69Griguol / MacrowBank SA12th/14th/12th
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide73Hovey / JilesenTriffid.Bar.Venue14th/18th/7th
5.3.2017Australian GT Adelaide777Yasser ShahinThe Bend Motorsport ComplexDNS
14.3.2017Blancpain Test Paul Ricard24Helistekangas / WoodReiter Young Stars42nd
26.3.2017Australian GT Albert Park14Peter MajorPM Motorsport12th/5th/DNF/DNF
26.3.2017Australian GT Albert Park23Russell / LagoJBS Australia4th/1st/3rd/4th
26.3.2017Australian GT Albert Park48Wood / ShahinInterlloy M Motorsport6th/12th/9th/5th
26.3.2017Australian GT Albert Park73Michael HoveyHHH Triffid Racing22nd/18th/22nd/16th
2.4.2017GT Sports Club Misano4Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion13th
2.4.2017GT Sports Club Misano6Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion16th
2.4.2017SRO Sprint Misano24Wood / HelistekangasReiter Young Stars21st
7.5.2017Australian GT Barbagallo14Peter MajorPM Motorpsort13th/1st
7.5.2017Australian GT Barbagallo23Roger LagoJBS AustraliaDNF/11th
7.5.2017SRO Sprint Brands Hatch24Wood / HelistekangasReiter Young StarsDNS
13.5.2017GT Sports Club Silverstone4Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion12th
13.5.2017GT Sports Club Silverstone6Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion17th
28.5.2017Australian Endurance Phillip Island23Lago / RussellLago Racing - JBS Australia9th
28.5.2017GT Open Spa39Enge / DolbyNigel Mustill / Wessex Vehicles18th/DNS
28.5.2017Australian Endurance Phillip Island48Wood / MajorM Motorsport - InterlloyDNF
24.6.20171000 km Paul Ricard24 #22-20026-0018Wood / Helistekangas / EngeReiter Young StarsDNF
25.6.2017GT Sports Club Paul Ricard4 #22-20455-0004Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion19th
25.6.2017GT Sports Club Paul Ricard6 #22-20454-0002Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion20th
9.7.2017Australian GT Townsville23Roger LagoJBS Australia13th/6th
9.7.2017Australian GT Townsville48Glen WoodInterlloy M Motorsport3rd/1st
29.7.2017GT Sports Club Spa4Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion10th
29.7.2017GT Sports Club Spa6Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion17th
20.8.2017Australian Endurance Sydney23Lago / RussellJBS AustraliaDNS
3.9.2017GT Open Silverstone39Dolby / ChristodoulouNigel Mustill / Wessex Vehicles13th/12th
1.10.2017GT Sports Club Barcelona4 #22-20455-0004Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion20th
1.10.2017GT Sports Club Barcelona6 #22-20454-0002Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion10th
1.10.20173 h Barcelona24 #22-20026-0018Helistekangas / Wood / EngeReiter Young Stars35th
1.10.2017GT Open Monza39Dolby / MorrisNigel Mustill / Wessex Vehicles1st/4th
29.10.2017Australian Endurance Hampton Downs23Lago / RussellJBS AustraliaDNS
29.10.2017GT Open Barcelona39 #22-20453-0002Dolby / MorrisNigel Mustill / Wessex VehiclesDNF/DNS
12.11.2017Australian Endurance Highlands Park23Lago / RussellJBS Australia5th
12.11.2017Australian Endurance Highlands Park48McMillan / WoodM Motorsport Interlloy4th

Year: 2018

4.2.201812 h Bathurst777Shahin / Youlden / EngeThe Bend Motorsport ParkDNF
8.4.2018SRO Sprint Zolder15Gosselin / FeligioniBoutsen Ginion Racing19th/19th
22.4.2018GT Sports Club Monza4Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion6th
22.4.2018GT Sports Club Monza6Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion8th
22.4.20183 h Monza24Marioneck / Siljehaug / NiederhauserReiter Young Stars16th
13.5.2018Australian GT Sandown Park49Koutsoumidis / WoodExedra / M Motorpsort6th/13th/DNF
20.5.20183 h Silverstone24Marioneck / Siljehaug / NiederhauserReiter Young Stars23rd
3.6.2018GT Sports Club Paul Ricard4 #22-20455-0004Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion8th
3.6.2018GT Sports Club Paul Ricard6 #22-20454-0002Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion11th
3.6.20181000 km Paul Ricard24 #22-20026-0018Marioneck / Siljehaug / NiederhauserReiter Young StarsDNF
24.6.2018GT Sports Club Misano4Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen GinionDNF
24.6.2018GT Sports Club Misano6Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion6th
28.7.2018GT Sports Club Spa4Claude-Yves GosselinBoutsen Ginion10th
28.7.2018GT Sports Club Spa6Pierre FeligioniBoutsen Ginion12th
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